The Best Advent Calendars 2021

Advent calendars are the best way to countdown to Christmas and there is a great selection available. Whether you want to open calendar doors to chocolate, candles or even gin each day, we have a great selection of advent calendars to choose from.

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Best Advent Calendars
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Advent Calendar Comparison

The best advent calendars are very much dependent upon the type and as you can imagine, there are plenty to choose from. To help you choose the best for each of the main types, listed below are some of our recommendations:

Within this article is the list of advent calendars as above but in more detail with regards to their quality and contents.

The Best Advent Calendars

1. Lindt Teddy Chocolate Advent Calendar

Lindt Teddy Chocolate Advent Calendar
The Lindt Teddy Advent Calendar is a popular option that’s filled with a mixture snowdrops, truffles, napolitains and a full sized teddy for Christmas Eve. It also features a festive design that’s sure to get you into the Christmas spirit.

Other features of the Lindt Teddy Calendar include:

  • 24 assorted milk chocolates
  • Individually wrapped for freshness
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Ideal for all ages

Overall, the Lindt Christmas Advent Calendar is an excellent all-round option that’s filled with high quality German chocolate. The inclusion of the large teddy for the 24th is another great bonus that won’t disappoint.
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2. Yankee Candle Advent Calendar

Yankee Candle Advent Calendar
For anyone that enjoys Christmas candles, Yankee Candle offer the ultimate advent calendar that contains 24 scented tea lights. According to the brand, each of the candles provide a burn time of up to 6 hours and contain 8 seasonal scents such as snowflake cookie, evergreen mist and much more.

Other features of the Yankee Candle Advent Calendar include:

  • 24 scented candles (8 different scents)
  • Supplied with a clear glass tea light holder
  • Festive wreath design
  • Burn time of up to 6 hours per candle

Although expensive, the Yankee Candle Advent Calendar is the perfect gift for any Yankee Candle lovers. The choice of scents included are all festively chosen and burn for up to 6 hours, which is ideal for the dark December nights.
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3. Haribo Christmas Sweet Advent Calendar

Haribo Christmas Sweet Advent Calendar
Not everyone enjoys chocolate, which means a sweet based alternative would be the better option and Haribo have the answer. Their calendar is one of the most popular on the market and is filled with a mix of the brand’s favourite sweets.

Other features of the Haribo Sweet Advent Calendar include:

  • Mixture of seasonal mini bags and themed jellies
  • Festive Haribo design
  • Total of 24 windows to open
  • Includes Tropifrutti, Goldbears and MAOAM bags

The Haribo Advent Calendar is the best alternative to the traditional chocolate calendars and it won’t disappoint. It includes all of the favourites from around the world and also offers great value for the money.
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4. Cath Kidston Beauty Advent Calendar

Cath Kidston Beauty Advent Calendar
Beauty advent calendars are becoming increasingly popular each year and the Cath Kidston brand release a new edition each Christmas. This calendar in particular is their latest and includes 24 mini beauty treats that are all designed in the UK and use authentic Cath Kidston designs.

Other features of the Cath Kidston Beauty Advent Calendar include:

  • Selection of 24 beauty gifts
  • Cruelty free and vegan
  • Mixture of bath and body items
  • Festive Christmas tree design
  • Made in the UK

The Cath Kidston beauty advent calendar is a premium option but when you consider the cost of each item, it actually works out as great value for the money. The mixture of bath and body items include the brand’s most rated products and the calendar itself is contained in a well-presented box with a bow to open and close it.
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5. Blue Tree Gin Advent Calendar

Gin Countdown To Christmas Advent Calendar
Gin is one of most popular alcoholic beverages in the UK right now and you can countdown to Christmas with this gin advent calendar by Blue Tree. It contains 24 miniature bottles of gin that have been handpicked by the brand based upon their popularity, flavours and recent releases.

Other features of the Blue Tree Gin Advent Calendar include:

  • Contains 24 x 5 cl bottles of gin
  • Handpicked selection of gins
  • Available in red or green
  • Latest edition by the brand

Overall, the Blue Tree Gin Advent Calendar is a perfect choice for any gin lovers and features a great selection to enjoy as you countdown to Christmas.
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6. BIC Christmas Advent Calendar

BIC Christmas Advent Calendar
BIC are a brand that are well-known for their pens and they have recently released their own Christmas advent calendar. It contains a selection of felt pens, pencils and other components that are perfect for filling up any pencil cases.

Other features of the BIC Christmas Advent Calendar include:

  • Contains 24 gifts
  • Well packaged with easy to open doors
  • Supplied with 24 colouring cards and 20 stickers
  • Selection of felt pens, pencils and colouring cards

The BIC Advent Calendar is a fairly unique when compared to other calendars and is something different than receiving chocolate each day. Considering all that’s included, it also offers great value for the money too.
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Advent calendars are on a complete new level when compared to a few years back. Rather than having traditional chocolate filled calendars, you now have the choice of beauty, candle and even gin filled advent calendars. All of our recommendations cover a wide selection and are the most up to date calendars for this particular year.

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