The Best Bib Tights 2022

Bib tights are designed to keep you warm during the winter season of cycling and they do a great job of improving your comfort too. Unlike standard tights or shorts, they have no waistband, which makes them more comfortable to wear and below are some of the best.

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Best Bib Tights
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If you require a quick answer, the best bib tights are the Sundried Lycra, which are made in the UK and constructed of a breathable and high elasticity Lycra. The brand also offer a choice of six different sizes that are suitable for heights between 162 and 185 cm. However, if require more affordable bib tights that are ideal for wearing in the winter season, the Didoo alternative is the perfect solution due to its additional thermal insulation.

To rate the bib tights within this article, we based our recommendations upon our experience and testing of multiple bib tights (as shown in the “How We Rated” section below). We also carried out hours of research and considered a number of factors. Some of the factors that we took into consideration included the construction quality, sizes and colours available, breathability, waterproof qualities, comfort, warranty and value for money.

Bib Tights Comparison

Bib TightsStyleSize(s)
Sundried LycraWhite, Black & Red6
Qualidyne PaddedBlack or Black & Grey5
Gore Wear C5+ ThermoBlack5
Didoo WinterBlack with Red, Green or Yellow3
FDX PerformanceBlack with Red, Yellow or White5
Fat Lad At The BackBlack & White3

Below is a list of the best bib tights that are designed for maximum comfort and available in a wide range of sizes.

The Best Bib Tights

1. Sundried Cycling Bib Tights

Sundried Mens Cycling Bib Tights
Sundried are a UK brand that specialize in breathable Lycra and their bib tights are designed for maximum comfort. They are made from the brand’s premium range of luxury fabric and are highly elasticated for an ergonomic fit.

Other features of the Sundried Cycling Tights include:

  • White, black and red design
  • Breathable Lycra with high elasticity
  • Choice of six different sizes
  • Reinforced stitching around the knee areas
  • Durable bonding to the suspenders
  • Extra seat padding for comfort in the saddle
  • Made in the UK

Whether you are a professional or beginner, the Sundried cycling bib tights are an excellent all-round option. They have an attractive design and are built to last with reinforced stitching and durable bonding to the suspenders.
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2. Qualidyne Cycling Long Tights

qualidyne Men's Cycling Bike Bib Long Pants Cycling Tights
The Qualidyne cycling bib tights are designed specifically for men and they are constructed of a lightweight, durable and stretchy fabric. Unlike similar priced alternatives, the brand provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 90 days, which is a clear indication of the tights quality and the brand’s confidence in their product.

Other features of the Qualidyne Bib Tights include:

  • 7 inch long zippers
  • Elasticated waistband
  • Flat lock seams for easy movement
  • Silicone ankle grippers
  • Breathable quick-wicking compression fabric
  • Anti-bac foam seat padding with high density foam
  • Available in all black or black with grey trimmings
  • Choice of 5 different sizes

To conclude, the Qualidyne cycling bib tights are built to a high standard and ideal for keeping warm during the cold wintery months. They also benefit from being backed by a 90 day guarantee for complete peace of mind.
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3. Gore Wear C5+ Thermo

GORE WEAR C5+ Thermo Bib Tights
Gore are a performance based brand that produce premium sportswear for professionals and enthusiasts. The C5+ Thermo bib tights are a premium option that’s ideal for all year round use in any weather conditions.

In terms of the construction, it uses the brand’s patented GORE selected fabrics, which are highly breathable and designed for rapid moisture transport.

Other features of the Gore Wear C5+ Thermo include:

  • 100% Polyamide construction
  • Available in 5 different sizes
  • All black finish
  • Breathable seat insert
  • Windproof front area
  • Flat seams to prevent friction
  • Reflective details for extra safety
  • Suitable for all weather conditions

Although expensive, the Gore C5+ Thermo are the ultimate cycling bib tights that are perfect for all weather conditions. Whether you are a road cyclist or mountain biker, they’re built to the highest of standards and certainly won’t disappoint.
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4. Didoo Padded Winter Bib Tights

Didoo Bib Tights
Another cheap pair of winter bib tights are by the Didoo brand and they are available in a choice of three different sizes and colours. In terms of the construction, it contains a mixture of 80% Polyamide and 20% Elastane fabrics. The tights also include additional thermal insulation and high density foam for maximum comfort upon cold bike rides too.

Other features of the Didoo Bib Tights include:

  • Breathable fabric construction
  • Flat lock seaming for improved comfort
  • Elasticated waistband
  • Suitable for all types of cycling or mountain biking
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

To conclude, the Didoo winter bib tights tick all the boxes and they can be used throughout the winter or spring season. The brand also offer the most colourful designs when compared to the alternatives, which is another great bonus.
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5. FDX Performance Cycling Bib Tights

FDX Mens Performance Cycling Bib Tights
By far the most popular and one of the cheapest bib tights in the UK are by the FDX brand. They are available in a choice of five different sizes and a black finish with either red, yellow or white reflective tape.

Although they are cheap bib tights, they are constructed of a premium Italian thermal fabric, which also features a fleece interior for extra warmth during the winter.

Other features of the FDX Performance Tights include:

  • Ideal for winter use with super thermal Roubaix fabric
  • Flat seam construction with a four way stretch panel
  • Dupont “Coolmax” 3D anti-bac padding
  • 6 inch zip for easy fitting
  • Available in 5 different sizes
  • Choice of red, yellow or white reflective tape

Overall, the FDX Performance bib tights offer the best value and are ideal for wearing during the cold winter months. Compared to similar priced tights, they also offer far superior quality and are backed by a reputable brand too.
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6. Fat Lad At The Back Bib Tights

Fat Lad At The Back Mens Black Jewel Premium Reflective Padded Thermal Cycling Bib Tights
Another premium option to consider are the Fat Lad At The Back bib tights, which are perfect for the “larger man”. This is due to the fact that they have been designed to provide additional room around the middle section and on the shoulder straps. In terms of the sizing, the brand offer three different sizes that all stretch and are easy to get on or off.

Other features of the Fat Lad At The Back Tights include:

  • Longer in the leg and body
  • Wicks away moisture
  • Bi-stretch braces
  • Thermal compression fabric
  • High density foam pad
  • Reflective details
  • Ethically made in Europe

If you are tall or carry a bit more around the middle, these best bib tights are the perfect solution. Although expensive, they are a worthwhile investment because they provide far more comfort than any of the standard sized alternatives.
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How We Rated

Whether its windy or the rain is falling, we (the cyclists at Darimo UK) have tried and tested a range of bib tights over the years. We all agreed that we mostly wear them during the winter to keep our legs warm and dry along with other cycling gear (as shown in the photo). However, due to the unpredictable UK weather, we do also use them all year round to maintain comfort on long rides.

As well as our experience and testing of multiple bib tights, we also based our recommendations upon plenty of research and a number of factors. Some of the factors that we considered included the construction quality, sizes and colours available, breathability, waterproof qualities, comfort, warranty and value for money.

best winter bib tights


Bib tights are the best type of clothing to wear for road cycling during the cold winter months. They provide excellent insulation and wind resistance whilst also improving your comfort on the bike with strategically placed padding. All of our recommendations listed above are suitable for a range of body sizes and budgets but if you require further information, feel free to get in touch and we will try to help out where possible.

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