The Best Boiler Brands 2022

Boilers are one of the most expensive components of your home and are available in several forms. In order to avoid future problems, we highly advise that you buy from the best boiler brands that offer support and have spare parts readily available.

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Best Boiler Brands
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Boilers are one of the most important items within your home and when they go wrong, it can be expensive to fix.

Without a fully functioning boiler, you will struggle to provide your sinks, showers and bath with plenty of hot water. The radiators will also not be as hot as you would like and overtime, it will become frustrating.

The cost of a new boiler ranges from anywhere between £500 to £2,500 and that’s before you include the cost of the installation. Therefore, you will want to ensure you purchase from one of the many reputable boiler brands in the UK.

The Best Boiler Brands in the UK

1. Worcester Bosch Group

Worcester Boiler Brands


Worcester Bosch are a German brand and one of the largest manufacturers of combi boilers in the UK. They produce a wide range that are suitable from budgets as low as £800 to premium models that are over £2,000.

They offer their boilers as oil, combination, system and regular systems that are available in all shapes and sizes. You can expect their warranties to range from anywhere up to 10 years depending upon the model installed. As with other brands in the UK, if you regularly get the boiler serviced and use the correct filters, the warranty can be extended.

2. Ideal Boilers

Ideal Boilers Brands


Ideal Boilers are a UK brand that are one of the most popular due to their excellent value for the money. They are a mid-range boiler and available in several different models with varying warranties available depending on the model.

For example, the standard Logic model comes with a 2 year warranty whereas the Logic Plus comes with a 7 year warranty. Their premium model known as the Vogue comes with a staggering 10 years warranty when installed by a professional. It’s important to note that you must register the boiler within 30 days of the installation in order to benefit from the warranty.

3. VaillantValliant Boiler Brand

The Vaillant brand are another German manufacturer that produce premium boilers for those requiring the best performance. Compared to other brands, Vaillant offer longer warranties and many installers claim they can be far easier to install, which is always a bonus. The ecoTEC model series is their most popular with outputs ranging from 24kW to as high as 43kW. If you require maximum power, we advise that you check out the ecoTEC exclusive model.

4. Baxi

BAXI Boiler Brands

Baxi are a more affordable brand that produce an array of models to suit all preferences. Regardless of the size of your home, Baxi have a boiler suitable for your needs and much more.

For smaller homes, they have a range of efficient combination systems but if you require maximum performance, the Platinum model is the best option.

5. Viessmann

viessmann boiler brands uk

The final boiler brand that we recommend are Viessmann, which are a German manufacturer that produce a wide range of boilers. They began producing commercial solutions but have since focused their efforts upon the domestic market.

One of the most popular boilers by this brand is the Vitodens model, which provides outputs between 26 and 35kW.

Repair or Replace

Constantly repairing and maintaining an old boiler can become an endless “money pit” and something you want to avoid. According to Energy Saving Trust, heating up your home accounts to around 55% of what you spend on energy bills. However, if you are using an inefficient old boiler, this approximation may be far greater.

The latest bath of boilers offer a greater outputs and are far more efficient, which in the long run will save you money. They are also compatible with the majority of smart thermostat devices for controlling the heating remotely.

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