The Best Caravan Aerial 2022

In order to watch TV within your caravan, you will need to correctly position a caravan aerial to the exterior. They are available in several different shapes and sizes to suit a range of caravans or motorhomes.

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best caravan aerial
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Using a caravan aerial allows you to get the best possible reception for your TV. There is no point having the ultimate TV setup without being able to get your favourite freeview channels.

The best caravan aerial is the Vision Plus 570, which includes a VP5 booster and signal finder for superior reception.

Depending upon your budget, the caravan aerial may come as a multi-part package. This includes the aerial, amplifier and the coax cables or other connections. These can be upgraded at a later date but it’s worth spending the extra initially.

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Caravan Aerial Comparison

Caravan AerialAttachmentType
Vision Plus 570Drilled BracketsPremium
SLx DigidomeDrilled BracketsMid Range
Image 610 DigitalAdhesive Mounting PlatesMid Range
Avtex STH3000Suction MountMid Range
TV Village PortableMagnetic MountBudget
August High GrainMagnetic MountBudget

Attaching the aerial to the caravan can be achieved in a variety of methods. Not everyone will want to drill into the exterior of the caravan, which makes the adhesive plates, suction or magnetic mounts the best option.

Depending upon the quality of your TV should reflect upon the budget you set aside for the caravan aerial. The quality of the reception will provide access to additional freeview channels without disruption.

Below is a list of the best caravan aerials that can be easily installed and provide reception for all freeview channels.

The Best Caravan Aerial

1. Vision Plus Status 570 Caravan Aerial

Vision Plus Status 570 Directional TV and Radio Antenna
The Vision Plus Status 570 is a premium option, which uses a unique integrated TV signal finder. It is able to provide digital TV, DAB and FM radio with a variable gain control for strong and weak areas.

In terms of the measurements, it has a 330 mm mast with the antenna dome measuring as 412 x 35 x 108 mm.

Other features of the Vision Plus Status 570 include:

  • Dedicated TV transmitter locator
  • Variable gain control for strong and weak signal areas
  • Horizontal and vertical polarisation indicator
  • Low profile roof assembly
  • LED power light indicator
  • 3 TV connections and 1 radio connection

Although it is the most expensive caravan aerial within this article, it does provide the latest in TV and radio reception technology. If you are able to stretch your budget, it is definitely the best option and a worthwhile investment.
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2. SLx Digidome Caravan Aerial Freeview

SLx Digidome For TV Digital Freeview HD
The SLx Digidome uses a compact and modern design to provide 360 degree reception. The Omni-directional technology is able to receive all local digital freeview tv signals as well as VHF and UHF frequencies.

To maximize the signal quality, this caravan aerial uses a built-in 4G filter to remove interference and channel loss caused from phone signals.

Other features of the SLx Digidome Caravan Aerial include:

  • Modern design that performs to high standards
  • Built-in 4G filter
  • Includes all the hardware and brackets
  • Easy to install with instruction provided
  • Weatherproof casing
  • Made in the UK

The SLx Digidome is a high quality caravan aerial that provides HD freeview channels without any channel loss. It is a British design made from a reputable manufacturer and it will not disappoint.
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3. Image 610 Digital Caravan Aerial

Image 610 Digital TV Aerial Antenna System for Caravans
The Image 610 is a traditional caravan aerial that is a complete antenna and mast solution. If you don’t want to drill into the exterior of your caravan or motorhome, this package uses universal adhesive mounting plates.

Other features of the Image 610 Caravan Aerial include:

  • Suitable for medium or poor reception areas
  • Universal multi-mast included
  • Zero drilling required
  • Fully adjustable front and lower brackets
  • Self adhesive mounting plates for alternative fixing

The quick and easy installation that attaches to the exterior of your motorhome or caravan is highly desirable. The Image 610 caravan aerial does exactly that and provides a universal solution for watching your favourite channels.
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4. Avtex STH3000 DVB-T Caravan Aerial

Avtex STH3000 20 dB DVB-T antenna
The Avtex is another popular caravan aerial that doesn’t require any drilling and can be used indoors or outdoors. It uses a high quality suction mount that can be attached to almost any flat surface of the caravan.

The brand claim that it’s one of the best performing caravan aerials that picks up both digital and analogue transmissions.

Other features of the Avtex STH3000 DVB-T include:

  • Built-in volume amplifier
  • Three power sources (12V, 24V and TV antenna)
  • UV resistant and waterproof casing
  • Attaches to all flat surfaces
  • Runs on NTSC, PAL or Secam
  • Versatile adjustment

Overall, it is an excellent all-round caravan aerial that combines performance with value for money. The suction cup attachment allows for an easy installation to any flat surface, which has been tested at high speeds, wind and rain.
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5. TV Village Freeview Caravan Aerial

Portable Digital TV Roof Aerial
For those that require an affordable caravan aerial with Freeview, the TV Village is ideal. It uses a strong magnetic mount that can be positioned on the roof to provide quality digital TV reception.

In terms of the durability, it is fully waterproof with a IP68 rating, which makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor usage.

Other features of the TV Village Caravan Aerial include:

  • Omni-direction high grain antenna
  • Portable 5 inch aerial
  • Freeview Digital TV and DAB
  • Plug and play installation
  • Includes F-type connector and Co-axial adapter

Overall, it is a portable caravan aerial that is easy to install and provides Freeview digital TV as well as DAB output. Although it’s a small unit, it performs as you would expect and can be used for a number of applications.
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6. August High Gain Freeview Caravan Aerial

August DTA240
The cheapest caravan aerial that is made in the UK is the August High Grain Antenna. It has been optimized for digital reception and uses a magnetic base for mounting to large metal surfaces.

It uses a coaxial cable that is 4.9 feet long and provides flexible positioning for finding the best reception position.

Other features of the August High Grain Antenna include:

  • Compact portable caravan aerial
  • Strong magnetic base
  • Freeview and DAB signal
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Made in the UK

It is by far the most popular aerial for caravans or motorhomes that provides the best value for money. There are many other cheaper models but this is a British made aerial that is built to high standards.
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Caravan Aerial Buying Guide

You can have the best caravan TV in the world but you need a quality reception to watch your favourite channels. The aerial is available in multiple sizes or shapes but you need to decide which suits your caravans setup.

To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below guide regarding caravan aerials.

best caravan aerial freeview

Attaching to the Caravan

The caravan aerial must be installed to the exterior of the caravan for the best reception. You are able to achieve this by drilling mounting brackets, using adhesive plates, suction or magnetic mounts.

Drilling into your caravan is the most stable and robust method. However, this can be a daunting task for many people and has the potential to cause expensive damage. Using the alternative methods are easier and allow the caravan aerial to be more portable.

Directional vs Omnidirectional

Directional aerials are the traditional type that is directed to focus the reception on one direction. This has the effect of a strong and more reliable signal but this does take time to get it right. Knowing where the TV mast is located will help you find the best direction to point the aerial.

Omnidirectional receive signals from all directions at the same time, which makes it quick and easy to install. It can also remain in place with limited maintenance or adjustment. The main drawback is that it cannot focus upon a reception, which means it may struggle to find a solid signal. However, you can upgrade your aerial package to include an amplifier to improve coverage.

Complete Package

Most manufacturers will include the aerial along with a coax cable and an optional amplifier. The coax cable passes the signal from the aerial to the TV and the amplifier is designed to boost the incoming signal.

If you choose an aerial that is to be drilled into the exterior of the caravan, you must ensure the hardware is included within the package.


Due to the unpredictable British weather, you may find yourself stuck inside the caravan. The first thing many people will do is switch on their TV but without reception, you will struggle to find channels. Aerials designed for caravans provides you with an easy and cost effective method of watching freeview TV from the comfort of your caravan.

All of our recommendations are suited to a range of caravan setups and budgets. We advise that you avoid cheap aerials that haven’t got the backing of a reputable brand for peace of mind.

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