The Best Caravan Awnings 2022

Caravan awnings are an essential addition to your caravan that provides extra space whilst pitched up at a camp site. They are available in multiple designs that use steel poles or inflatable beams and can be used all season.

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Best Caravan Awnings
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Caravan awnings are designed to increase the usable space of caravans and are available in multiple designs. The most popular type is a porch awning but there are other full sized alternatives for all season use.

The best caravan awning is the Litchfield Dakota Excalibur, which is 4 metres in length and uses patented inflatable beams for easy pole-free pitching.

Most old awning designs will use poles for setting up the structure. However, most modern alternatives use inflatable beams that offer pole-free pitching and a much quicker installation.

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Caravan Awning Comparison

Caravan AwningLengthBeams
Litchfield Dakota Excalibur4.0 MetresInflatable
Kampa Ace Air Pro 4004.0 MetresInflatable
Camp-Tech Savanna8.5 – 11.5 MetresSteel
SunnCamp Swift 3903.9 MetresFibreglass and Steel
Vango Kalari III 4204.15 MetresInflatable
Sunncamp Dash 2602.6 MetresInflatable
Westfield Dorado Air 3503.5 MetresInflatable

To ensure that you are not left disappointed, it is highly advised that you measure your caravan. You will want to check the attachment height of your caravan and purchase an awning that is best suited for the height.

Due to the unpredictable British weather, it’s vital that the awning can withstand hot sunshine, windy conditions and heavy rain. The materials used in the construction differ between manufacturers with premium options being the best.

Below is a list of the best caravan awnings that are available in multiple designs with solid or inflatable beams.

The Best Caravan Awnings

1. Lichfield Dakota Caravan Air Awning

Lichfield Dakota Caravan Air Awning
Litchfield are a popular brand that produce many caravan awnings in the UK. The Dakota model is one of the most rated and uses the AirOdyssey inflatable technology for pole free pitching.

To improve the ventilation inside of the awning, it has clever panels that allow a comfortable flow of air to pass, which reduces condensation.

Other features of the Litchfield Dakota Excalibur include:

  • 4 metres long
  • Factory taped seams
  • 150 D polyester fabric that is waterproof and durable
  • Easy to setup on the caravan site
  • Includes a double action pump for fast inflation
  • Large windows with privacy curtains
  • Curved side and front doors for a modern look

The Litchfield Dakota Excalibur is the best caravan awning package that includes everything you need. From wheel arch covers to pegs and a mallet, it has everything included for setting up the awning with ease.
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2. Kampa Ace Air Pro 400 Inflatable Caravan Awning

Kampa Ace Air Pro 400
The Kampa Ace Air Pro 400 is a premium inflatable caravan awning, which has been improved from the previous model they produced. It uses a weather shield pro fabric that is limpet fix ready and designed for all season weather.

It uses the brands patented one point inflation system, which allows you to effortlessly setup the awning with ease.

Other features of the Kampa Ace Air Pro 400 include:

  • 400 cm wide and 300 cm deep
  • Suitable for attachment points between 235 – 250 cm
  • Durable and can be used all season
  • UV protected construction
  • Limpet fix system for attaching side walls
  • Interchangeable zip out side panels
  • Optional front mesh panels for ventilation

Although it is expensive, the all season construction is suitable for blazing hot sun to windy conditions. The clever design also allows for additional side panels and further customization, which isn’t possible with many of the alternatives.
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3. Camp-Tech Savanna All Season Caravan Awnings

Camp-Tech Savanna DL Caravan Full Traditional Seasonal Awning
For those that require a large all season caravan awning, the Camp-Tech Savanna is the best option. It is available in six different sizes that is suitable for caravans from 8.5 metres to 11.0 metres in length.

To ensure that the awning is weather-proof, it uses a Climatech heavy duty coated polyester.

Other features of the Camp-Tech Savanna All Season include:

  • Depth of 240 cm
  • Weigh approximately 35 KG
  • Steel fitted frame with power grip clamps
  • Front panels can be rolled down or zipped up
  • Includes extra roof poles, front legs and quick lock pads
  • Heavy duty construction for all season use
  • Multiple sizes available

Overall, the Camp-Tech Savanna is a large caravan awning that is built to high standards. The multiple sizes allow you to tailor the awning to best suit the length of your caravan.
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4. SunnCamp Swift 390 Caravan Porch Awning

SunnCamp Swift 390 Deluxe Porch Awning
SunnCamp produce a variety of caravan awnings in a range of sizes and budgets. The Swift 390 Deluxe is a porch awning that is suitable for caravan height from 235 to 250 cm. In terms of the construction, it uses a fiberglass and steel frame that is easy to setup and take down.

Other features of the SunnCamp Swift 390 Deluxe include:

  • 3.9 metres in length with a depth of 2.4 metres
  • Constructed from a durable 75D polyester
  • Weighs approximately 11.5 KG
  • Includes privacy curtains
  • Quick and easy to assemble

Overall, the Swift 390 Deluxe by SunnCamp is an excellent all-round caravan porch awning. It provides excellent value for money and is suitable for the majority of caravans.
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5. Vango Kalari III 420 Caravan Air Awning

One of the largest and most impressive caravan awnings is the Vango Kalri. It includes an annex, carpet, two mesh doors and a skyliner, which provides the ultimate experience. It has also been designed to withstand windy conditions with large diameter beams for additional stability.

To ensure that the awning is quick and easy to setup, it uses a patented AirSpeed valve system to inflate the beams.

Other features of the Vango Kalari III 420 include:

  • 4.15 metres long with a depth of 3.2 metres
  • Constructed of Taslan fabric that is wind and waterproof
  • Large diameter beams that provide additional stability
  • Skylight window that run across the roof line
  • Removable front and side doors
  • High level of ventilation
  • Heavy duty zips and waterproof covers
  • Thick diamond clear windows for extra insulation
  • Weighs 36.5 KG

It is the new and improved model from the brand that will not disappoint. Although it comes with an expensive price tag, it is the ultimate caravan awning, which is packed full of features to best suit your requirements.
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6. Sunncamp Dash 260 Inflatable Caravan Porch Awning

Sunncamp Dash 260 Air Inflatable Caravan Porch Awning
Another inflatable caravan awning by Sunncamp is the Dash 260 Air model. It features a narrower design and is the best option for those that require a small caravan awning. It has been designed for caravans with a connection height that ranges from 235 to 250 CM.

In terms of the measurements, it is 2.6 metres long with a depth of 2.4 metres and weighs approximately 9.6 KG.

Other features of the Sunncamp Dash 260 Air include:

  • Inflatable porch awning
  • Roll up front door with canopy option
  • Each window has curtains
  • Constructed of Ace-Tech 75-Denier material
  • Pump, storm bucket, straps and draught skirt are included

The Sunncamp Dash 260 Air is a well-made inflatable caravan awning that is perfect for small caravans. Thanks to the provided air pump, it takes minutes to setup and the complete kit offers great value for money too.
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7. Westfield Dorado Air 350 Inflatable Caravan Awning

Westfield Outdoors Dorado 350 Awning
The Westfield Dorado Air 350 is an inflatable caravan awning that is quick and easy to setup with an airtube frame. It is slightly larger than the SunnCamp alternative above but is still classed as a small awning.

In terms of the measurements, it is 3.5 metres in length and is suitable for caravans with a rail height of 235 to 250 cm.

Other features of the Westfield Dorado Air 350 include:

  • 2.5 metres deep
  • Constructed of a hydrotech SL fabric
  • Built-in ventilation with clear view windows
  • Internal blinds for privacy
  • Quick and easy to setup with the airtube frame
  • Includes a roll up and sun canopy front panel
  • Weighs approximately 9.7 KG

If you require an inflatable caravan awning that isn’t too large, the Westfield Dorado Air 350 is a great option. It is more expensive that steel frame alternative but the simplicity of an inflatable awning is worth spending the extra.
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Caravan Awning Buying Guide

There are hundreds of awnings available for caravans that all have their own benefits. For example, if you plan to tour the UK or abroad to multiple camp sites, you will want something that is easy to setup and take down. However, if you are staying put all season, you can opt for an awning that is much larger.

Many of the awnings fall under various classifications, which are a British standard that defines the usage. Those that are labelled as Type W are suitable for all season and there is also Type R, T and L classifications.

To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below guide regarding caravan awnings.

best caravan awning for windy conditions

Inflatable vs Poles

The traditional method of setting up caravan awnings is to use multiple steel or fibreglass poles. However, this method has become outdated with many people choosing the more user friendly inflatable beams.

Caravan air awnings that become much more popular with the frame and supports being filled with air. Most manufacturers provide a powerful air pump that fills the beams with air in less than a minute.

Different Types

Depending upon the usage of the awning, you have multiple types available. If you intend on staying in the campsite all season, there are many full size awnings available. However, if you are touring the UK and abroad, the porch alternatives may be the best option. They are easy to setup and take down for when you are travelling again.

Manufacturers offer both porch and all season caravan awnings with steel poles or inflatable beams.


The sizing of the awning you require depends upon the distance from the ground from one side of the caravan to the ground on the other side. However, for caravan porch awnings, you will only need to choose a suitable gap that encloses the entrance door.


The construction material needs to be able to withstand UV rays, windy conditions and heavy rain. Most manufacturers tend to use coated polyester, acrylics, poly cotton and other durable materials.

The quality of the material used can be shown by the thickness, which is measured on the Denier scale. The higher rated fabric will has a greater thickness and weigh more. However, you must also consider the way the fabric has been woven and coated.


The first time you setup your caravan awning can be a difficult task. We advise that you check that the manufacturer has included detailed instructions within the box for peace of mind. There are many beginner guides available but each installation differs.

best caravan air awning

Maintenance and Safety Tips

Caravan awnings are not cheap to purchase and by maintaining them appropriately, you can ensure they are long lasting. We advise that you regularly brush off any loose debris, clean the fabric of mold or mildew and allow to dry naturally before putting it into storage. Leaving dirt or storing whilst wet can ruin the awning and you will be buying a new one much earlier than expected.

When it comes to storing the awning when not in use, it can take up a lot of space. We highly recommend placing them inside of a roof box, which will be out of the way and has plenty of space available.


Caravan awnings are a great addition that can double the size of your caravan. Most modern designs use inflatable beams, which make the installation process far easier that setting up multiple poles.

All of our recommendations are suited to a range of different caravan sizes and budgets. There are many cheaper alternatives compared to the awnings listed above but they are not as well-made or suited to all season use.

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