The Best Caravan Levellers 2022

Without the use of caravan levellers, you may find there is a slight slope, which may effect the operation of certain appliances. They are available as basic sloped ramps or ramps with multiple heights to best suit your requirements.

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best caravan levellers
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Caravan levellers are designed to handle heavy loads and are available with heights ranging from 4 to 12 CM. Unlike a levelling jack, using levelling ramps is much easier as you simply drive onto it until the caravan is level.

The best caravan levellers are the Thule 307617, which has a 3 level design capable of holding 5,000 KG per axle.

Many people attempt to make their own caravan levellers out of wood but they can easily crack under pressure. Considering that they are a cheap product, it makes sense to purchase ramps specifically designed for levelling.

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Caravan Leveller Comparison

Caravan LevellersHeight(s)Capacity Per Unit
Thule 3076174.4, 7.8, 11.2 CM2,500 KG
Maypole MP46074, 7 & 10 CM1,250 KG
Fiamma Level Up10 CM2,500 KG
Maypole MP46018 CM2,000 KG
Milenco Triple4, 8 & 12 CM1,500 KG
MGI 5241 Access10 CM4,000 KG

Ensuring that your caravan is level may not bother many people but it can cause issues with some appliances. It can also effect the drainage of sinks or showers as the water will not drain as it’s designed to in the centre.

Before purchasing any of the caravan levellers, you will want to ensure that it exceeds the weight of your caravan. Most are sold as a pair with the weight capacity being defined by the axle weight.

Below is a list of the best caravan levellers that are available with multiple heights and designed for heavy duty usage.

The Best Caravan Levellers

1. Thule 307617 Caravan Levelling Ramps

Thule 307617 Caravan Ramps
Thule are another brand that are known for their roof racks and other product, which are built to the highest standards. The 307617 Caravan Levelling Ramps are by far the most popular set available in the UK and for good reason.

Unlike the alternatives, these caravan levellers have a distinctive design with three heights. This allows you to set the caravan or motorhome at heights of 44mm, 78mm or 112mm.

Other features of the Thule 307617 Caravan Levelling Ramps include:

  • Withstands weights of 5,000 KG
  • Measures at 560 x 202 mm
  • Weighs 4.05 KG
  • Three heights to choose
  • Includes a strong carrying bag

Although this set comes with a premium price tag, it is a worthwhile investment as they are the best caravan levellers. They have the backing of the Thule brand and includes three different heights to suit your requirements.
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2. Maypole MP4607 Caravan Levellers

Maypole 4607 Multi Level Ramp Set
The Maypole brand are highly reputable in the caravanning industry and produce a range of products. The MP4607 is a multi-level design that is suitable for heavy duty usage with a weight capacity limit of 1,250 KG per wheel.

The different heights include 40mm, 70mm and 100mm, which allows you to park up your caravan to your requirements.

Other features of the Maypole MP4607 Levellers include:

  • Multi-level ramp set (3 heights)
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Includes a storage/carrying bag
  • 210mm wide and 620mm long
  • Suitable ramp for lowered cars

The Maypole MP4607 Multi-Level Ramps are a versatile set that can be used as caravan levellers or a ramp for low cars. They do come with a premium price tag but they have the backing of a reputable brand.
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3. Fiamma Level Up Motorhome and Caravan Levellers

Fiamma Level Up motorhome and caravan levellers
Fiamma produce multiple caravan levellers but the Level Up set are the best they offer. The set are constructed of a strong UV resistant polyethylene that provides a solid base for levelling your caravan.

In terms of the weight capacity of the levellers, they are capable of holding a max axle weight of 5,000 KG.

Other features of the Fiamma Level Up include:

  • Available in grey or yellow
  • Lightweight and won’t crack
  • Non-skid finish
  • Measures up as 57 x 20 x 13 cm
  • Multi-levelled design
  • Weigh 1.45 KG each

The Fiamma Level Up caravan levellers tick every box and offer great value for money. The non-skid design allows for easy driving on and off without the levellers moving.
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4. Maypole MP4601 Level Ramp Set

Maypole MP4601 Level Ramp Set
Another set of caravan levellers by the Maypole Brand is the MP4601 set, which doesn’t feature the multiple levels. The MP4601 Level Ramp Set are another set of popular caravan levellers available that are built to high standards.

In terms of the dimensions of these caravan levellers, they measure up as 160mm x 450mm in size, which is suitable for most motorhome or caravan tyres.

Other features of the Maypole MP4601 Level Ramp Set include:

  • Twin ramp set
  • Load capacity of 2,000 KG per wheel
  • 80mm maximum levelling height
  • Constructed of a heavy duty plastic
  • Safe and easy to use

Overall, they are excellent all-round caravan levellers that are built by a reputable brand. They are safe, lightweight and easy to use, which when you are at the campsite is exactly what you need in a set of levellers.
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5. Milenco Triple Caravan Levelling Ramp Set

Milenco 2936 Triple Caravan Levelling Ramp Set
Milenco are a popular brand that produce a range of caravan levellers. The triple level ramp set is their most popular and includes a high-grip groove surface. This design makes using them easier as there is limited chance of slipping.

In terms of the construction, it is suitable of holding 1,500 KG per wheel with heights including 4, 8 and 12 cm.

Other features of the Milenco Caravan Levellers include:

  • Measures up as 18 x 24.5 x 61 cm
  • Weighs 2.5 per leveller
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Solid base to prevent sinking
  • Includes a matching storage bag
  • Comes as a pair of ramps

Overall, the Milenco Triple Ramps provide an easy method of using caravan levellers with a high-grip grooved surface. The three height levels are relatively tall compared to the alternatives, which may be desirable for many people.
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6. MGI 5241 Caravan Levellers

MGI 5241 Access Ramp
The MGI 5241 is a caravan access ramp capable of holding 4,000 KG per unit, which are sold separately. It has a high service area, which reduces the chances of it sinking into soft ground, which can be difficult to remove.

Other features of the MGI 5241 Levellers include:

  • Single height level using the wheel chock
  • Maximum height level of 10cm
  • Lightweight yet super-strong
  • Non-slip surface
  • Weighs 1.2 KG

Overall, they are strong caravan levellers that are capable of holding large weights without sinking into soft ground. However, as they aren’t sold in a pair, they are far more expensive compared to the alternatives.
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Caravan Levellers Buying Guide

Levelling of your caravan is made possible using ramps or a jack. The most popular method are drive-on caravan levellers, which are available with a single slope or multiple levels.

To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below guide regarding caravan levellers.

best motorhome levellers


The height that you require for levelling your caravan depends upon the pitch. Although most campsites tend to keep the pitch level, it is not always the case.

Most single slope caravan levellers tend to range from 8 to 10 CM, which is more than suitable for the majority of pitches. However, the best option is to choose a multi-level ramp, which will allow you to tailor the height to any pitch.

Weigh Capacity

The weight capacity is provided by the manufacturer as a per ramp or axle rating. To ensure that the caravan levellers don’t crack under pressure, it’s important to check the weight capacity beforehand.

Unlike wood that can crack at any moment, almost all caravan levellers can withstand weights of 1,000 KG and over.

Desirable Features

Apart from a multi-level design, other desirable features include:

  • Level base to reduce sinking into soft ground
  • Anti-slip grip
  • Storage bag
  • Wheel chocks
  • Choice of colour

How To Level a Caravan

Once you have purchased the best caravan levellers you can get your hands on, you will want to use them correctly. Below are the steps that we would recommend for correctly levelling your caravan at the campsite:

  1. Pull up and reverse into your pitch.
  2. Use a spirit level on the ‘A’ frame and decide how much it needs raising.
  3. Move the caravan slightly forward.
  4. Place the caravan levelling ramp in position.
  5. Reverse the caravan up the ramp.
  6. Check the spirit level to see if the levelling is correct.
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until it’s level.
  8. Put on the caravan brake and chock the wheels.
  9. Wind up the jockey wheel until the hitch is clear.

It really is that easy and with a quality set of ramps, it should be hassle-free too.


Although levelling your caravan may not bother some people, it could cause appliances to operate incorrectly. Using caravan levelling ramps is an easy and stress-free method of ensuring your caravan is level.

All of our recommendations are suited to a range of budget and multi-height designs. It may be tempting to use a DIY ramp or blanks of wood but considering the low cost, caravan levellers are the best option.

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