The Best Caravan Steps 2022

Caravan steps are an essential item for any touring caravans and are available in a wide range of designs to best suit your requirements. Below are our top picks that are built to a high standard and capable of withstanding weights up to 200 KG.

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Best Caravan Steps
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The best caravan steps are the Milenco Giant Series, which is a double step with a maximum weight capacity of 200 KG. The first step is 20 cm in height and the second is 39 cm, which is perfect for most touring caravans.

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Caravan Steps Comparison

Caravan StepsStep(s) HeightWeight Capacity
Milenco Giant20 / 39 cm200 KG
KD & Jay Double21 / 41 cm120 KG
MGI 3797 Dual19 / 38 cm200 KG
Maypole 5387 Touring19 / 38 cm150 KG
Royal Deluxe Single25.5 cm150 KG
SFD Folding20 / 39.5 cm110 KG

Without steps leading into your caravan, it can be fairly difficult to get in and out with ease. Steps for caravans are available in a wide range of designs that are completely portable and suitable for most touring caravans.

Below is a list of the best caravan steps that include dual or single steps and are able to withstand weights up to 200 KG.

The Best Caravan Steps

1. Milenco Giant Double Step

Milenco Giant Double Step
Milenco are a popular brand among caravan owners and well-known for producing quality products. The Giant Double Step is a great example of their reputation and is made from 100% recycled materials.

Other features of the Milenco Giant Double Step include:

  • First step is 20 cm high
  • Second step is 39 cm high
  • Tread size 50 x 27 cm
  • Base size 72 x 61 cm
  • Suitable for all-season use
  • Environmentally friendly designed
  • EN accredited

The Milenco Giant Double Steps are high quality caravan steps that are built to last and suitable for all year round use. The sizing of the steps are ideal for most touring caravans and the larger construction is very desirable.
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2. KD & Jay Double Caravan Steps

Double Step Caravan Stool Steel
Another popular set of caravan steps are by the KD & Jay brand. They are constructed of a heavy duty steel, which can withstand weights of up to 120 KG and are suitable for use upon any surface.

Other features of the KD & Jay Steps include:

  • Steel construction
  • Non-slip pads on each steps
  • First step is 21 cm high
  • Second step is 41 cm high
  • Lightweight at 4.05 KG

The KD & Jay double caravan steps are an excellent all-round option that ticks all the boxes. It has a robust design, evenly spaced out steps and it’s relatively affordable when compared to similar quality steps.
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3. MGI 3797 Dual Plastic Caravan Step

MGI 3797 Dual Plastic Step
Another set of plastic caravan steps are the MGI 3797 series, which have a similar design to the Milenco steps above. They are a dual step that are extra safe and comply with the latest safety guidelines (EN1645).

Other features of the MGI 3797 include:

  • First step is 19 cm high
  • Second step is 38 cm high
  • Made from a robust plastic
  • Maximum load capacity of 200 KG
  • Complies with the EN1645 safety guidelines
  • Weighs 2.9 KG

The MGI 3797 caravan steps offer great value for money and are ideal for touring caravans. The load capacity of 200 KG is a clear indication of their robust design and the steps are built to last.
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4. Maypole 5387 Touring Caravan Steps

Maypole 5387 Flat Pack Double Steel Caravan Step
Maypole are another reputable brand among caravan owners and these touring caravan steps are a great option. They are constructed of robust steel and can be easily disassembled in less than a minute for easier storage.

Other features of the Maypole 5387 Steps include:

  • First step is 19 cm high
  • Second step is 38 cm high
  • Maximum load capacity of 150 KG
  • Rubber non-slip tread plates
  • Easy push fit assembly (no tools required)
  • Reinforced steel legs

The Maypole 5387 caravan steps are a high quality option that features a desirable push fit assembly. Whether you use them to get in and out of your caravan or around they house, the steps won’t disappoint and will last many years.
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5. Royal Deluxe Single Caravan Step

Royal 199100 Single Deluxe Step
Double steps aren’t always required and you may prefer a high quality single step to get in and out of your caravan. The Royal Deluxe step is a great option and uses a tubular steel construction, which can withstand loads of up to 150 KG.

Other features of the Royal Deluxe Step include:

  • 25.5 cm in height
  • Max weight capacity of 150 KG
  • Weighs just 2 KG
  • Non-slip tread
  • Durable tubular steel construction

The Royal Deluxe is a strong step that’s ideal for touring caravans and is also one of the cheapest. It’s built to a high standard using rigid tubular steel and can be used virtually anywhere without marking the floor.
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6. SFD Folding Caravan Steps

Folding Heavy Duty Double Anti Slip Caravan Step
Folding caravan steps are very popular as they can be stored away in seconds without having to dismantle it. The SFD steps are a great option that easily fold with a single button, which is located under the hinge.

Other features of the SFD Folding Caravan Steps include:

  • First step is 20 cm high
  • Second step is 39.5 cm high
  • Max load capacity of 110 KG
  • Folds with a single button
  • Anti-slip PP treads
  • Weighs 5.23 KG

If you require folding caravan steps, these steps are the best option that are a fraction of the price when compared to other foldable options. The only drawback is that it can’t handle as much weight but this is as expected with folding steps.
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Before purchasing any of the steps listed above, we recommend measuring the distance from the floor to the caravan itself. Buying a step that’s too high could potentially trip you over as you leave the caravan itself.

All of our recommendations are suitable for all budgets and include single, double and folding steps. To avoid disappointment, we advise that you avoid the cheaper alternatives and stick to well-known caravan brands.

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