The Best Caravan Wheel Clamp 2022

Using a caravan wheel clamp is one of the best methods of protecting your caravan and they’re available in a range of different types. They also act as a highly visible deterrent with bright designs that cover the wheel face.

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Best Caravan Wheel Clamp
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The best caravan wheel clamp is the Purpleline Nemesis, which uses an ultra-safe patented design that prevents wheel rotation and removal. If you are on a tight budget, the Maypole Anti-Theft Claw is the best alternative.

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Caravan Wheel Clamp Comparison

Caravan Wheel ClampTypeMax Width
Purpleline NemesisWheel Bolt ReceiverN/A
Milenco CompactWheel Bolt Receiver225 mm
Maypole UniversalClaw225 mm
Bulldog EuroClampFull Face280 mm
Stoplock Wheel ClampFull Face205 mm
Goodyear 022762Claw225 mm

Protecting your caravan from theft is highly advised and using a wheel clamp is often the best method. They are available in a number of different types that include wheel bolt receivers, claws and full face clamps.

Below is a list of the best caravan wheels clamps that provide maximum protection and act as a highly visible deterrent.

The Best Caravan Wheel Clamp

1. Purpleline Nemesis Caravan Wheel Clamp

Purpleline Nemesis Ultra High Security Caravan Wheel Clamp
The Purpleline Nemesis is a premium caravan wheel clamp that uses a patented design, which prevents wheel rotation and removal. The clever design also means that it can be installed in less than 10 seconds and with one hand.

Unlike many of the alternatives, it’s been designed specifically for caravans, motorhomes or trailers. It’s also SCM approved, which included tests that involved testing resistance, freezing and even corrosion.

Other features of the Purpleline Nemesis include:

  • SCM European Security Standard Approved
  • British made 9-pin anti-pick lock
  • Resistant to cutting, drilling and freezing
  • Lightweight construction (weighs just 3 KG)
  • Takes 10 seconds to attach to the wheel
  • Supplied with a storage bag

Although expensive, the Purpleline Nemesis is the ultimate caravan wheel clamp that provides maximum security. It also takes just seconds to attach to your caravan, which is another great bonus.
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2. MILENCO Compact Wheel Clamp

MILENCO 2745 Compact Wheel Clamp
Another premium option is by the Milenco brand and they offer a compact wheel clamp that’s suitable for all caravans or motorhomes. According to the brand, it suits wheel from 12 to 16 inch and tyre widths of up to 225 mm.

In order to connect the clamp to the wheel, it uses an integrated locking mechanism and winging handle, which takes less than a minute to securely clamp onto the wheel.

Other features of the Milenco Compact Clamp include:

  • Bright yellow design
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Takes less than a minute to connect
  • Suitable for all steel or alloy wheels
  • Supplied with a storage case
  • Integrated locking mechanism

Overall, the Milenco Compact is a heavy duty wheel clamp that’s ideal for caravans or motorhomes and acts as a highly visible deterrent. It does come with a premium price tag but it’s a worthwhile investment that won’t disappoint.
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3. Maypole Universal Caravan Wheel Clamp

Maypole MP9075 Wheel clamp
For those on a tight budget but require a high quality caravan wheel clamp, the Maypole claw is the best option. It’s constructed of a heavy duty steel and is finished in a highly visible red and yellow PVC coating.

According to the brand, the adjustable design allows it to be completely universal and suitable for tyres between 175 and 225 mm wide.

Other features of the Maypole Anti-Theft Claw include:

  • Compact yet heavy duty steel construction
  • Soft PVC coating to prevent wheel damage
  • Supplied with two sets of keys
  • Red and yellow finish
  • Adjustable to fit all caravan or motorhome tyres

The Maypole Anti-Theft Claw is the best value caravan clamp for those with a limited budget. It’s built to last, highly visible and has the backing of the reputable Maypole brand for complete peace of mind.
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4. Bulldog EuroClamp Wheel Clamp For Caravans

Bulldog EuroClamp Sold Secure
The Bulldog EuroClamp is a full face option that’s easily adjusted to suit a wide range of vehicles. According to the brand, it’s suitable for tyre widths up to 280 mm and heights of up to 230 mm.

For complete peace of mind when purchasing this caravan wheel clamp, it’s Sold Secure Gold and insurance approved. It’s also made in the UK and backed by a 5 year manufacturer guarantee.

Other features of the Bulldog EuroClamp include:

  • Suitable for tyres up to 280 mm
  • Insurance approved design
  • Two strengthened steel arms
  • 10 pin drill and pick resistant lock
  • Zinc plated coating
  • Made in the UK
  • Backed by a 5 year guarantee

Overall, the Bulldog EuroClamp is an excellent all-round option that’s built to last and won’t disappoint. Although expensive, it’s backed by a 5 year warranty and it’s insurance approved for peace of mind.
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5. Stoplock Anti-Theft Wheel Clamp

Stoplock Wheel Clamp
Another full face and highly visible caravan wheel clamp is by the Stoplock brand. According to the brand, it’s suitable for 13 to 15 inch wheels that have a maximum width of up to 205 mm.

In order to deter thieves from even targeting your caravan, the clamp is highly visible with a vivid yellow finish.

Other features of the Stoplock Anti-Theft Clamp include:

  • Resistant to power tools and other malicious attempts
  • Suitable for wheels up to 13 to 15 inches and widths up to 205 mm
  • Takes just seconds to clamp onto the wheel
  • Highly visible vivid yellow finish
  • Ideal for caravans, motorhomes or trailers
  • Supplied with three sets of keys

The Stoplock wheel clamp is an affordable option that ticks all the boxes and provides excellent protection. The bright yellow design is highly visible and even thieves with bad eyesight will spot it from a distance.
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6. Goodyear Heavy Duty Wheel Clamp Claw

Goodyear 022762 Heavy Duty Car Wheel Clamp
Goodyear are a brand that need no introduction and are well-known for their high quality products. Their claw wheel clamp follows their great reputation and is ideal for all types of wheels with an adjustable design.

Other features of the Goodyear Claw Wheel Clamp include:

  • Suitable for all vehicles
  • Easily adjusted to suit a range of wheels
  • Highly visible blue and yellow design
  • Soft coated jaws to prevent damage to the wheels
  • Heavy duty locking mechanism
  • Supplied with two sets of keys

Overall, it’s a cheap wheel clamp that’s ideal for caravans and actually worthwhile buying. Compared to similar priced alternatives, it’s built to a far higher standard and backed by the reputable Goodyear brand.
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Wheel clamps are one of the easiest and most effective methods of protecting your caravan, motorhome or trailer. All of our recommendations are suited to a range of different budgets and include wheel bolt receiver, claw and full face types. For complete peace of mind, we advise that you avoid cheap wheel clamps as other than acting as a deterrent, they are far easier to remove using power tools.

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