The Best Chainsaw Sharpener 2022

Chainsaw teeth eventually become worn down after extended use but they can be easily restored using a chainsaw sharpener. They are available as a manual, electric or power tool attachment kit, which are suitable for all types and sizes.

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Best Chainsaw Sharpener
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The best chainsaw sharpener is the Oregon 558550 Kit, which allows you to manually clean and sharpen the teeth of your chainsaw with ease. If you require an electric alternative, the Clarke ECSS2 is the best option.

Chainsaw Sharpener Comparison

Chainsaw SharpenerType
Oregon 558550 KitManual
KKmoon Grinding ToolManual
Dremel 1453Rotary Tool Attachment
Clarke ECSS2Electric
Faithfull Power PlusElectric
Starall Mini Grinder12V Tool

All chainsaws will eventually need the blades teeth sharpened in order to maintain its optimum performance. Many people make the mistake of throwing the blade away but a more cost effective solution is to simply sharpen it.

Below is a list of the best chainsaw sharpeners that are manual, electric or designed to be used with a power tool.

The Best Chainsaw Sharpener

1. Oregon Sharpening and Bar Maintenance Kit

OREGON Chain Sharpening and Bar Maintenance Kit
Oregon blades are used on the majority of chainsaws in the UK and its worthwhile using a matching chainsaw sharpener for the best results. It’s the original chainsaw sharpener that comes as a complete kit in a convenient carry pouch.

The kit comes with a pitch file with holder, wooden handle and flat file, depth gauge tool and bar groove cleaner.

Other features of the Oregon 558550 Kit include:

  • Complete kit that comes assembled
  • Includes a groove cleaner
  • Aggressive flat file
  • All tools are heat treated for durability
  • Supplied with a carry pouch
  • Suitable for most Oregon blade types

If you require a manual chainsaw sharpener kit, the Oregon 558550 won’t disappoint. Although slightly more expensive than some of the alternatives, it’s built by the reputable Oregon brand for complete peace of mind.
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2. KKmoon Grinding Manual Chainsaw Sharpener

The KKmoon chainsaw sharpener is a basic option that comes as a single tool for quickly and easily sharpening the teeth of any chainsaw. It has an optimized shape for improved efficiency and more precise guiding.

Depending upon your requirements, the brand offer the tool with a file diameter of either 4.0 or 4.8 mm.

Other features of the KKmoon Grinding Tool include:

  • Manual grinding tool
  • Optimized shape for precise guiding
  • Universal and suitable for all sized chainsaws
  • Easy to use with a back and forth motion
  • Ergonomic handle grip on both sides
  • Sharpens the teeth and depth gauge in one step

Compared to similar manual chainsaw sharpeners, the KKmoon tool offers outstanding value for the money. It’s a simple yet effective way of sharpening the chainsaw teeth and restores them back to a like-new sharpness.
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3. Dremel 1453 Chainsaw Teeth Sharpener

Dremel 1453 Chainsaw Sharpening Kit
The chainsaw sharpener by Dremel is a unique option that is designed to be used a rotary multi tool. The brand recommend using their own tool but you can easily use this with any branded rotary power tool.

Included in the kit is a sharpening angle guide, adjustment gauge, four grinding stones and other accessories.

Other features of the Dremel 1453 Kit include:

  • Returns chainsaw teeth back to new in minutes
  • Four grinding stone strengths
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Sharpens any chainsaw (universal)
  • Comes as a complete kit

The Dremel 1453 is an excellent alternative to manually grinding the chainsaw teeth with a file and cheaper than the electric options. The only drawback is that you must own a rotary tool already but if you don’t, they are also a great investment that are suitable for multiple tasks.
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4. Clarke ECSS2 Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

Clarke ECSS2 Electric Chainsaw Sharpener
Clarke are a well-known power tool brand in the UK and their ECSS2 is a great example of their quality. It’s an electric chainsaw sharpener that can be mounted to a workbench and be used for sharpening all chain types or sizes.

In terms of the specification, it uses a 85 watt (230V) electric motor that delivers a max speed of 4,800 RPM.

Other features of the Clarke ECSS2 include:

  • Fully adjustable
  • Universal for all types and sizes
  • Includes a safety guard
  • Uses a 108 mm grinding disc
  • Easily mounted to a workbench
  • Weighs 2.9 KG

Although the Clarke ECSS2 model is more expensive, it’s the ultimate electric chainsaw sharpener that won’t disappoint. It’s easy to use and can be adjusted to sharpen a wide range of chains.
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5. Faithfull Power Plus Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

Faithfull Power Plus CHAINSS 230V Electric Chainsaw Sharpener
One of the most popular electric chainsaw sharpeners is the Faithfull Power Plus unit. It also uses a 85 watt electric motor and is suitable for mounting to a workbench with dedicated bolt holes integrated into the design.

Regardless of the chainsaw type, the Power Plus can be adjusted to the correct angle and depth of each tooth. This is made possible using the simple to operate chain guide and angle adjustment system.

Other features of the Faithfull Power Plus include:

  • 85 watt electric motor (230V)
  • Bench mounting bolt holes
  • Supplied with a grinding wheel
  • Universal design that’s easily adjusted
  • Backed by a 5 year guarantee

The Faithfull Power Plus is a great alternative to the Clark sharpener above and is also backed by a 5 year guarantee. It’s a cheap yet effective chain sharpener that is easy to setup and won’t disappoint considering the low price.
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6. Starall 12V Chainsaw Sharpener

Starall Chain Saw Sharpeners
The Starall Mini Grinder is a dedicated power tool designed for high speed chain sharpening. It’s powered by a 12V power supply and comes with a choice of three grinding stone sizes to best suit your requirements.

In order to improve usability, we advise that you connect the 12V battery clips to a removed auto or leisure battery, which you can place upon a suitable surface.

Other features of the Starall Chainsaw Grinder include:

  • Handheld sharpener
  • Runs on a standard 12V power supply
  • Supplied with three grinding stones
  • Spindle lock for easy stone replacement
  • High quality battery clips
  • Comes as a complete kit

Overall, the Starall Mini Grinder is an affordable power tool for chainsaw sharpening that comes as a complete kit. Simply hook it up to a 12V power supply and you can begin sharpening the teeth of your chainsaw in a matter of minutes.
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In order to maximize the performance of your chainsaw and ensure maximum accuracy, you will want to keep the teeth sharpened. All of our recommendations are suitable for a wide range of types or sizes and can be used with ease.

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