The Best Christmas Hampers 2022

Christmas hampers are the perfect gift for friends or family but also as a corporate gift during the festive season. Whether you wish to send the receiver a traditional set or one that’s packed full of beer, cheese, chocolate or sweets, there is a great selection available.

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Best Christmas Hampers
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If you require a quick answer, the best Christmas hamper is the Clearwater Traditional, which is handpicked by the brand’s professional team. In terms of its contents, it includes a variety of food goodies (and tea) that have all been carefully packed and beautifully presented. However, if the receiver may not appreciate a traditional Christmas hamper, the A-Z Chocolate set is the best alternative that’s guaranteed to go down a treat.

To rate the Christmas hampers within this article, we based our recommendations upon multiple hampers gifted and received, plenty of research and a number of factors. Some of the factors that we took into consideration included the type, supplied contents, presentation, supplied box, additional gifting options and value for money.

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Christmas Hamper Comparison

Christmas HampersTypeGift Message
Clearwater LuxuryTraditionalYes
Hotel Chocolat SelectionLuxury ChocolateNo
Hay Hampers Afternoon TeaTraditionalNo
Regency WindmereTraditionalYes
Snowdonia Cheese SetCheeseYes
Clearwater Craft BeerCraft Beer SelectionYes
A-Z Chocolate LoversChocolate SelectionNo
Simply Sweets RetroSweet SelectionNo

Christmas hampers are an excellent gift that are available as traditional sets or alternatives that includes beers, cheese, chocolate, sweets and so much more. Depending upon the receiver will determine the best type of hamper to gift them at Christmas. Therefore, we have recommended a broad range of hampers that contain different contents.

Below is a list of the best Christmas hampers that make an excellent gift and are suitable for all ages.

The Best Christmas Hampers

1. Clearwater Luxury Christmas Hamper

Clearwater Bearing Gifts Hamper
The Clearwater brand are well-known in the UK for their hampers and this particular set is the perfect option for Christmas. It’s a traditional option that includes crisps, biscuits, tea, jams and so much more.

Other features of the Clearwater Luxury Hamper include:

  • Can be sent straight to the recipient
  • Contains traditional food and drink
  • Presented in a luxury gift box
  • Handpicked by the professional team
  • Option to add a gift message

Although expensive, it’s one of the best Christmas hampers on the market that ticks all the boxes. The brand specialize in hampers and this particular set has been handpicked by their team and it’s also one of their most popular too.
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2. Hotel Chocolat – The Chocolate Hamper

Hotel Chocolat The Large Chocolate Hamper
For anyone that’s serious about chocolate, Hotel Chocolat is a brand that you’ll be very familiar with. Although expensive, their chocolate hamper is perfect for gifting and it includes many of the brand’s top rated chocolates.

Other features of the Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Hamper include:

  • Presented in a luxury box and matching ribbon
  • Suitable for all occasions
  • Made in the UK
  • Total of 8 different luxury chocolates
  • Chocolates are stored in an official box and wrapping

Hotel Chocolat are a brand that are well-known for their luxury chocolates and this hamper is a great example of what they have to offer. It isn’t the cheapest but its certain to put a smile on anyone’s face that loves chocolate.
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3. Hay Hampers Traditional Afternoon Tea

Traditional Afternoon Tea Time Delights Hamper Box
Another popular traditional Christmas hamper is by the reputable Hay Hampers brand and this set in particular includes everything that’s needed to enjoy a perfect afternoon tea. The contents included within the hamper includes an assortment of biscuits and cakes as well as the important luxurious tea.

Other features of the Hay Hampers Afternoon Tea Set include:

  • Presented in a stylish box
  • 25 tea bags
  • Handpicked and packed
  • Selection of biscuits, cakes and fudge

To conclude, the Hay Hampers Afternoon Tea is an affordable yet high quality option that won’t disappoint. If the receiver loves their tea, the addition of the four types of biscuits as well as the cake and fudge is a great bonus.
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4. Regency Windmere Christmas Hamper

Windermere Hamper
The Regency brand offer the widest range of luxury hampers with an option for every occasion. In terms of Christmas hampers, their standard hamper is the perfect option and you can choose whether you want it with beer, cider, Prosecco, wine or any other alcoholic beverage.

Other features of the Regency Windmere Hamper include:

  • Luxury presentation
  • Personalised gift message
  • Hand woven organic seagrass tray
  • Wide selection of content options
  • Hand tied ribbons

Overall, it’s an excellent all-round Christmas hamper that allows you to fine tune the contents to best suit the receiver. It’s also nicely presented and we think that its one of the most luxurious hampers on the market.
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5. Snowdonia Cheese Company Gift Hamper

Snowdonia Cheese Company Gift Hamper
If you are buying a hamper for someone that loves their cheese, you can’t go wrong with this Snowdonia Cheese Company gift set. It comes with three of the brand’s most popular cheese’s as well as chutney, crackers and pate.

Unlike other cheese hampers that are ideal for gifting at Christmas, this particular hamper comes packaged in a wood wool lined box. The brand also provide you with the option of a free gift message as well as wrapping options too.

Other features of the Snowdonia Cheese Company Gift Hamper include:

  • Includes the brand’s Little Black Bomber, Red Devil and Green Thunder cheeses
  • Multi-award winning
  • Pre-packaged ready for gifting

To conclude, the Snowdonia Cheese Company hamper is a great option to consider if you are gifting to any “foodies”. The cheese itself is award winning and the addition of the chutney, crackers and pate is a great added bonus too.

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    6. Clearwater Craft Beer Hamper Set

    Classic Beer Hamper
    Another hamper by the highly rated Clearwater brand is their craft beer gift set, which also comes with a selection of crisps, peanuts and pork crackling. In terms of the beer, the brand provide a selection of three premium crafts beers that are manufactured by a top British brand.

    Other features of the Clearwater Craft Beer Set include:

    • Includes three crafts beers
    • Selection of cooked crisps, peanuts and pork crackling
    • Option to add a personalised gift message
    • Can be sent straight to recipient
    • Packed within a cardboard gift carton

    Overall, the craft beer hamper by Clearwater is a great gift that offers excellent value for the money. It’s the perfect alternative to the traditional options above and many receivers will be far happier to see beer over afternoon tea.
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    7. A-Z Chocolate Lovers Hamper Lunar Box

    Chocolate Lovers Ultimate Hamper
    Not everyone would particularly enjoy all the contents of a traditional hamper and it’s worthwhile looking for alternatives. The A-Z Chocolate hamper is the perfect solution and it includes a selection of the UK’s favourite chocolates.

    Other features of the A-Z Chocolate Christmas Hamper include:

    • Total of 28 bars of chocolate
    • Designer cosmic treasure box
    • Includes many of the top brands
    • Backed by a zero risk guarantee

    Chocolate at Christmas is one of the best parts and this hamper is the perfect gift for any chocolate lovers. When compared to many of the alternative chocolate hampers on the market, the A-Z brand make the effort to supply the chocolate within a stylish box and this makes it ideal for gifting.
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    8. Simply Sweets Retro Sweet Hamper

    Simply Sweets Super Retro Sweet Hamper
    Not everyone is a fan of chocolate, which makes this Simply Sweets Retro Sweet Hamper the next best alternative. It includes 98 retro sweets that have been hand selected by the brand as the best and they’d make a great Christmas hamper for all aged receivers.

    Other features of the Simply Sweets Hamper include:

    • Stylish and fun design
    • Total of 98 retro sweets
    • Perfect for all ages and occasions
    • Wide range of sweet types

    Overall, the Simply Sweets Hamper is the best Christmas hamper for those with a sweet tooth and it won’t disappoint. Compared against the alternatives, it’s also one of the cheapest, which is another great bonus of this particular hamper.
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    How We Rated

    During the festive period, we always try to gift multiple Christmas hampers to people that have helped us out during the year. We’ve also received plenty and they include anything from a traditional to a cheese based hamper. Therefore, when it came to researching the latest hampers on the market, we had plenty of experience to recommend a great selection.

    As well as gifting and receiving a number of Christmas hampers over the years, we also based our recommendations upon hours of research and a number of factors. Some of the factors that we considered included the type, supplied contents, presentation, supplied box, additional gifting options and value for money.

    best christmas hamper


    Whether you are gifting hampers to a family member, friend or work colleague, there is a wide range of options on the market. The most popular are the traditional hampers but there are many people that won’t use all the contents. Therefore, within our list of recommendations, we’ve included alternatives to best suit all the receiver’s requirements.

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