The Best Decaf Coffee 2022

Although decaf coffee doesn’t give you the “caffeine hit”, it still provides the same great taste and warm feeling whilst drinking it. Within this article, we recommend some of the best decaffeinated options that are available in several forms.

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Best Decaf Coffee
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The best decaf coffee is highly dependent upon the type of coffee that you prefer to drink. To help you choose the best, we have listed ground, bean, bag, instant and capsule types of coffee that are all available in a decaffeinated form.

In terms of rating the decaf coffees in this article, we based our recommendations upon plenty of taste tests (as shown in the above photo) as well as multiple factors. The factors considered included their type, taste, size and value for money.

Decaffeinated Coffee Comparison

Decaf CoffeeTypeSize
Illy Decafeine BlendGround250g Tin
Nespresso Decaffeinato VarietyCapsules30
Pelican Rouge RoastersBeans1 KG
Moreish Swiss WaterBags50 x 8g
Nescafe Gold BlendInstant500g Tin
Lavazza A Modo MioPods256

In terms of creating the perfect decaffeinated coffee, there are various methods used by manufacturers. However, achieving the same great taste as a standard coffee is the difficult part of the process and only very few perfect this.

Below is a list of the best decaf coffees that are available in ground, bean, bag, instant or capsule form.

The Best Decaf Coffee

1. Illy Decaffeinated Ground Coffee

illy Coffee Decaffeinated Ground Coffee
Due to the increasing popularity of ground coffee, many brands have introduced a decaffeinated range. The Illy brand have done exactly that and they state that it has no more than 0.1% caffeine content.

In terms of the taste, it’s a medium roast with a lingering sweetness, which is the same as their Classico alternative. The brand also produce a range of other highly rated ground coffee for those that want to try something different.

Other features of the Illy Decaffeinated Blend include:

  • Made from 100% Arabica coffee beans
  • Notes of caramel, orange, blossom and jasmine
  • Air tight 250g tin
  • Authentic Italian taste

The Decaffeinated Blend by Illy is the best decaf coffee that’s so good that you may not even realize it’s a decaffeinated coffee. This is a major requirement for true coffee lovers that may want a cup of coffee late in the day.
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2. Nespresso Decaffeinato Variety

Nespresso Decaffeinato Variety
If you own a Nespresso coffee machine, the brand offer a great selection of decaffeinated capsules. The Decaffeinato Variety come in a pack of 30 and include two different flavours that include dark, medium and light roasts.

Other features of the Nespresso Decaffeinato Variety include:

  • Pack of 30 capsules
  • Three decaf flavours
  • Light, medium and dark roasts
  • Fully recyclable aluminium capsules
  • Suitable for hot or cold drinks
  • New and improved box design

There are a huge range of Nespresso capsules on the market but the brand themselves have perfected their decaf range. The three flavours offer a great variety and they are also fully recyclable via their capsule return scheme.
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3. Pelican Rouge Decaf Coffee Beans

Pelican Rouge Decaf Coffee Blend
For those that use a bean to cup coffee machine and wish to enjoy a decaf coffee, the Pelican Rouge Roasters are the best option. They are a dark roast that are full of flavour and provide a deep crema.

In terms of the flavouring, the brand state that they provide a hint of caramel sweetness and rate the strength at 3/5.

Other features of the Pelican Rouge Roasters include:

  • Arabica and Robusta blend
  • Made in Belgium
  • 1 KG of coffee beans
  • Thick crema finish
  • Roasted almond aroma
  • Suitable for espresso, cappuccino or cafe creme drinks

Although slightly more expensive than the alternatives, the Pelican Rouge Roasters are a great tasting decaf coffee that won’t disappoint. If you usually drink strong coffees, you will really enjoy this blend.
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4. Moreish Decaf Coffee Bags

Moreish Decaf Coffee Bags
For those that love ground coffee but don’t always have the time to create their perfect hot drink, the use of coffee bags is highly recommended. These decaf coffee bags provide all the flavour of a Brazillian coffee but without the caffeine hit.

In terms of using these bags, simply place one into a cup, add boiling water and wait at least 3 to 5 minutes. Once the brewing time is over, squeeze the bag with your spoon and it’s ready for you to enjoy.

Other features of the Moreish Decaf Coffee include:

  • Swiss water decaffeinated
  • 50 x 8g bags per pack
  • Requires 3 to 5 minutes of brewing
  • 100% Arabica
  • Individually wrapped

Coffee bags are a great way to enjoy ground coffee and the fact that these are decaffeinated is a great bonus. They provide a great taste and are very convenient to use when compared to alternative coffees.
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5. Nescafe Gold Blend Decaff Instant Coffee

Nescafe Gold Blend Decaff Instant Coffee
Instant coffee can be found in most UK homes and is the fastest way to enjoy a hot coffee in the morning. Nescafe dominate the market and produce most of the best instant coffee in the UK, which includes this decaf option.

It’s produced with 100% coffee beans and has been decaffeinated purely by using water to remove the caffeine content from the beans.

Other features of the Nescafe Decaf Instant Coffee include:

  • Full and rich flavour
  • Hinged lid for simple sealing
  • 500g tin capacity
  • Medium roast
  • Space efficient tin design

The Nescafe Decaf Instant Coffee is an excellent all-round option that offers great value and tastes great. Although there are cheaper alternatives, the Nescafe brand is one that you can trust to deliver results and it won’t disappoint.
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6. Lavazza Decaf Coffee Pods

Lavazza A Modo Mio Eco Caps Coffee Pods
The Lavazza Decaf Coffee Pods are another popular option that provides the rich taste but without the caffeine. It’s a medium roast decaffeinated coffee that comes in a bulk 256 capsule pack for the best value for money.

Other features of the Lavazza Decaf Coffee Pods include:

  • 100% Arabica composition
  • Made in Italy
  • Intensity rated at 7/13
  • Light cream and golden colour
  • 16 x 16 pods (256 in total)
  • Compatible with A Modo Mio machines

If you own the Lavazza A Modo Mio machine, these decaf coffee pods are a great option that offers outstanding value for the money. The brand even promises that they taste just like the “real thing” and are rich in taste.
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How We Rated The Decaf Coffees

Most of the top coffee brands in the UK offer decaf options that are available in several forms, which means there is plenty to choose from. In terms of rating the recommendations within this article, we based them upon our taste tests as well as multiple factors. The factors that we considered included their type, taste, size and value for money.


Decaf coffee is a great alternative for coffee lovers to enjoy in the afternoon or evening without getting the caffeine hit. They are available in the same brand as the standard coffees and you may not even notice the difference.

All of our recommendations cover decaf coffees that are available in several forms. To avoid disappointment, we strongly recommend sticking to reputable brands that promise great tasting decaffeinated options.

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