The Best Dehumidifier 2022

Whether you want to tackle areas of excess humidity in your home or speed up the dying of clothes, the best option is to use a dehumidifier. Most modern examples can extract over 20 litres of moisture whilst operating almost silently.

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Best Dehumidifier UK
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A Dehumidifier is available in a wide range of sizes and are the best way to remove excess humidity from your home. Many of the latest units are even designed for drying clothes and are viable alternatives to tumble dryers.

The best dehumidifier is the Meaco Platinum, which is able to extract up to 25 litres of moisture per day whilst using consuming minimal energy.

Dehumidifier Comparison

DehumidifierExtraction Per DayNoise Level
Meaco Platinum25 Litres42 – 50 dB
De’Longhi DEX16F16 Litres37 dB
Pro Breeze Digital20 Litres60 dB
Meaco MeacoDry12 Litres35 – 40 dB
EcoAir DD122 Desiccant7 Litres34 dB
Ebac 3850e21 Litres46 dB
electriQ Portable12 Litres39 dB
Pro Breeze Small250 ML33 dB

As most dehumidifiers will be used throughout the day, the noise output is just as important as the its performance. Most will operate fairly quietly below 50 dB but some powerful refrigerant based units may produce extra noise.

Below is a list of the best dehumidifiers that offer a cost effective solution to combating condensation, damp and mould.

The Best Dehumidifier

1. Meaco Platinum Ultra Low Energy Dehumidifier

Meaco 25L Ultra Low Energy Dehumidifier
Meaco are one of the most popular dehumidifier brands in the UK and produce a wide range of models. This Platinum model is their flagship dehumidifier that is suitable for mid to large homes.

A standout feature of this dehumidifier is that it runs at only 270 watts, which allows you to keep it running all day to remove up to 25 litres of moisture per day.

Other features of the Meaco Platinum include:

  • Removes up to 25 litres per day
  • Highly efficient DC motor
  • Choice of four fan speeds
  • Top fan speed of 280m³/hour
  • Noise output between 42 to 50 dB (depending on mode)
  • High air flow rate and energy efficient compressor

The brand state that the Platinum model is a viable alternative to a tumble dryer and it’s been designed to dry your clothes faster than any other dehumidifier. It also has a dedicated laundry mode that uses less energy for longer usage.

If you require the best dehumidifier for drying clothes, the Meaco Platinum is ticks all the boxes. It’s also ideal for mid to large sized homes for general dehumidification with an efficient and low energy DC motor.
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2. De’Longhi DEX16F Home Dehumidifier

DeLonghi DEX16F Dehumidifier
The De’Longhi brand are highly reputable in the UK for a number of white goods and their dehumidifier is a highly rated option. It’s available as a 10, 12 or 16 litre model with the choice of a blue or white design.

As with the Meaco Platinum, this dehumidifier also has a laundry function that optimizes ventilation for drying clothes.

Other features of the De’Longhi DEX16F include:

  • Removes 16 litres per day
  • Refrigerant based
  • Silent operation at 37 dB
  • Dedicated filtration device and bio-silver filter
  • Lightweight design and integrated handle for portability
  • Washable anti-dust filter
  • Transparent and removable water tank
  • Dry clothes function

Purification of the air is another aspect where the De’Longhi dehumidifier stands out because it has a built-in filtration device and bio-silver filter for removing allergens.

The De’Longhi DEX16F is an highly efficient dehumidifier that removes humidity, dries clothes and cleans the air. Although expensive, it’s optimised for the best performance possible whilst producing minimal noise.
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3. Pro Breeze® Digital Dehumidifier

Pro Breeze Dehumidifier
The Pro Breeze® dehumidifier is a highly rated option that offers excellent value for the money. In terms of its performance, it can remove up to 20 litres of water per day and run at a low energy consumption level compared to similar priced alternatives.

A unique feature of this unit is that it has a built-in humidity sensor, which automatically adjusts to conserve energy. You are able to set the desired room humidity between 30 and 50% and allow it to get to work.

Other features of the Pro Breeze® Dehumidifier include:

  • Remove 20 litres of water per day
  • Automatic humidity sensor
  • 5.5 litre water tank
  • Supplied with a continuous drainage hose
  • Four wheels for portability
  • Built-in 24 hour timer
  • Digital LED display
  • 60 dB noise output

The Pro Breeze dehumidifer is a compact, modern and futuristic option that can be controlled using the digital display. Although slightly noisier that some of the alternatives, it offers the best value for the money and excellent performance.
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4. Meaco MeacoDry ABC Range Dehumidifier

Meaco MeacoDry ABC Dehumidifier
Another high performing dehumidifier by Meaco is the MeacoDry model. Unlike the premium Platinum alternative, this model is far more affordable and is available in several colours to best suit your preferences.

The brand state that this dehumidifier is the quietest compressor based unit on the market. When used in a low fan speed, it produces 35 dB of noise and just 40 dB when using the most powerful fan speed setting.

Other features of the Meaco MeacoDry include:

  • Removes 12 litres per day
  • Noise output between 35 and 40 dB
  • Available in a green, black, white, silver or blue design
  • Easy to use control buttons
  • Automatic, timer and laundry modes
  • Energy efficient for prolonged usage

Quietness is the main feature of this unit and it’s ideal for bedroom or hallway usage to tackle damp and condensation. Considering that it’s produced by the reputable Meaco brand, it’s also a relatively cheap dehumidifier that has the backing of the brand for complete peace of mind.
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5. EcoAir DD122 Desiccant Dehumidifier

EcoAir DD1 Simple Blue Desiccant Dehumidifier
The EcoAir DD122 is a desiccant dehumidifier that is eco-friendly and has no noisy compressor unlike the refrigerant based units. Depending upon your requirements, you also have the choice of a maximum energy saving economy mode or a rapid dehumidification option known as the turbo mode.

In terms of its performance, it’s able to remove up to 7 litres of moisture and operate with a noise output of just 34 dB.

Other features of the EcoAir Desiccant Dehumidifier include:

  • Removes up to 7 litres of water per day
  • Lightweight design at just 6 KG
  • Noise output of 34 dB
  • Available in blue or pink
  • Includes a two year warranty
  • 2 litre water tank
  • Supplied with a 1 metre continuous hose

The EcoAir DD122 is an excellent all-round desiccant dehumidifier that is compact, quiet and provides great performance for its size. Compared to similar priced alternatives, the brand state that the desiccant wheel will not require recharging or replacement.
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6. Ebac 3850e Dehumidifier

Ebac 3850e Most Powerful Dehumidifier
The Ebac 3850e is a British made dehumidifier that the brand states is their most powerful model for condensation, damp and mould. Along with an automatic mode, it has two others that are optimized for purification and drying clothes.

To improve the usability, the 3850e model has an easy to use digital display for instant feedback and 6 buttons for controlling the wide range of functions.

Other features of the Ebac 3850e include:

  • 21 litres of extraction per day
  • Automatic start function
  • Dedicated air purification and laundry modes
  • Two year manufacturers warranty
  • Made and tested in the UK
  • 46 dB noise output
  • Weighs 13 KG

The Ebac 3850e is the flagship model that the brand produce and includes all the functionality you would ever need. Although expensive, the brand promises that it eliminates condensation, dampness, mould and odours.
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7. electriQ Portable Refrigerant Dehumidifier

electriQ Portable dehumidifier
The electriQ is a modern dehumidifier with hidden castors and carry handles that maximizes its portability. It has a large 2.5 litre tank and is able to extract up to 12 litres of moisture a day. The brand states that it’s ideal for up to 3 bedroom houses and it will instantly improve air quality due to the advanced filtration.

A unique feature of this model are the coloured indicator lights that are output from the front of the unit. They indicate the current humidity levels with a green, amber or red light.

Other features of the electriQ Dehumidifier include:

  • Removes up to 12 litres per day
  • Noise output of 39 dB
  • Intuitive indicators for humidity levels
  • Large 2.5 litre antibacterial water tank
  • Automatic shut off when tank is full
  • Hidden castors and carry handle for transportation
  • Built-in active carbon filter
  • 24 hour timer

Overall, the electriQ dehumidifier is a great option for small to mid sized houses that suffer from excess humidity. It’s a compact unit that is easy to transport and uses a small amount of energy, which makes it a cost effective solution.
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8. Pro Breeze Small Dehumidifier

Pro Breeze Dehumidifier Compact
Dehumidifiers comes in a wide range of sizes and if you require a small dehumidifier, the Pro Breeze compact is a great option. It’s capable of removing up to 250 ml of moisture per day and has a 500 ml water tank for prolonged usage.

It’s a versatile dehumidifier that’s ideal for use in your home, garage or even a caravan. It operates at a whisper quiet noise level and has an auto-shut off feature for overnight usage.

Other features of the Pro Breeze Compact include:

  • Removes up to 250 ml of water per day
  • 500 ml water tank
  • 33 dB noise output
  • Auto shut off and indicator light when full
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Made and tested in the UK

The brand also produce a wide range of higher performing models but if you require the best small dehumidifier, it’s ideal. Whether you use it within your bedroom, wardrobe, office or kitchen, it won’t disappoint.
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If you are also in the market for a portable air conditioner, many units also have a dehumidifying function. However, for simply combating damp, mould or condensation, you will require a high performing dehumidifier.

All of our recommendations are suited to a range of budgets and include a choice of sizes. Depending upon the severity of excess humidity within your home should dictate the performance level of the dehumidifier you choose to buy.

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