The Best Electric Weed Burner 2022

Weeds can be very problematic but with the use of an electric weed burner, you can destroy weeds in a matter of seconds without the use of chemicals. Below you can find some of the best that are suitable for all terrains and budgets.

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Best Electric Weed Burner
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If you are looking for a quick answer, the best electric weed burner is the NASUM Thermal Weeder, which is a versatile tool that’s easy to use and ideal for burning weeds upon all terrains. However, if you are on a tight budget but want a weed burner that’s manufactured by a reputable brand, the Draper 68696 is the best alternative.

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Electric Weed Burner Comparison

Electric Weed BurnerHeat SettingsCable Length
NASUM Thermal Weeder60 & 6501.8 Metres
Parkland Wand50 & 6002.0 Metres
ToolTronix G50 & 6002.0 Metres
Draper 6869650 & 6001.7 Metres
Hozelock Green Power6003.0 Metres
Amtech U901060 & 6503.0 Metres

Although you can use a weed killer to tackle problematic weeds, an electric weed burner is a more eco-friendly alternative. It’s also safer for families with pets or young children because there is no harmful chemicals on the floor.

Below is a list of the best electric weed burners that are easy to use and suitable for use upon all terrains.

The Best Electric Weed Burner

1. NASUM Electric Weed Burner

By far the most popular and highly rated electric weed killer in the UK is the NASUM Thermal Weeder. It’s been built with usability in mind and even comes with two attachments for weed burning or starting a BBQ or fireplace.

Other features of the NASUM Thermal Weeder include:

  • Dual heat settings (60 and 650℃)
  • Comes with two attachments
  • Cable length of 1.8 metres
  • Lightweight designs (weighs 1KG)
  • Supplied with a detailed user guide

Considering the usability and affordability of this electric weed killer, you simply cannot go wrong. It allows you to tackle specific weeds without bending your back or using chemicals and it certainly won’t disappoint.
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2. Parkland Electric Weed Killer Burner

Parkland 2000W Electric Weed Killer
Another popular electric weed killer in the UK is the Parkland Thermal Wand. As with the NASUM alternative above, it also comes with two heat settings (50⁰C and 600⁰C) and the same attachments.

Other features of the Parkland Wand include:

  • Precision aim with a directive cone
  • Two heat settings
  • Detachable handle
  • 2 metre long cable
  • Supplied with a UK plug
  • Built-in retractable stand

Apart from being slightly more expensive than the NASUM alternative, they are very much similar in terms of their design. Whether you are burning weeds in your garden or block paving, this is the tool for the job.
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3. ToolTronix Electric Weed Burner

ToolTronix 2000W Electric Weed Killer
The ToolTronix Weed Burner is another mid-range option that destroys any type of weed within 5 seconds. According to the brand, it’s suitable for all types of terrains that include patios, gardens and much more.

Other features of the ToolTronix Weed Burner include:

  • CE/GS/EMC certified
  • Choice of two heat settings
  • Ergonomic extending handle
  • Weighs 1.24 KG
  • Supplied with a UK plug

Overall, the ToolTronix Weed Burner is a great option that really does tick all the boxes. It’s well-made, easy to use and ideal for tackling the dreaded weeds that keep reappearing between the slabs on the patio.
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4. Draper 68696 Weed Burner

Draper 68696 Weed Burner
If you are on a tight budget but want an electric weed killer that’s manufactured by a reputable brand, the Draper 68696 is the best option. Unlike similar priced alternatives, it comes with a 24 month parts warranty and a 12 month labour warranty for complete peace of mind.

Other features of the Draper 68696 include:

  • Easily interchangeable nozzle
  • Soft grip handle
  • Two heat settings
  • 1.7 metre long power cable
  • Long warranty

Overall, the Draper 68696 is an excellent all-round option that’s built to a much higher standard when compared to similar priced burners. The only main drawback is the short power cable but as long as you use an extension lead, this won’t be much of an issue.
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5. Hozelock Green Power Thermal Weeder

Hozelock THTBHOZ2550 Green Power Thermal Weeder
Although the Hozelock brand are well-known for their garden hoses, they do produce other high quality tools such as this electric weed killer. It’s one of the most expensive within this article but it’s built to the highest of standards, which is what you would expect from the Hozelock brand.

Other features of the Hozelock Green Power include:

  • Extra long 3 metre power cable
  • Sends a 600°C thermal shock to the weeds
  • Backed by a two year guarantee
  • Protective shield around the flame for safety
  • Integrated hanging hook for easy storage

The Hozelock Green Power is a high quality electric weed killer but the premium price tag will put off most people. However, if you are loyal to the Hozelock brand, it’s a great choice that’s built to last.
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6. Amtech U9010 Garden Weed Burner

Amtech U9010 Electric Garden Weed Burner
One of the cheapest electric weed killers in the UK that’s actually worth buying is the Amtech U9010. It comes with two heat settings and two burner nozzles and is ideal for burning weeds around your home on a budget.

Other features of the Amtech U9010 include:

  • Supplied with two nozzle attachments
  • Integrated 46 cm extension handle
  • Operates at 60°C to 650°C
  • 3 metre long power cable
  • Easy on/off operation

Although the Amtech U9010 is a budget option, the brand provide an impressive two year warranty with their electric weed killer for complete peace of mind. Whether you are on a tight budget or simply want to try out an electric weed killer, the U9010 model won’t disappoint and it can even be used for paint removal or starting a BBQ too.
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Rather than pulling out weeds by hand or using chemicals, weed burners are the safer and more eco-friendly method of tackling weeds. Many of the older burners required gas as source to create the heat but the latest electric weed burners have made the process of burning weeds far easier. All of our recommendations are mains powered and heat up to 600 degrees, which is more than enough to take down all types of weeds.

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