The Best Filter Coffee Machine 2022

Filter coffees are served in most restaurants or cafes and favoured by many people due to its strong and distinctive taste. Within this article, we list the best filter coffee machines that allow you to achieve the distinctive flavour in the comfort of your home.

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Best Filter Coffee Machine
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The best filter coffee machine is the Melitta 1011-16, which features an adjustable coffee intensity and is able to stay warm for up to two hours. If you would prefer a more budget friendly alternative, the new and improved Russell Hobbs Buckingham is the best option that won’t disappoint.

Filter Coffee Machine Comparison

Filter Coffee MachineKeep WarmCapacity
Melitta 1011-16120 Minutes1.25 Litres
Russell Hobbs Buckingham40 Minutes1.25 Litres
Morphy Richards Equip40 Minutes1.25 Litres
Melitta Optima Timer120 Minutes1.2 Litres
Geepas Filter40 Minutes1.5 Litres
Tower Scandi40 Minutes1.25 Litres

One of the main selling points of any filter coffee machine is its ability to keep the contents warm. Most machines are capable of keeping the coffee warm for 40 minutes but there are some exceptions such as the Melitta machines. For those that have used older machines, the shorter warming times are mainly due to the European regulations.

Below is a list of the best filter coffee machines that keep the coffee warm for at least 40 minutes.

The Best Filter Coffee Machine

1. Melitta Filter Coffee Machine

Melitta Filter Coffee Machine with Insulated Jug
By far the most popular filter coffee machine is the Melitta 1011-16 and for good reason too. It features a patented Aroma Selector that allows you to adjust the intensity for a mild or strong coffee at a touch of a button. It’s also able to stay warm for up to 2 hours, which is very impressive and a desirable feature for many users.

Other features of the Melitta 1011-16 include:

  • Produces 10 to 15 cups of coffee
  • Adjustable coffee intensity
  • Stays hot for 2 hours
  • Automatic cleaning/descaling
  • Timer function
  • Easy to pour
  • VDE certified
  • Made in Germany

Although the Melitta 1011-16 comes with a premium price tag, the popularity speakers for itself. It’s the best filter coffee machine on the market that ticks all the boxes and is tested for safety by the latest VDE guidelines.
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2. Russell Hobbs Buckingham Coffee Filter Machine

Russell Hobbs 20680 Buckingham Filter Coffee Machine
The Russell Hobbs Buckingham is another popular filter coffee machine with a 1.25 litre capacity, which is suitable for making up to 10 cups of coffee. According to the brand, this new and improved model is capable of reaching its optimum temperature up to 50% faster than its predecessor.

The brand states their filter coffee machine uses the same technology as the filtering process in a shower head. It ensures that all the coffee grains are showered, which in turn means that the dissolved coffee all gets used up, as you have used all the coffee this will maximize the rich coffee flavor.

Other features of the Russell Hobbs Buckingham include:

  • 1.25 litre capacity
  • Permanent filter that can be washed
  • Water level indicator
  • Automatic cleaning functionality
  • Blue illumination whilst brewing
  • Stainless steel fascia
  • 24 hour programmable timer

Overall, the Russell Hobbs Buckingham offers excellent value for the money when compared to similar priced alternatives. The only drawback when compared to the Melitta machine above is that it can only keep the coffee warm for up to 40 minutes. However, apart from that minor drawback, it ticks all the boxes and it won’t disappoint.
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3. Morphy Richards Equip Filter Coffee Machine

Morphy Richards 162501 Equip Filter Coffe Machine
Morphy Richards are a brand that specialize in kitchen products and this filter coffee machine follows their great reputation. It’s very similar to the Russell Hobbs alternative above and features the same capacity and permanent filter.

In order to further improve the taste of the filter coffee, the machine features an Aroma Blender. The purpose of this component is to spread the rich aroma evenly throughout the carafe, which can make a huge difference to the taste.

Other features of the Morphy Richards Equip include:

  • Keeps the coffee warm for up to 40 minutes
  • Reusable and permanent filter
  • 1.2 litre water capacity
  • Heat resistant glass carafe
  • Non-slip feet
  • Water level indicator
  • Illuminated on and off switch

The Morphy Richards Equip is a high quality machine that looks great and has the ability to create the perfect filter coffee. The added bonus of the pour over technology and aroma blender also help to improve the overall taste.
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4. Melitta Optima Timer 100801

Melitta Filter Coffee Maker
Another popular filter coffee machine by the Melitta brand is their 1008-01 model known as The  Optima, which is a smaller alternative. There are many similarities but this particular model lacks the ability to adjust the coffee intensity.

In terms of the cups of coffee that you can make, the brand state that between 8 to 12 cups is more than possible.

Other features of the Melitta Optima include:

  • Single coffee intensity
  • 30, 60, 90 or 120 minute warm keeping time
  • Desirable timer function
  • Illuminated LED display
  • Descaling program
  • Made in Germany

Overall, the Melitta Optima is an excellent all-round filter coffee machine that’s backed by the reputable Melitta brand. It also has the desirable timer functionality which allows you to keep your coffee warm for up to 120 minutes.
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5. Geepas Instant Filter Coffee Machine

Geepas Filter Coffee Machine
The Geepas filter coffee machine is an all-in-one option that comes with a timer and coffee intensity selector for the perfect coffee. Through the six functional buttons and digital display, you are able to control the machine with ease.

A desirable feature found upon this machine is the automatic shut off and boil dry protection. The purpose of this functionality is that it switches off after 40 minutes or when the water level is extremely low to avoid damage.

Other features of the Geepas Filter Coffee Machine include:

  • Simple to use with 6 functional buttons
  • 1.5 litre capacity capable of producing 12 cups of coffee
  • 30 second anti-drip function
  • Permanent nylon filter
  • Plastic body with stainless steel decor
  • Anti-slip feet to avoid tipping
  • Easily viewable water tank level
  • Removable funnel

The Geepas filter coffee machine is a high quality yet affordable option that’s backed by a two year warranty for complete peace of mind. It’s basic in terms of its functionality but it will reliably make filter coffees for years to come.
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6. Tower Scandi Coffee Filter Machine

Tower T13005 Bean to Cup Filter Coffee Maker
One of the cheapest filter coffee machines that’s actually worth buying is the Tower Scandi. It’s a 10 cup machine that features a permanent filter and is available in grey or white and both include stylish wood accents.

In terms of keeping the 1.25 litre capacity warm, once brewed, the machine will keep it heated for up to 40 minutes.

Other features of the Tower Scandi Machine include:

  • Makes up to 10 cups of coffee
  • 1.25 litre capacity
  • Anti-drip functionality
  • Anti-slip feet for stability
  • On/off switch with indicator light
  • Sturdy carafe glass

Considering the cheap price tag of the Tower Scandi, it’s one of the best options for those on a tight budget. Although it can only keep the coffee heated for 40 minutes, this will be more than ideal for the majority of users.
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Filter coffee is a popular choice that provides a strong and distinctive taste, which is ideal for waking up in the morning. It’s often served in cafes or restaurants but it can be easily made at home using one of the many coffee filter machines listed within this article. All of our recommendations are suitable for every budget and include those that are capable of keeping the coffee warm for 40 minutes.

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