The Best Garage Door Paint 2022

Garage doors are exposed to the elements all-year round and they can eventually begin to flake, peel and crack. However, you can easily freshen it up using a garage door paint that not only transforms its appearance but also protects it for many more years to come.

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best paint for garage door
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If you want the quick answer, the best garage door paint is the Hammerite 5092848, which is a dedicated paint for garage doors that provides a highly durable finish. According to the brand, it prevents the build-up of rust and is completely chip and flake resistant. However, if you only want to cover rust spots on metal garage doors rather than painting the entire door, the Ronseal No Rust is the perfect solution that provides up to 6 years of rust protection.

To rate the garage door paints within this article, we based our recommendations upon testing, research and multiple factors. The factors we considered included their coverage, colours available, durability, compatible surfaces and value.

Garage Door Paint Comparison

Garage Door PaintColour(s)Capacity
Hammerite 50928486750 ml
Rust-Oleum All Surface10250 or 750 ml
Dulux Weather Shield9750 ml
Fascinating Finishes Anthracite1500 ml
Ronseal No Rust1250 ml
Johnstone’s Weatherguard9750 ml or 2.5 Litre

Unlike a garage floor paint where there are many dedicated paints to choose from, there are only a few paints that have been specifically designed for garage doors. Therefore many of our recommendations within this article are universal paints that are suitable for wood, metal and many other surfaces.

Below is a list of the best garage door paints that are suitable for wood or metal doors and provide a durable weatherproof finish.

The Best Garage Door Paint

1. Hammerite 5092848 Garage Door Paint

Hammerite Garage Door Paint
By far the most popular dedicated garage door paint that’s suitable for both metal and wooden doors is by the Hammerite brand. It’s a highly durable paint that leaves a high gloss finish and is available in a choice of six colours.

According to the brand, it’s been specifically developed to resist flaking and discolouration on all types of garage doors.

Other features of the Hammerite Garage Door Paint include:

  • 750 ml tin
  • Choice of six colours
  • Suitable for wooden and metal garage doors
  • Highly durable gloss finish
  • Cleans up with white spirit
  • Resists flaking and discolouration
  • Prevents the build-up of rust

Hammerite have a great reputation for producing high quality paints and this garage door paint follows that great reputation. It isn’t the cheapest but it’s a dedicated paint for garage doors and is available in a range of colours.
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2. Rust-Oleum All Surface Paint

Rust-Oleum AMZ0091 750ml Universal Paint
The Rust Oleum All Surface Paint is a unique formula that’s a paint and primer in one. This means that you can apply it straight onto the wood or metal garage door without the need for any mixing. In terms of the application, the brand state that it can cover up to 9 m2 per litre and a second coat can be applied after 16 hours of drying.

Other features of the Rust Oleum All Surface Paint include:

  • Suitable for wood, metal, plastics and other surfaces
  • Apply two coats for the best results
  • Touch dry in 2 hours
  • Second coat after 16 hours
  • Full hardness after 7 days
  • Available in 10 different colours
  • 250 or 750 ml tins

Although the Rust Oleum paint isn’t a dedicated garage door paint, it’s by far the best all-surface alternative that won’t disappoint. It’s available in a range of colours and applies easily to all types of garage doors.
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3. Dulux Weather Shield Quick Dry Paint

Dulux 5091524 Weather Shield
The Dulux Weather Shield is another popular formula that’s ideal for garage doors. It’s an exterior wood and metal paint that according to the brand provides up to 10 years of guaranteed weatherproof protection.

For the best results whilst using this formula as a garage door paint, it’s recommended that you use a primer beforehand. Once primed, apply two coats and allow enough time for it to dry between the coats.

Other features of the Dulux Weather Shield include:

  • Choice of nine different colours
  • 750 ml tin capacity
  • Long lasting protection
  • Fast drying formula
  • Touch dry in 2 hours
  • Easy to apply

Overall, the Dulux Weather Shield is an excellent all-round option that’s ideal for garage doors as well as a range of other surfaces. It provides great coverage and helps to protect the garage door for up to 10 years, which is highly impressive.
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4. Fascinating Finishes Garage Door Paint

FF Garage Door Paint
For those that are looking for the best bang for their buck, the Fascinating Finishes Anthracite Grey is a great option. It’s been specifically designed for front or garage doors and it can be applied by a brush or roller.

In terms of its formulation, it’s a self-priming formula that can be used straight from the tin and requires no mixing whatsoever. According to the brand, per 500 ml tin you are able to cover between 6 to 7 square metres.

Other features of the Fascinating Finishes Anthracite Grey include:

  • Anthracite grey paint
  • Weatherproof formulation
  • Provides a satin finished once dried
  • Application by brush or roller
  • Protects for up to 5 years
  • Showerproof in 2 hours

Overall, the Fascinating Finishes paint is a great choice for those wanting an anthracite finish to their garage door. Although it’s more commonly used as a front door paint, it provides just as much protection for garage doors.
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5. Ronseal No Rust Metal Paint

Ronseal NRSMWH250 250ml No Rust Metal Paint
If you have had issues with your garage door rusting, the Ronseal No Rust paint is the best option. According to the brand, their paint can be used directly upon rust and it provides up to 6 years of rust protection.

For the best results whilst using this paint upon your garage door, the brand recommend brushing it on. It takes between 1 to 2 hours to dry between coats and you can proceed to apply a further 2 to 3 coats if required.

Other features of the Ronseal No Rust include:

  • 250 ml tin
  • Smooth white colour
  • 5 m2 coverage per litre
  • Smooth finish
  • 6 years of rust protection
  • Can be brushed directly onto the rust
  • Dries in under 2 hours

The main drawback of this paint is the poor coverage per litre, which causes it to become an expensive option if you want to paint the entire door. However, for covering rust spots, the Ronseal No Rust provides the highest level of protection and lasts up to 6 years.
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6. Johnstone’s Weatherguard Exterior Gloss

Johnstone's Exterior Hardwearing Gloss
The Johnstone’s Weatherguard is another popular paint that’s more than ideal as paint for your garage door. It can be painted directly onto wood, metal or plastic and it provides a durable, high gloss finish that resits weathering.

In terms of the protection, the brand state that it can protect against blistering, cracking and peeling for over six years if applied correctly.

Other features of the Johnstone’s Weatherguard include:

  • 750 ml or 2.5 litre tin
  • Available in 9 different colours
  • Provides up to 6 years protection
  • Suitable for wood, metal and plastic surfaces
  • High gloss finish
  • Easy to apply

Overall, the Johnstone’s Weatherguard is an excellent all-round option that’s durable, easy to apply and offers great value for the money. There is also a great selection of colours to best suit your requirements too.
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How We Tested & Rated The Garage Door Paint

Whether you need to paint your garage door at your house or workspace, the recommendations above are all suitable. Whilst testing, we decided to paint a a number of garage doors at properties and units that we own.

In this particular example, we have a garage that backs onto a lane and the door itself had been vandalised with graffiti. Therefore, we decided to paint it using the Hammerite garage door paint, which was very easy to apply.

Below are some photos that show the before and after results from painting the garage door.

Garage Door Paint
best paint for metal garage door

As well as testing a number of garage door paints, we also based our recommendations upon hours of research and a number of factors. Some of the factors that we considered included their coverage, colours available, durability, compatible surfaces and value.


As garage doors are exposed to the elements at all times, a durable garage door paint is essential. All of our recommendations provide plenty of protection and are ideal for wood or metal garage doors. As there are very few dedicated paints for garage doors, you may find that the paint you use can be used for other applications too.

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