The Best Garage Floor Paint UK 2022

Garage floor paint is designed to be far more durable than standard paints and allow you to add some colour to dull concrete floors. There is a vast amount of paints on the market that are available in a range of colours to best suit your requirements.

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Best Garage Floor Paint
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Investing into a quality paint for your garage floor not only freshens it up but it will provide the floor with extra protection. Garage floor paint is far more hard wearing than regular paints and is able to withstand oil spillages.

The best garage floor paint is the Polar Heavy Duty Formula, which is a heavy duty paint that is suitable for both concrete or stone floors.

Garage Floor Paint Comparison

Garage Floor PaintCoverage Per LitreColours
Polar Heavy Duty12 m23
Everbuild Paint10 m21
Johnstone’s 30793811 – 12 m25
TA Paints Floor Paint8 – 10 m226
Leyland 26461911 m23
Ronseal Diamond Hard12 m24

Due to the sizes of most garage floors, it’s important that you purchase plenty of the paint. Most paints will provide up to 10 square metres of coverage per litre and available in tins that range from 250 ml to 5 litres in capacity.

Below is a list of the best garage floor paints that protect the floor from spillages and transform its appearance.

The Best Garage Floor Paint

1. Polar Heavy Duty Garage Floor Paint

Polar Heavy Duty Garage Paint
The heavy duty garage floor paint by Polar is an affordable option that outperforms many of the premium alternatives. It’s a hard wearing formula that is chemical resistant and suitable for both concrete or stone.

In terms of the selection of paints available by the brand, they offer grey, white or yellow colours that are available in 5, 10 or 20 litre containers.

Other features of the Polar Paint For Garage Floors include:

  • Protection for concrete or stone floors
  • Hard wearing with a polyurethane finish
  • Chemical resistant
  • Coverage of 12 square metres per 1 litres
  • Available in grey, white or yellow
  • Touch to dry in 2 to 4 hours
  • Slip resistant

The Polar heavy duty garage floor paint offers the best value for the money as well as providing great coverage per litre. Unlike similar priced alternatives, its easy to apply and provides a tough finish that can handle years of heavy duty foot or car usage.
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2. Everbuild Paint For Garage Floor

Everbuild Floor Paint For Concrete
The Everbuild garage floor paint is a popular option that is also suitable for workshops, walkways and other surfaces. In terms of the coverage per 5 litre tin, the brand state that you should be able to paint up to 50 square metres.

Other features of the Everbuild Floor Paint include:

  • Solvent based polyurethane formula
  • Oil and abrasion resistant
  • 10 square metres of coverage per 1 litre
  • Matt grey finish
  • 5 litre tin

For painting brick, concrete or stone garage floors, this paint will provide a durable finish that will transform the appearance of the garage. It does require plenty of the paint per square metre but the finish will not disappoint.
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3. Johnstone’s 307938 Garage Floor Paint

Johnstone's Garage Floor Paint
Johnstone’s are another highly reputable UK brand in the paint industry and produce their very own garage floor paint. It’s designed to be applied to concrete floors and once dried, it provides a semi-gloss finish.

In terms of the paints colours available, the choices include dark grey, dark green, black, white or tile red.

Other features of the Johnstone’s 307938 include:

  • 250 ml, 750 ml or 2.5 litre tins
  • Resists oil and grease spillages
  • Multiple colour and tin size options
  • Requires two coats for the best results
  • 11 to 12 square metres coverage

Although it’s a slightly more expensive and requires two coats, it does produce an outstanding finish. The Johnstone’s 307938 is an excellent all-round option that is available in a variety of colours which will transform your home.
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4. TA Paints Floor Paint for Concrete Garage Floor

TA Paints Floor Paint for Concrete Garage Workshops
If you are looking for a brand that produce the biggest selection of colours, TA Paints is the answer. They offer a staggering 26 colours and tins that range from 1 to 20 litres, which is more than ideal for large garages.

It’s a versatile paint that can also be used upon wood, metal, stone and brick via a brush or roller.

Other features of the TA Paints Floor Paint include:

  • 26 colour options
  • Fast drying time (90 to 120 minutes)
  • 8 to 10 metre square metre cover per 1 litre
  • Requires two coats for the best results
  • Brush or roller application
  • Made in the UK

Overall, it’s a high quality garage floor paint that is available in a wide variety of colours to best suit your requirements. The only main drawback is the lack of coverage per metre, which may make it more expensive to use for larger floors.
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5. Leyland Trade 264619 Heavy Duty Floor Paint

Leyland Trade Heavy Duty Floor Paint
One of the cheapest options when it comes to painted your garage floor is the Leyland 264691 paint. It produces a professional grade and hard wearing finish that is durable as well as resistant to mild chemical spills.

Other features of the Leyland 264691 include:

  • Available in slate, frigate or nimbus grey
  • Hard wearing satin finish
  • 11 square metre coverage per 1 litre
  • Suitable for concrete or wooden floors
  • Requires two coats
  • 5 litre tin capacity

The heavy duty garage floor paint by Leyland ticks all the boxes and offers great value for money. The three shades of grey look great and for an affordable paint, it provides excellent coverage per litre too.
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6. Ronseal Diamond Hard Garage Floor Paint

Ronseal Diamond Hard Garage Floor Paint
Ronseal are another reputable brand in the UK and their DiamondHard paint is a unique water-based acrylic formula. As the name suggests, it’s a durable paint that can withstand heavy duty usage and chemical spillages.

Unlike many of the alternatives, this garage floor paint is supplied in a plastic tub. The benefit of this is that it’s resealable for future use at a later date.

Other features of the Ronseal DiamondHard include:

  • Available in steel blue, slate, tile red or green
  • 12 square metres coverage per 1 litre
  • Touch to dry in 4 hours
  • Suitable for concrete or stone floors
  • Completely dry in 72 hours

Ronseal are known for their high quality paint but this DiamondHard doesn’t exactly follow that great reputation. However, with that being said, it’s easy to apply, dries quickly and will provide a hard wearing surface once fully dried out.
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Freshening up your garage with some of the latest floor paints is much easier than you think. They are available in a variety of colours and can be applied using an extended roller. It’s important to note that ideally, the floor should be prepared beforehand. This would include drying it out and removing any dust that has accumulated.

All of our recommendations are suited to a range of budgets and include a wide range of colour options. To avoid disappointment, we advise that you buy from a trusted brand for complete peace of mind.

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