The Best Garden Multi Tool 2022

Using a garden multi tool allows you to tackle any maintenance tasks within your garden. Most brands offer both petrol or cordless options to best suit your requirements and they provide flexibility without the need to own multiple tools.

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Best Garden Multi Tool
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Rather than owning multiple tools for garden maintenance, you can instead use a garden multi tool. They allow you to attach various tools such as a hedge trimmer, chainsaw, pruning saw, strimmer, brush cutter and much more.

The best garden multi tool is the BU-KO 52cc, which uses a petrol powered motor and is capable of tackling all your gardening maintenance tasks.

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Garden Multi Tool Comparison

Garden Multi ToolPower MethodType
BU-KO Multi Functional52 cc Petrol5-in-1
Mitox 28MT25 cc Petrol5-in-1
Makita DUX60ZCordless Battery6-in-1
COSTWAT 80025 cc Petrol4-in-1
Makita EX2650LH25 cc Petrol6-in-1
Bosch AMW10Electric – Power Cord3-in-1

Maintaining a garden isn’t the easiest task and without the correct tools, its made even harder. By investing into a multi functional garden tool, you are able to power your way through a range of tasks without having to by multiple tools.

Below is a list of the best garden multi tools for tackling gardening maintenance without needing multiple tools.

The Best Garden Multi Tool

1. BU-KO Petrol Multi Functional Garden Tool

BU-KO 52cc Long Reach Petrol Multi Functional Garden Tool
The BU-KO is a petrol garden multi tool which is powered by a 52cc motor that produces 3HP. It’s a 5-in-1 tool that comes as a complete kit with all the attachment heads and even safety glasses, ear defenders, a mask and gloves.

Attachments that includes with this kit are a long reach hedge trimmer, chainsaw, pruning saw, strimmer and brush cutter.

Other features of the BU-KO Multi Tool include:

  • 52cc petrol powered 3HP motor
  • Long reach extension pole (105 CM)
  • CE & EMC approved
  • Recoil pull start system
  • Easy to assemble and switch heads
  • Includes a 12 month warranty and instructions
  • Suppled with a toolkit, PPE protection and harness

Overall, it’s an excellent all-round petrol garden multi tool that offers the best value for the money. The BU-KO 5-in-1 is the ultimate tool for tackling all your gardening maintenance needs whilst remaining cost effective.
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2. Mitox 28MT-a 5-in-1 Petrol Garden Multi-Tool

Mitox 28MT-a Select 5-in-1 Petrol Garden Multi-Tool Kit
The Mitox 28MT is a versatile 5-in-1 garden multi tool that uses a 25.4 cc two stroke engine. It comes as a complete kit with multiple attachments that you require to accomplish all your garden maintenance tasks.

Included with this garden multi tool is a hedge trimmer, grass trimmer, brush cutter, pruner and 1 metre extension.

Other features of the Mitox 28MT include:

  • 5-in-1 tool with easy switch attachments
  • 25.4 cc two stroke petrol engine (Euro2 compliant)
  • Supplied with a 1 metre extension
  • Smart pull recoil assist
  • Ergonomic soft rubber grip
  • Split shaft system
  • Includes a three year warranty

Overall, the 28MT by Mixtox is a relatively affordable garden multi tool that is packed full of intuitive features. Although it’s more expensive than some of the alternatives, this model is backed by a three year manufacturers warranty.
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3. Makita DUX60Z Battery Garden Multi Tool

Makita DUX60Z
Makita are a highly reputable brand in the UK that are known for their performance power tools. The DUX60Z model uses twin li-ion batteries to supply power to the brushless motor, which delivers up to 9,700 RPM.

In order to control this multi-tool, it has a three speed selection as well as a reverse switch for grass clipping removal.

Other features of the Makita DUX60Z include:

  • Deliver up to 9,700 RPM
  • Soft start functionality
  • Ergonomic and adjustable handle
  • Automatic switch off after 1 minute of non-use
  • Variable and constant speed control
  • 6-in-1 tool (attachments not included)
  • Uses twin 18V (36V) li-ion batteries (not included)
  • 1 +2 year warranty when registered

Overall, the Makita DUX60Z is one of the best multi tools for those that want a battery powered option. In terms of the attachments, you can attach a brush cutter, line trimmer, cultivator, pole saw, hedge trimmer and edging tool.

It’s important to note that to receive the full three years warranty, you will need to register the garden multi tool within 30 days of purchase. Although expensive, it’s a maintenance-free multi tool packed with the latest technology.
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4. COSTWAT Petrol Multi Functional Garden Tool

COSTWAT 4-in-1 Petrol Multi Functional Garden Tool
The Costwat is an affordable 4-in-1 garden multi tool that is powered by a two stroke 25 cc engine. In terms of its performance, the brand states that it provides up to 800 watts of power for tackling heavy duty gardening tasks.

Attachments included with this garden multi tool include a pole hedge trimmer, grass trimmer, brush cutter and pruner.

Other features of the Costwat Garden Multi Tool include:

  • 25 cc petrol two stroke motor
  • Delivers up to 800W of power
  • Cordless design with a soft grip handle
  • Tool-free and quick attachment system
  • Adjustable angle and length
  • Includes a harness and instructions

The Costwat multi functional garden tool offers great value for the money and includes everything you require for garden maintenance. It’s easy to use, affordable, powerful and ticks all the boxes when compared to similar priced alternatives.
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5. Makita EX2650LH Cordless Garden Multi Tool

Makita EX2650LH
Another garden multi tool by the reputable Makita brand is the EX2650LH model. It’s their petrol powered multi tool that uses a 25.4 cc four stroke engine, which they state runs cleaner and more efficient that any of the alternatives.

This garden multi tool is sold without the attachments but there are many available. These include a brush cutter, line trimmer, cultivator, pole saw, hedge trimmer and edging tool.

Other features of the Makita EX2650LH include:

  • Four stroke 25.4 cc petrol motor
  • 6-in-1 tool (attachments not included)
  • Oil set, hex and sockets wrenches included
  • Supplied with harness and accessory bag
  • Patented lubrication system
  • Split shaft design for easy storage

The Makita EX2650LH is a premium garden multi tool that is best suited for heavy duty applications such as forestry or construction sites. Although it comes with a premium price tag with all the attachments, it’s a worthwhile investment that you won’t regret.
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6. Bosch AMW10 Electric Garden Multi Tool

Bosch AMW10 Electric
The Bosch AMW10 is a premium electric garden multi tool that is powered by a 1,000 watt motor. It’s a 3-in-1 all purpose tool that can be used for heavy duty trimming, pole pruning and pole hedgecutting.

In terms of switching between the different attachment heads, they switch over easily without the need for any tools.

Other features of the Bosch AMW10 include:

  • 1,000 watt electric motor
  • Easily switch between attachment heads
  • Supplied with a shoulder strap
  • Ergonomic design and adjustable handle
  • Hook that can be used for storage
  • Attachments not supplied (bare tool)
  • Includes a 2 year warranty

The AMW10 electric garden multi tool is a high quality option that is manufactured by the reputable Bosch brand. However, when you include the cost of the attachment heads, it does become on of the most expensive tools.
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All of our recommendations above are suited to a range of budgets and include both cordless and petrol options. Unless you only plan on doing one or two gardening tasks, a garden multi-tool is the best tool to own. They provide maximum flexibility and rather than owning multiple tools, you have a single tool that will do everything.

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