The Best Golf Bags 2022

Golf bags are an essential piece of equipment if you wish to carry a full set of clubs with you when playing a round of golf. Within this article, we list some of the best options that are available as stand, cart or carry bags and are suitable for all budgets.

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Best Golf Bags
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The best golf bag is highly dependent upon the type of bag that you require. Therefore, if you require a quick answer, the best stand golf bag is the TaylorMade Pro 8.0, which is built to the highest of standards and features plenty of intuitive features. However, if you use a trolley, the best option is to use a golf cart bag and the TaylorMade Deluxe is a great option to consider. Alternatively, if you require a carry golf bag, the Callaway Pencil is the perfect solution.

To rate the golf bags within this article, we based our recommendations upon our experience and testing of multiple bags (as shown in the “How We Rated” section below). We also carried out hours of research and considered a number of factors. Some of the factors that we took into consideration included the type, build quality, number of dividers, storage options, holders, grab handles, weight, additional accessories, warranty and value for money.

Golf Bags Comparison

Golf BagTypeDividers
TaylorMade Pro 8.0Stand7
Callaway Fairway 14Stand14
TaylorMade DeluxeCart15
Motor Caddy WaterproofCart14
Callaway PencilCarry3
Longridge 5Carry1

Depending upon the number of clubs you carry on the course will determine how big the bag you require needs to be. Therefore, if you intend to carry all your clubs, additional club dividers inside of the bag are highly recommended. They are designed to keep the clubs organised inside the bag and also prevent them becoming stuck at the bottom too.

Below is a list of the best golf bags that are suitable for all budgets and available as a stand, cart or carry bag.

The Best Golf Bags

1. TaylorMade Pro Stand 8.0 Golf Bag

TaylorMade Pro Golf Stand Bag
TaylorMade produce a wide range of golf bags to suit all requirements and budgets and this Pro 8.0 bag is one of their latest offerings. It’s available in five different designs and includes an automatic stand system that’s very easy to use.

In terms of storing your clubs and belongings in the bag, it offers plenty of storage space with a 7-way top and 7 pockets.

Other features of the TaylorMade Pro 8.0 include:

  • Choice of 5 different colours
  • Lightweight automatic stand
  • Adjustable back strap
  • Angle base design for extra stability
  • 7-way top divider
  • 3 integrated grab handles
  • 7 storage pockets
  • Weighs 2.2 KG

When compared to similar priced alternatives, the TaylorMade Pro 8.0 offers superior quality and it really does tick all the boxes. Considering that it’s produced by the reputable TaylorMade brand, it also offers great value for the money too.
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2. Callaway Golf Fairway 14 Stand Bag

Callaway Golf Fairway 14 Stand Bag
By far one of the most expensive golf bags in the UK is the Callaway Fairway and it’s a stand bag that’s available in a choice of 7 different colours. In terms of its design, it features 14 full length dividers and an improved pocket design that’s more water resistant when compared to the previous generation of this bag.

Other features of the Callaway Fairway include:

  • Padded OptiFit comfort strap
  • Hidden rain hood pocket
  • Cell phone sleeve
  • Insulated water bottle pocket
  • Towel hook and glove attachment
  • Choice of 7 different colours
  • Weighs 2.5 KG
  • Total of 9 pockets

Although expensive, the Callaway Fairway 14 is one of the brand’s best golf bags they have to offer and it has a desirable design that provides plenty of club dividers and pockets. It also benefits from featuring the brand’s self-balancing comfort fit strap, which makes carrying the bag out on the course for long periods far more comfortable.
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3. TaylorMade Deluxe Cart Golf Bag

TaylorMade Deluxe Premium Cart Bag
Another popular option by TaylorMade is their Deluxe cart bag, which features a 15 way top with 3 full length dividers. Although this particular golf bag has been around for many years, the brand update it each year with new colour options.

In terms of the bag’s construction, it’s made from a durable polytube and it comes with a high quality rain hood.

Other features of the TaylorMade Deluxe include:

  • 15 way top
  • 3 full length dividers
  • Total of 8 pockets (including a cooler pocket)
  • Extra large putter well
  • Side umbrella holder
  • Available in blue/black or red/black
  • Key lock base to firmly attach the bag to the trolley

To conclude, the TaylorMade Deluxe is one of the best cart golf bags that fits perfectly onto most trolleys. It isn’t the cheapest but it’ll last far longer than most of the alternative cart bags with its superior build quality.
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4. Motor Caddy Waterproof Golf Cart Bag

Motor Caddy Golf Cart Bag Bag
A more affordable golf cart bag that’s very popular in the UK is by the Motor Caddy brand. According to the brand, it’s a fully waterproof golf bag that’s made using a high quality PU material and is backed by a two year warranty.

Other features of the Motor Caddy Waterproof Golf Bag include:

  • 14 full length dividers
  • Anti-twist base
  • 7 pockets for storage
  • Weighs 3.8 KG
  • Towel hook and pen holder
  • Locking trolley base compatible
  • Backed by a 12 month warranty

Overall, the Motor Caddy is an excellent all-round golf cart bag that’s waterproof, offers plenty of storage and certainly won’t disappoint. It’s even backed by a 12 month warranty for complete peace of mind.
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5. Callaway Pencil Carry Golf Bag

Callaway Golf Carry Double Strap Pencil Golf Bag
Another golf bag by the well-known Callaway brand is their pencil alternative and it’s one of the lightest the brand have to offer. In terms of the design, it has a three way top, three pockets, rain hood and a choice of a single or dual strap.

Other features of the Callaway Pencil Bag include:

  • Choice of a black or navy blue design
  • Water resistant base
  • 3 zippered pockets
  • Comfort double or single strap
  • Weighs just 1.1 KG

Although expensive for a carry golf bag, it’s by far one of the best options that’s lightweight and features multiple pockets and dividers. It’s also manufactured by the reputable Callaway brand for complete peace of mind.
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6. Longridge Golf Pencil Bag

Longridge Pencil Golf Bag
One of the cheapest golf bags that’s actually worth buying is the Longridge Pencil Bag. It’s made from a durable nylon and PU coating and is available in a choice of four different colours to best suit your requirements.

Other features of the Longridge Golf Pencil Bag include:

  • Dual carry strap
  • Eco-friendly PU coating
  • Choice of 4 colours
  • Integrated tee holder
  • Water resistant nylon construction
  • Ultra lightweight and easy to carry

Overall, the Longridge Pencil bag is cheap, basic, easy to carry and offers great value for the money. Whether you only require a few clubs for a practice round or you are taking part in a “pitch and putt” session, it’s more than ideal.
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How We Rated The Golf Bags

Golf bags are an essential piece of equipment regardless to how many clubs you carry around the course. Whether you want to place the bag on a trolley or carry it around yourself, there is a huge selection to choose from.

As you can see in the photos below, these are just some of the golf bags we’ve owned over the last few years. They include each of the different types and although I personally like to use a cart bag, other team members at Darimo UK prefer to carry their bags. However, as a team, we have plenty of experience with all the different types of golf bags.

best golf stand bag
best golf cart bag
Best Golf Carry Bag

As well as our experience and testing of multiple golf bags, we also based our recommendations upon the type, build quality, number of dividers, storage options, holders, grab handles, weight, additional accessories, warranty and value.


Without owning a golf bag, you’ll find it difficult to play a full round of golf due to the amount of equipment you need to carry (clubs, balls and so on). Regardless of your budget, there is a wide range of golf bags to choose from and all of our recommendations above include stand, cart or carry bag types. Whilst browsing the various golf bags, it’s worth keeping in mind that most bags should easily last 10 years or more. Therefore, it’s worth investing slightly more for a bag that ticks all the boxes and is built with durability in mind.

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