The Best Halogen Heater 2022

Halogen heaters are ideal for small spaces and provide instant radiant heat through halogen elements in the lamps. They are also considered as one of the most safest types of heaters because they don’t heat up themselves.

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Best Halogen Heaters
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Halogen heaters are can be used outdoors or indoors for heating up specific areas. The heat is produced from the tubes containing halogen, which instantly warms up to provide radiating heat.

The best halogen heater is the Beldray Three Bar, which has three heat settings and a wide angle oscillating function.

Halogen Heater Comparison

Halogen HeaterHeat OutputHeat Settings
Beldray EH0197S2STK1,200W3
Warmlite WL42005N1,200W3
Pifco Portable1,200W3
Kingavon BB-HH2021,600W4
ANSIO Digital2,300W11
Raxter Heater800W2
Geepas Upright800W2

When purchasing a halogen heater, we highly advise that you check that the bulbs can be replaced. The halogen bulbs do breakdown over prolonged usage but they are fairly cheap to buy but the replacements varies between heaters.

Below is a list of the best halogen heaters that are portable, provide instant heat and include multiple heat settings.

The Best Halogen Heaters

1. Beldray Three Bar Portable Halogen Heater

Beldray EH0197SSTK Portable Halogen Heater
The Beldray halogen heater is a premium option that is capable of producing up to 1,200 watts of heat output. Depending upon your personal preference, you can choose between three different heat settings as well as a wide angle oscillating function for heating up the room.

Compared to many of the cheaper alternatives, this halogen heater sits on top of a sturdy base, which prevents it from tipping and makes it easier to move around.

Other features of the Beldray Heater include:

  • 1,200 watts of heat output
  • Wide angle oscillating function
  • 31 x 10 x 51.5 cm in size
  • Easily replaceable halogen tubes
  • Three heat settings
  • Thermal cut out and tip over switch

For heating up small room, the Beldray halogen heater is an excellent option for warming up specific spots. It’s slightly more expensive than some of the alternatives but the brand provide a one year warranty for peace of mind.
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2. Warmlite Oscillating Halogen Heater

Warmlite WL42008N Radiant 2 Bar Heater
The Warmlite brand are known for producing a wide range of heaters and their halogen option is one of the most popular. It has a similar design and functionality to the Beldray alternative but has a more compact design.

Depending upon your requirements, you have the choice of 400, 800 and 1,200 watt heat outputs.

Other features of the Warmlite WL42005N include:

  • Max heat output of 1,200 watts
  • Wide angle oscillating base
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Built-in safety switch and tip over function
  • Subtle grey finish
  • Integrated carry handle
  • Four easy to use buttons

Overall, the Warmlite WL42005N is an excellent all-round option that offers great value for the money. For complete peace of mind, it has the reputable backing of the Warmlite brand and includes a one year warranty.
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3. Pifco Portable Halogen Heater

Pifco Portable Halogen Heater
The Pifco halogen heater is a lightweight and compact option that has a 70 degree oscillation function for even heat distribution. As with the alternatives, it has three settings that include 400, 800 and 1,200 watt heat outputs.

The brand provide a one year warranty from the purchase date as standard but if you register the halogen heater, it comes with an extended one year warranty.

Other features of the Pifco Portable Heater include:

  • Max heat output of 1,200 watts
  • 70 degrees oscillation function
  • Safety tip over switch
  • Extended warranty upon registration
  • 32 x 23 x 46 cm in size
  • Integrated carry handle
  • 1.3 metre power cable

It’s an easily adjustable halogen heater that provides plenty of heat to best suit your temperature requirements. Along with the wide angle oscillation function, you are able to evenly distribute the heat throughout any room.
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4. Kingavon BB-HH202 Halogen Heater

Kingavon BB-HH202 1600W Oscillating Halogen Heater
For those that require additional heat output from their halogen heater, the Kingavon BB-HH202 is the best option. It has four heat setting that can output 400, 800, 1200 and 1600 watts of heat.

Choosing between the different heat settings is fairly straightforward with four push buttons at the top of the heater.

Other features of the Kingavon BB-HH202 include:

  • Max output of 1,600 watts
  • Four heating levels
  • Safety and thermo fuse cut off features
  • Replaceable heating tubes
  • On and off oscillating facility
  • CE approved

The only main drawback is the fact it doesn’t have a thermostat for controlling the temperature thermostatically. However, you can simply switch from one to four bars to suit your heating requirements. Overall, if you need the extra heat, the Kingavon BB-HH202 won’t disappoint.
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5. Raxter Small Halogen Portable Heater

Quartz Halogen Small Portable Electric Heater
There are very few small halogen heaters on the market but the Raxter free standing option is an excellent choice. It’s available as a 2 bar 800 watt or 3 bar 1,200 watt heater that are both CE & ROHS approved.

Other features of the Raxter Small Heater include:

  • 800 or 1,200 watt heat outputs
  • 2 or 3 heat setting depending on model
  • Free standing design
  • CE & ROHS approved
  • Wide angle oscillation
  • Safety tilt switch

For those that require a small halogen heater, the Raxter 800 watt option is highly recommended. Although it won’t provide masses of heat, it will be more than ideal for warming up specific spots. Compared against many of the alternatives, it’s also far cheaper, which is always a great bonus.
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6. Geepaz Upright Halogen Heater

The Geepaz halogen heater is fairly unique because compared to the alternatives, it stands upright without the use of a stand. This means that it’s more compact and easier to store or transport on your travels.

It does have one main drawback, which is the fact the maximum heat output is just 800 watts. However, for heating small rooms, this halogen heater is more than adequate.

Other features of the Geepaz Heater include:

  • Two heat settings of 400 or 800 watts
  • Built-in over heat protection and tip over switch
  • Lightweight and space saving design
  • Integrated carry handle
  • Easy on and off switch
  • Two year manufacturer warranty

For those that require a cheap and lightweight halogen heater, the Geepaz is an excellent choice. Although it may not pack a large output of heat, it’s more than ideal for most situations.
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All of our recommendations are suited to a range of budgets and heat output requirements. Depending upon the heater you choose, it’s advised that you purchase spare halogen bulbs because they do breakdown over time.

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