The Best Kitchen Cupboard Paint UK 2022

Kitchen cupboard paint is designed to be far more hard wearing than standard paints. It can withstand everyday usage, which may include scruffs or scratches and is suitable for most wood, melamine and MDF kitchen cabinets.

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Best Kitchen Cupboard Paint
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Upcycling kitchen cupboards with a durable paint is a far more cost effective solution to replacing them altogether. Compared to standard paints, a kitchen cupboard paint is far more hard wearing and designed for everyday use.

The best kitchen cupboard paint is the Rust-Oleum Classic, which is a water based paint that provide a matt finish and a selection of 15 colour options.

Kitchen Cupboard Paint Comparison

Kitchen Cupboard PaintCoverage Per LitreColours
Rust-Oleum Classic14 m215
Johnstones Revive12 m25
Ronseal One Coat8 m211
Dulux Satin16 m24
V33 Easy16 m225

As with any DIY painting projects, you want to ensure you choose the correct paint. Below is a list of the best kitchen cupboard paints that are easy to apply and hard wearing for everyday use.

The Best Kitchen Cupboard Paint

1. Rust-Oleum Classic Matt Paint

The Rust-Oleum paint was also featured upon our best rated chalk paint article and it’s also the perfect choice for kitchen cupboards. It’s a water based formula that produces virtually no odour and is available in 15 different colours.

Compared to similar water based paints, this formula provides excellent coverage of up to 14 square metres per coat.

Other features of the Rust-Oleum Paint include:

  • Choice of 15 colours
  • Touch to dry in 1 hour
  • 14 square metre coverage per litre
  • Full hardness in 4 hours
  • Application by brush or roller
  • 750 ml tin

The Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish is a high quality paint that is durable enough for kitchen cupboards and leaves a smooth matt finish. Compared to other kitchen cupboard paint formulas, it also offers great value for the money.
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2. Johnstones Revive Kitchen Cupboard Paint

The Johnstone’s Revive paint is designed specifically for kitchen cupboards and suitable for melamine or MDF surfaces. Although it doesn’t offer as many colours as the Rust-Oleum alternative, it does have the five most popular colours. These include pale grey, antique cream, black, fresh apple and pale grey.

Other features of the Johnstone’s Revive include:

  • Doesn’t require an undercoat
  • Touch to dry in 1 hour
  • Five colour options
  • Produces a low amount of odour
  • Suitable for wood, melamine and MDF cabinets
  • 12 square metres coverage per litre
  • Recoatable after 5 hours

Through correct application of this kitchen cupboard paint, you are able to achieve a “like-new” finish with ease. It’s a high quality and durable paint that provides a good amount of coverage and produced by a reputable UK brand.
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3. Ronseal One Coat Cupboard & Melamine Paint

Ronseal are a highly reputable brand in the UK and their Melamine and MDF paint is perfect for kitchen cupboards. It’s available in a selection of 11 colours and the brand state that only one coat will need to be applied unless you are covering a bold colour.

Compared to other paints the Ronseal produce, this formula is designed primarily for cupboards and to withstand scuffs or scratches from everyday life.

Other features of the Ronseal Cupboard Paint include:

  • 8 square metres coverage per litre
  • Only requires 1 coat
  • Brush on application
  • 11 colour options
  • Touch dry in 2 hours
  • Doesn’t require a primer

The Ronseal Cupboard Paint is a high quality and durable paint that is able to transform your kitchen cupboards in a single coat. The only real drawback is that it does use up a lot of the paint during application, which may become expensive for large cupboards.
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4. Dulux Satin Cupboard Paint

Another popular paint brand in the UK are Dulux and their dedicated cupboard paint is a great option. It’s available in four colour options that include three different shades of white and a natural hessian colour.

Dulux state that compared to their conventional water based satin paint, this kitchen cupboard paint is up to 10 times stronger for a hard wearing finish.

Other features of the Dulux Cupboard Paint include:

  • Produces a satin finish
  • Takes 6 hours to dry
  • Requires two coats for the best results
  • 16 square metres coverage per litre
  • No undercoat required
  • Choice of four colours

The Dulux Satin Cupboard Paint is a hard wearing formula that its produce by one of the best in the business. Compared to any of the other paints, it offers far greater coverage per tin too.
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5. V33 Easy Furniture Paint

The V33 Easy Furniture Paint is a multi-surface formula that is highly durable and ideal for cupboards. In terms of the application, the brand state that no primer is needed beforehand but two coats is required for the best results.

Other features of the V33 Easy Furniture Paint include:

  • Available in 25 different colours
  • Choice of satin or gloss finishes
  • Easily washable
  • Impact and stain resistant
  • Coverage of 16 square metres per litre
  • 500 ml tin

Although not strictly a kitchen cupboard paint, the V33 Easy Furniture is a highly durable paint that is affordable and works just as well. It’s also suitable for a wide variety of furniture and wood surfaces.
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Compared to a regular paint, kitchen cupboard paint is far more hard wearing and designed for everyday use. Most brands will offer an array of colour options and tin sizes to best suit your requirements. All of our recommendations within this article are suitable for a range of budgets and finishes and are produced by reputable brands in the UK.

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