The Best Long Reach Hedge Trimmer 2022

Whether you need to cut an overgrown conifer, cherry laurel or any other type of hedge, a long reach hedge trimmer is the perfect tool for the job. Within this article, we list some of the best options that are lightweight and extend to a total reach of up to 3 metres.

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Best Long Reach Hedge Trimmer
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If you require a quick answer, the best long reach hedge trimmer is the Greenworks G40PSH. It’s a 2-in-1 tool that features a trimmer as well as a pruner attachment and it extends to a total of 2.8 metres. However, if you require a more affordable alternative, the lightweight NETTA 20V is a great option to consider that weighs just 3.4 KG.

To rate the long reach hedge trimmers within this article, we based our recommendations upon our experience of using multiple machines, plenty of research and a number of factors. Some of the factors we considered included the total reach, weight, blade construction, battery runtime, adjustable head positions, ease of operation, warranty and value.

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Long Reach Hedge Trimmer Comparison

Long Reach Hedge TrimmerTotal ReachWeight
Greenworks G40PSH2.8 Metres4.3 KG
Einhell 34108652.5 Metres4.9 KG
NETTA 20V2.4 Metres3.4 KG
Ryobi ONE+ RPT2.9 Metres4.6 KG
Terratek 20V2.4 Metres3.4 KG
Hyundai 52cc4.0 Metres8.0 KG

Although cordless hedge trimmers are far more popular, the long reach alternative is more versatile. This is because most models allow you to shorten the extension pole and use them as a normal hedge trimmer when required.

Below is a list of the best long reach hedge trimmers that are capable of cutting hedges up to 3 metres tall.

The Best Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

1. Greenworks G40PSH Telescopic Pruner & Trimmer

Greenworks Pole Hedge Trimmer Cordless
The Greenworks brand are well-known for their battery-powered gardening tools in the UK and their long reach hedge trimmer known as the G40PSH is one of their most rated tools. It comes as a complete kit that includes a telescopic hedge trimmer and a branch saw for all your long reach cutting tasks.

In terms of powering up the hedge trimmer or branch saw, you simply insert the supplied 40V battery at the bottom of the extension pole. It’s important to note that if you already own a Greenworks tool, the batteries are interchangeable.

Other features of the Greenworks G40PSH include:

  • Reach of up to 2.8 metres
  • Adjustable 7 position trimmer
  • 51 cm long and 18 mm thick blade
  • 20 cm long chainsaw with auto lubrication
  • Total weight rated at 4.3 KG when using the telescopic poles

Although expensive, the Greenworks G40PSH is the ultimate long reach hedge trimmer that also comes complete with a chainsaw attachment. We personally own this model (as discussed below) and it has paid for itself ten times over.
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2. Einhell 3410865 Telescopic Hedge Trimmer

Einhell GE-HH 18
By far the most popular telescopic hedge trimmer within this article is the Einhell 3410865 model. In terms of its long reach capabilities, the brand states that it extends to a total of 2.5 metres. Depending upon the reach required, you can simply adjust the aluminium telescopic handle and push the pole upwards.

Other features of the Einhell 3410865 include:

  • Motor head can be tilted to 7 different positions
  • Additional handle for more control
  • Weighs a total of 4.92 KG
  • 45 cm blade length
  • Supplied with a battery, charger and strap

To conclude, the Einhell 3410865 is a high quality telescopic hedge trimmer that’s built by a reputable brand. It isn’t the cheapest but it’s well-made, provides plenty of reach and is designed for long battery usage.
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3. NETTA Extendable Hedge Trimmer

NETTA Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer
If you are on a tight budget but want a long reach hedge trimmer that’ll actually last, the NETTA brand have the perfect solution. Their cordless model provides a total reach of 2.4 metres and it’s also one of the lightest because it weighs just 3.4 KG. This makes cutting large hedges far more easier because the heavier alternatives can be difficult to use.

Other features of the NETTA 20V Trimmer include:

  • 51 cm laser cut diamond finished blades
  • Cuts up to 16 mm
  • Two way safety switch operation
  • Multiple trimmer positions (30 to 150 degree angles)
  • Easy to extend with the telescopic pole
  • Backed by a two year warranty

Overall, the NETTA 20V is an excellent option to consider if you are looking for an extendable hedge trimmer on a budget. Although it isn’t developed by a reputable brand, the one year warranty provided by NETTA along with its popularity is a good indicator of its quality.
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4. Ryobi ONE+ 18V RPT Pole Trimmer

Ryobi ONE Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer
Ryobi are another brand that are well-known for their battery powered tools and their RPT Pole Trimmer is a great option to consider. The standout feature of this particular model is that it has one of the longest reaches when compared to other cordless alternatives because it extends to a total of 2.9 metres.

In terms of its cutting capabilities, it uses an Oregon bar and chain along with a high torque motor to effortlessly cut through branches that are up to 18 mm thick.

Other features of the Ryobi ONE+ RPT include:

  • Powerful 18V lithium battery
  • 45 cm diamond ground blades
  • 4 adjustable motor head positions
  • Supplied with a shoulder strap
  • Total weight of 4.6 KG
  • Backed by a two year warranty (optional third year)

To conclude, the Ryobi ONE+ RPT is a high performing and well-made long reach hedge trimmer that won’t disappoint. The only main drawback is that it weighs quite a bit more than the alternatives listed in this article.
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5. Terratek 20V Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

Terratek 20V Long Reach Cordless Electric Hedge Trimmer
Another affordable long reach hedge trimmer that’s worth considering is the Terratek 20V model. Although it’s the cheapest within this article, it’s more than capable of cutting hedges just as well as the premium alternatives.

In terms of its ability to cut overgrown hedges, it has a total reach of 2.4 metres and it can be adjusted to 5 different head positions to best suit your hedge cutting requirements.

Other features of the Terratek 20V include:

  • 45 cm dual action steel blades
  • Battery provides a run time of up to 45 minutes
  • No load speed of 1,100 RPM
  • Weighs a total of 3.5 KG
  • Supplied with a shoulder strap
  • Backed by a two year warranty

Considering the budget price tag of the Terratek 20V and the fact that it comes with a two year warranty, you simply can’t go wrong. It certainly challenges most premium alternatives on the market and it won’t disappoint.
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6. Hyundai 52cc Petrol Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

Hyundai 52cc Long Reach Petrol Pole Hedge Trimmer
If you don’t want to be restricted by the runtime of a battery, a petrol hedge trimmer is the perfect solution. This professional long reach model by Hyundai is a great option to consider and it’s powered by the brand’s reliable 52 cc two stroke petrol engine. For complete peace of mind, not only is this hedge trimmer made by the reputable Hyundai brand but it’s also backed by an impressive three year manufacturer’s warranty too.

Other features of the Hyundai 52cc include:

  • Total reach of 3 metres
  • Soft-pull easy start
  • 14 adjustable positions
  • Splits into three parts for storage
  • 40 cm blade length
  • Cuts 20 mm branches
  • Supplied with shoulder straps

Overall, the Hyundai 52cc long reach hedge trimmer is an excellent bit of kit and it’s ideal for cutting hedges of all shapes and sizes. However, the fact that its petrol powered makes it less of an appealing option for most people who’ve gotten used to using cordless tools. It’s also the heaviest within this article at 8KG, which is another major drawback.
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How We Rated

After years of using telescopic ladders and a standard hedge trimmer to tackle our tall hedges, we eventually invested into a long reach alternative. Needless to say, it has been one of our most used gardening tools in the shed and it’s used by many of our family and friends too.

The main factors that we took into consideration whilst looking into the various long reach options for our personal use were the total reach and weight. After previously using a heavy alternative, the weight of that machine was a major drawback after holding it upright for a long period time and it certainly made it quite difficult to use near the end.

Best Extendable Hedge Trimmer

Below is a video from our Instagram page that shows us testing and demonstrating the ease of using a long reach hedge trimmer. We purchased the Greenworks G40PSH (our top rated recommendation in this article) and the addition of the chainsaw attachment was a great bonus of this particular tool.

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As well as our testing and experience of using multiple long reach hedge trimmers, we also based our recommendations upon hours of research and a number of factors. Some of the factors that we took into consideration included the total reach, weight, blade construction, battery runtime, adjustable head positions, ease of operation, warranty and value.


Long reach hedge trimmers make cutting and shaping your hedges far more easier and they only cost a small amount extra when compared to a standard model. Depending upon the model you choose, many can also be used on its shortest length for cutting smaller hedges too. Whether you need to cut a conifer or some fast growing bamboo, all of our recommendations are suitable for every budget and are capable of cutting hedges up to 3 metres tall.

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