The Best Mobility Scooter Batteries 2022

By far one of the most important parts to a mobility scooter is its battery. Replacement mobility scooter batteries are available in a range of different specifications, which gives you the option to upgrade the power output if required.

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Best Mobility Scooter Batteries
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The best mobility scooter batteries are by the SLK Power Brand and their selection of batteries that range from 10 to 55 aH. Each battery is specifically designed for mobility scooters and provide long lasting value for money.

Mobility Scooter Battery Comparison

Mobility Scooter BatteriesCapacitySize
SLK Power10 – 55 Ah151 x 98 x 96 mm
Ultra Max Replacement12 Ah151 x 98 x 97.5 mm
Lucas LSLA1212 Ah151 x 99 x 101 mm
Haze High Output26 Ah181 x 77 x 170 mm
Black Box Battery22 Ah181 x 76 x 167 mm
MK M45-12 SLD45 Ah198 x 166 x 171 mm

You can have the best rated mobility scooter on the market but if it doesn’t have any power, it won’t be much use. Whether you are upgrading, replacing or purchasing an extra battery as a backup, it’s important that you choose a suitable battery that fits and provide adequate power to the mobility scooter.

Below is a list of the best mobility scooter batteries that are direct replacements and provide long lasting performance.

The Best Mobility Scooter Batteries

1. SLK Power Mobility Scooter Batteries

SLK Power Mobility Scooter AGM Battery
By far one of the most popular mobility scooter batteries are by the highly reputable SLK Power brand. They offer them with capacities that range from 10 aH all the way to 55 aH to best suit your requirements.

According to the brand, they provide up to twice as long cyclic capability when compared to conventional batteries. This means they are able to provide constant high quality performance.

Other features of the SLK Power Mobility Scooter Batteries include:

  • 10 to 55 aH battery capacity options
  • Sold as a pair of batteries
  • Low maintenance
  • Valve regulated construction
  • Heavy duty plates and unique separator system

The SLK Power brand specialize in mobility scooter batteries and these particular batteries deliver long lasting performance with a choice of capacities to best suit your requirements. The only drawback is that they come with a premium price tag but it’s a worthwhile investment that won’t disappoint.
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2. Ultra Max Replacement Mobility Battery

Another popular manufacturer of mobility scooter batteries is the Ultra Max brand. The pair of batteries they offer are rated at 12V 12 Ah and are direct replacements for most standard battery compartments.

Other features of the Ultra Max Pride Go Batteries include:

  • Fully sealed battery
  • Comes as a pair of batteries
  • Suitable for a range of other applications
  • 151 x 98 x 97.5 mm in size
  • Backed by 12 months warranty

The Ultra Max Pride Go are excellent all-round mobility scooter batteries that offer great value and are backed by a one year warranty for peace of mind. According to the brand, they can also be used for other applications such as emergency lighting, portable power equipment and much more.
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3. Lucas AGM Mobility Scooter Battery

Lucas Mobility Scooter Battery
Lucas are a popular battery brand that are well-known for their deep cycle leisure batteries. This particular battery is ideal for mobility scooters and is the standard 12V 12Ah rated battery that’s required for most scooters.

Other features of the Lucas LSLA12 include:

  • 12V 12 Ah rated
  • 151 x 99 x 101 mm in size
  • Maintenance free sealed battery
  • Suitable for most lightweight scooters
  • Includes a 12 month warranty

The Lucas LSLA12 is by far the popular mobility scooter battery that ticks all the boxes and is backed by the reputable brand. It does come with a premium price tag but it’s backed by a 12 month warranty for complete peace of mind.
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4. Haze High Output Mobility Scooter Battery

Haze High Output Sealed Lead Acid Mobility Scooter Battery
Another premium option that promises impressive performance is the Haze mobility scooter battery. It’s a high output battery that’s rated at 12V 26 Ah and has the same physical dimensions as a standard 17 Ah battery.

Other features of the Haze Sealed Battery include:

  • 181 x 77 x 170 mm in size
  • Fully rechargeable and maintenance free
  • Rated at 12V 26 Ah
  • Lower self-discharge
  • Leak resistant even whilst upside-down
  • Resistant to impact, vibration, heat and chemicals
  • Backed by a one year warranty

Haze have a great reputation for producing high quality batteries and this mobility scooter based battery is a great example. It’s a high output option that provides great performance and is also suitable for a range of other applications.
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5. Black Box Mobility Scooter Batteries

BBB Sealed Lead Acid Mobility Scooter Battery
Another high output mobility scooter battery is the Black Box Battery, which is rated at 12V 22 Ah. It’s a maintenance-free AGM battery that the brand states has exceptional leak, shock and heat resistance.

Other features of the Black Box Battery AGM include:

  • 181 x 76 x 167 mm in size
  • Rated at 12V 22 Ah
  • Maintenance-free design
  • Backed by a one year warranty
  • DOT compliant

Considering the high output of the Black Box Battery, it offers excellent value for the money when compared to similar sized batteries. It’s also important to note that this battery comes with a one year warranty.
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6. MK M45-12 SLD Sealed Mobility Scooter Battery

MK M45-12 SLD M 12V 45Ah Mk Sealed Lead Acid Agm Mobility Scooter Battery
MK are another brand that offer a variety of mobility scooter batteries and this model in particular is a performance based option. It’s rated at 12V 45 Ah and is suitable for fitting to any branded mobility scooter.

Other features of the MK M45-12 SLD include:

  • Sealed lead acid battery
  • 198 x 166 x 171 mm in size
  • Rated at 12V 45 Ah
  • Meets the latest UK specifications
  • Suitable for most mobility scooters

The MK M45-12 SLD mobility scooter battery is an expensive option but has the performance to justify the extra cost. The brand also offer a wide range of additional batteries that vary from 12 to 50 Ah.
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All of the above mobility scooter batteries cover a range of budgets and performance requirements. However, before purchasing any of the recommendations, it’s strongly recommended that you measure the battery compartment space. Most are standard sizes but you may want to upgrade the battery to achieve better performance from your scooter.

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