The Best Mobility Scooter 2022

Investing into a mobility scooter is the best way to regain your independence and get out and about. Whether you require a performance based or comfortable option, within this article, we list some of the most highly rated options in the UK.

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Best Mobility Scooter
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The best mobility scooter is the VELECO FASTER, which provides plenty of performance when required and is packed full of intuitive features. If you would prefer a less performance based option, the Pride Go-Go Elite ticks all the boxes.

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Mobility Scooter Comparison

Mobility ScooterTypeMax Speed & Range
VELECO FASTER4 Wheels16 MPH / 35 Miles
Drive DeVilbiss Scout4 Wheels4 MPH / 10 Miles
Monarch Mobile Plus4 Wheels3.7 MPH / 9 Miles
Pride Go-Go Elite4 Wheels4 MPH / 8 Miles
Green Power Retro3 Wheels15 MPH / 45 Miles
VELECO ZT153 Wheels16 MPH / 40 Miles

It’s important to note that mobility scooters in the UK are limited to 8 MPH when used upon the pavement or road. However, if used on private land or abroad, the limiter can be bypassed if required.

Below is a list of the best mobility scooters that provides plenty of performance for getting out and about with ease.

The Best Mobility Scooter

1. VELECO 4 Wheeled Electric Mobility Scooter

VELECO ZT15 3 Wheeled Mobility Scooter
VELECO are a brand that specialize in mobility scooters and this particular model known as the FASTER model is the best of the bunch. As the name suggests, it’s able to reach an impressive speed of 16 MPH, which is due the powerful 1,000 watt motor. However, unlike cheaper alternatives, it’s also able to provide much longer range too.

In terms of the configuration, the brand offer this 4 wheeled mobility scooter in red, blue, black or grey. You can also opt for the additional canopy, which is perfect for getting out and about in poor weather conditions.

Other features of the VELECO FASTER include:

  • 4 Wheeled
  • 1,000 watt motor
  • Max speed of 16 MPH
  • Max weight capacity of 158 KG
  • Range rated at 30 to 35 miles
  • Automatic motor and braking system
  • Easy to use LED display
  • Front and rear suspension
  • USB charger, cup holder and shopping handle
  • Aluminium wheels

The VELECO FASTER is a premium mobility scooter that’s been built to the highest of standards and provides excellent performance. The brand even provide a VIP warranty as well as a call-out service if required.
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2. Drive DeVilbiss Scout 12 Amp Scooter

Drive DeVilbiss Scout 12 Amp Scooter
One of the cheapest electric mobility scooters that’s actually worth buying is the Drive DeVilbliss Scout. It’s a 12 amp scooter that uses 2 x 12 Ah mobility scooter batteries and is able to travel a distance of 10 miles at 4 MPH.

A desirable feature offered by this mobility scooter is the fact that the seat swivels 360 degrees. This makes transferring on and off much easier than some of the alternative scooters with fixed seating positions.

Other features of the Drive DeVilbliss Scout include:

  • Max speed of 4 MPH
  • Range of 10 miles
  • Weighs 42 KG but can be easily split
  • Backed by a two year warranty
  • Supplied with a battery charger
  • Max weight capacity of 130 KG
  • Auto electromagnetic brake system
  • Anti-roll back system
  • Puncture-proof tyres
  • Available in red or blue

The Drive DeVilbliss Scout offers outstanding value for the money and ticks all the boxes for a cheap mobility scooter. The only drawback is that it doesn’t provide the best of performance and has a lower weight capacity when compared to the alternatives.
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3. Monarch Mobile Plus Folding Mobility Scooter

Monarch MOBIE PLUS Folding Mobility Scooter
For those that require a folding mobility scooter, the Monarch Mobile Plus is by far the best option. Although expensive, it folds down with ease and weighs just 23 KG with the battery disconnected, which is ideal for transport.

In terms of its performance, the brand state that it’s able to reach speeds of 3.7 MPH and travel up to 9 miles per charge.

Other features of the Monarch Mobile Plus include:

  • Max user weight of 133 KG
  • Range of up to 9 miles per charge
  • Assembles in just 5 seconds
  • Weighs just 23 KG without a battery
  • Optional extras such as armrests, off-board charging and more
  • Key operated
  • Speed dial control

Due to its lightness and folding abilities, it’s by far the best portable mobility scooter that folds down with ease. The Monarch Mobile Plus does come with a premium price tag but it’s a worthwhile investment that won’t disappoint.
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4. Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller LX Mobility Scooter

Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller LX Mobility Scooter
The Pride Go-Go Elite is another affordable 4 wheeled mobility scooter that’s packed full of functionality. Unlike the basic model, the Elite features seat suspension, wraparound Delta tiller, kerb light, higher ground clearance and a larger basket.

A unique bonus of this particular mobility scooter is its ability to dissemble into five separate parts with ease. The benefit of this is that you are able to easily pack it in the car or place it in storage when not in use for long periods.

Other features of the Pride Go-Go Elite include:

  • Top speed of 4 MPH
  • Range of up to 8 miles
  • Height adjustable and 360 degrees swivel seat
  • Easily removable battery pack
  • Solid puncture proof tyres
  • Front LED headlights
  • Max weight capacity of 125 KG

Overall, the Pride Go-Go Elite is an excellent all-round 4 wheeled mobility scooter that’s packed full of features and provides plenty of performance. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, their basic model may be worth looking at.
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5. Green Power Retro Electric Mobility Scooter

Green Power 3 Wheeled Retro Style Electric Mobility Scooter
The Green Power Retro Style mobility scooter is another popular option that comes with a premium price tag. The unique retro design is available in black or white and is powered by a 900 watt motor that provides a top speed of 15 MPH.

Also included with the mobility scooter is a breathable waterproof cover, phone holder and even a bottle holder.

Other features of the Green Power Retro Scooter include:

  • Max range of up to 45 miles
  • User weight capacity of 180 KG
  • Top speed of 15 MPH (limited to 8 MPH in the UK)
  • Road and footpath legal
  • Dual hand brakes
  • Rear view mirrors
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Alarm system and key fob

The Green Power Retro Mobility Scooter is a well-thought out design that stands out from the crowd and provides excellent performance.
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6. VELECO 3 Wheeled Electric Mobility Scooter

VELECO Faster 4 Wheeled Mobility Scooter
Another premium mobility scooter by the VELECO brand is their ZT15 model, which is also designed for maximum performance. According to the brand, the 900 watt motor is able to provide a top speed of up to 16 MPH and a range of 25 to 40 miles. However, as with the FASTER model, in the UK, the speed is limited to 8 MPH.

In order to provide improved stability upon all terrains and steep hills, it’s fitted with larger wheels and three different speed limiters to best suit your requirements.

Other features of the VELECO ZT15 include:

  • Comprehensive lighting all-round
  • Max speed of 16 MPH (when unlocked)
  • Adjustable seat and movable armrests
  • Available in red, blue or white
  • Max range of 25 to 40 miles
  • 159 KG max user weight

The VELECO brand are known for producing high quality mobility scooters and the ZT15 doesn’t disappoint. It’s also a Class 3 scooter, which means that it can be used legally on the road and footpath in the UK.
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Mobility scooters are essential for many people that would like to live an independent life and get out and about. Due to the fact that they are a large investment, it’s crucial that you put a bit of thought into choosing the best possible example. All of our recommendations are suited for every budget and include 3 or 4 wheeled scooters.

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