The Best Plinth Heater 2022

Installing a plinth heater eliminates the need of conventional wall mounted radiators and is far cheaper than underfloor heating. They are available as either a hydronic or electric unit where both provide instant heat or cooling air.

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Best Plinth Heater
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Installing a plinth heater within modern kitchens has become increasingly more popular. Space upon the walls may be limited and underfloor heating can cost thousands. This makes plinth heaters a very attractive option.

The best plinth heater is the Winterwarm WWFH20E, which is provides instant heat and can be controlled using a Bluetooth remote control. If you require a hydronic alternative, the Smiths SS7 is the best option.

Plinth Heaters Comparison

Plinth HeaterTypeTotal Height
Winterwarm WWFH20EElectric120 mm
Smiths SS7Hydronic100 mm
Smiths SS2EWElectric100 mm
CDA APH01SSElectric100 mm
Myson Kickspace 500Hydronic101 mm
KPH-1500 ClassicHydronic105 mm

The majority of plinth heaters are designed to fit under standard kitchen units. However, it’s important that you perform your own checks as the height can often cause issues with the installation as some heaters require extra clearance.

Below is a list of the best plinth heaters that provide instant heat or cool air and available as hydronic or electric units.

The Best Plinth Heater

1. Winterwarm WWFH20E Plinth Heater

warm-winter WWFH20E
The Winterwarm WWFH20E is by far the most popular plinth heater available in the UK. It’s an affordable option but is packed with premium features such as Bluetooth control and a programmable seven day timer.

In terms of the installation, it requires no plugs but instead uses a 3 core for a fused spur installation. The brand include thorough instructions within the box for those that are confident with their DIY skills.

Other features of the Winterwarm WWFH20E include:

  • Total height of 12 cm (including the grille)
  • Bluetooth controlled 7 day timer
  • Energy efficient start technology
  • Plastic and steel construction
  • On/off switch and a remote control
  • 3 wire installation
  • Variable heat settings
  • Overload cut out and overheat protection

The Winterwarm WWFH20E is the best plinth heater for the money and is packed full of features so that you can tailor the heating experience to your requirements. The only drawback is that is lacks the interchangeable grills but you may be able to customize it yourself.
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2. Smiths Hydronic Kitchen Plinth Heater

Hydronic Plinth Heater Stainless Effect
The Smiths hydronic plinth heater is a premium option that is suitable for two pipe central heating systems. The brand state that it’s designed to fit under all standard kitchen units and eliminates the need for conventional radiators.

For those that want to make their plinth heater more unique, the brand offer a wide range of attachments. The detachable grill can be easily replaced and switched to one of the many colours available.

Other features of the Smiths Hydronic SS7 include:

  • 100 mm in height
  • Easily heats kitchens up to 46 cubic metres
  • Two heat outputs for heating or cooling
  • Easy to install for dual pipe central heating systems
  • Includes a two year parts and labour warranty
  • Supplied with two flexible hoses

Although expensive, when you consider the price of underfloor heating, the Smiths SS7 is a worthwhile investment that you won’t regret. It has a contemporary design and the choice of grille colours is very desirable as it allows you to choose a colour to suit the rest of your kitchen.
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3. Smiths Electric Kitchen Plinth Heater

Smiths 2kW Electric Kitchen Plinth Heater
Smiths also produce an electric alternative to the hydronic plinth above, which is known as the SS2EW model. It’s designed to connect with and run from a standard electric system and it includes an impressive 5 year warranty on parts and labour for peace of mind.

Depending upon your heating requirements, there is a “boost” function, which boosts the standard BTU of 3,410 to 6,820 BTU. This is ideal for when you need a blast of warm air for a brief period.

Other features of the Smiths SS2EW include:

  • Supplied with a thermostatic controller
  • Boost mode for extra heat
  • Brushed stainless steel grill (100 mm high)
  • Summer setting to circulate cool air
  • Frost protection mode
  • Made in the UK with a 5 year warranty
  • Connects to standard electric systems
  • Brown, chrome, brushed steel, gold, black and aluminium covers

As with the alternative Smiths plinth heater, it’s a premium option but it’s worth the extra. Not only does it come with a thermostatic controller but the brand also include multiple grille covers that allow you to customize the heater.
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4. CDA APH01SS Stainless Steel Plinth Heater

CDA APH01SS Stainless Steel Plinth Heater
Another affordable option is the CDA APH01SS plinth heater, which has a slimline design with a stainless steel finish. Compared to similar priced alternatives, this unit has three heat settings that include cool, warm and hot.

Controlling the plinth heater is achieved using the basic on-off switch, which is indicated on the neon light.

Other features of the CDA APH01SS include:

  • Stainless steel finish
  • Requires a 13A power supply
  • Automatic safety cut out protection
  • Produces 2,000 watts of heat output
  • Three heat settings (cool, warm and hot)
  • Height of 10 cm
  • 5 year warranty on parts and 2 years on labour

Overall, it’s an excellent all-round plinth heater that is suitable for all seasons with both hot or cold heat settings. The CDA APH01SS also comes with a 5 year warranty on parts and 2 year warranty of labour for peace of mind.
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5. Myson Kickspace 500 Hydronic Plinth Heater

Myson 3KICK500 Hydronic Fan Convector
The Myson Kickspace 500 is another premium hydronic plinth heater that is designed to fit horizontally under most kitchen units. The brand states that it will easily connect to a central heating system and it’s simple to control via the controls on the front panel.

Other features of the Myson Kickspace 500 include:

  • 101 mm in height
  • Large surface area heat exchanger for instant heat
  • White grille but other options are available
  • Built-in low limit thermostat
  • Requires an electrical connection for the fan
  • Includes a two year warranty

The Kickspace plinth heater by Myson is a highly rated hydronic model that will work with most existing central heating systems. Depending upon the heat output you require and your budget, the brand also produce a wide range of other models that are more powerful that this 500 option.

They are the original plinth heater manufacturers and a brand you can rely on for high standard build quality. They also produce a range of accessories such as a thermostats and wall switches.
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6. KPH 1500 Classic Plinth Heater

If the Smiths and Myson hydronic plinth heaters are too expensive, the Thermix KPH-1500 Classic is the best option. It’s an affordable alternatives that has two heat settings and is available in white, black, silver or a stainless steel finish.

The ability to boost the heat output of a plinth heater is highly desirable and this model does exactly that. The normal output is 1,260 watts but once initiating the boost mode, it will raise to 1,450 watts for extra warmth.

Other features of the Thermix KPH-1500 Classic include:

  • Normal and boost heat settings
  • Available in four different colours
  • Energy class A++
  • Supplied with two WRAS approved flexible hoses
  • Includes a two year warranty
  • Height of 105 mm
  • Automatically switches on or off with the central heating system
  • Designed and made in the UK

Overall, the Thermix KPH-1500 Classic is an affordable hydronic plinth heater that provides great heat output. The brand offer a range of similar models but the KPH-1500 Classic ticks all the boxes and won’t disappoint.
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Plinth heaters are an excellent addition to any kitchen and can be used all year round with a cooling unit. All of our recommendations are suited to a range of budgets and include both hydronic and electric systems. To avoid disappointment, we advise that you take measurements of your kitchen units before buying one of the recommendations.

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