The Best Shower Curtains 2022

An easy way to transform your bathroom on a small budget is to invest into quality shower curtains. They are available in a range of designs that can complement your bathroom and help prevent water dripping onto the floor.

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Best Shower Curtains
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The best shower curtains are the iDesign Poly, which are completely waterproof and include the desirable weighted hem. The extra long shower curtain is also available in a choice of 7 different styles to best suit your requirements.

Shower Curtain Comparison

Shower CurtainsStyle(s)Length(s)
iDesign Poly7183 cm
Ansio Herringbone2180 cm
Funria Waterproof3180 cm
EurCross EVA3182 to 238 cm
AmazonBasics PEVA11183 to 200 cm
ZSZT Extra Long1200 cm

Rather than spending hundreds on glass shower screens, a shower curtain is an affordable and easy to install alternative. They are available in a range of designs and sizes and take just seconds to install via the integrated hooks.

Below is a list of the best shower curtains that are available in a range of styles and lengths.

The Best Shower Curtains

1. iDesign Poly Shower Curtains

iDesign Shower Curtains
By far one of the most popular shower curtains in the UK is by the iDesign brand. It’s available in a choice of 7 different designs and is constructed of a waterproof fabric that allows water to bead off the curtain.

In terms of the sizing, the curtains measure up as 183 x 183 cm, which is more than suitable for most bathrooms.

Other features of the iDesign Poly Curtains include:

  • Constructed of a high quality waterproof polyester
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Choice of 7 different style options
  • Can be machine washed if required
  • 183 x 183 cm in size
  • Weighted hems for extra support
  • Reinforced holes for durability

The iDesign Poly are excellent all-round shower curtains that tick all the boxes and won’t disappoint. They are completely waterproof and available in popular colour options that’ll make a great addition to any bathroom.
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2. Ansio Herringbone Shower Curtain

Ansio Herringbone
The Ansio Herringbone shower curtains are another highly rated option that are also available in a charcoal grey design. They are made entirely of polyester and are available in a 180 x 180 cm size that provide full coverage of your shower.

In terms of hanging the shower curtain, it has 12 durable plastic hooks that can be easily replaced if required.

Other features of the Ansio Herringbone include:

  • 180 x 180 cm in size
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Machine washable
  • 12 plastic hooks
  • Herringbone or charcoal grey designs
  • 100% polyester construction
  • Easy to clean

Overall, the Ansio Herringbone is a good quality shower curtain that provides a premium look and feel. It’s completely mold and mildew resistant and does a great job at preventing water escaping from the shower.
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3. Funria Waterproof Shower Curtains

Funria Shower Curtain Beige
The Funria waterproof shower curtains are another popular option that’s available in a choice of four different styles. They are environmentally friendly made from a mixture of waterproof EVA and PE fabrics, which is mildew resistant and designed for long lasting use.

Other features of the Funria Waterproof Shower Curtains include:

  • 180 x 180 cm in size
  • 70% EVA and 30% PE construction
  • Wipes clean with ease
  • Anti-wind blowing
  • Choice of four different styles
  • Waterproof, mold resistant and non toxic
  • 12 curtain hooks with reinforced heads

These shower curtains by Funria offer great value for the money and are well-made using a mixture of EVA and PE materials. The brand also offer two spliced styles that are extra long and ideal for those wanting a clear panel.
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4. EurCross Narrow Shower Curtain

EurCross Narrow Shower Curtain
EurCross are a brand that specialize in shower curtains and offer a range of design that vary from standard colours to Christmas or Halloween alternatives. This particular set is available in short to extra long shower curtains and a cobblestone, frosted or clear design. They are also constructed of a EVA fabric, which is non-toxic and 100% eco-friendly.

Other features of the EurCross EVA Shower Curtains include:

  • Lengths range from 182 to 238 cm
  • Choice of three styles
  • Mildew resistant and anti-bacterial
  • Wipes clean with a damp cloth
  • 6 anti corrosion metal grommets
  • Matching hard wearing plastic hooks

The EurCross shower curtains are high quality yet affordable and are available in an excellent selection of sizes to best suit your requirements. If you are looking for a more unique curtain, the brand offer a huge variety of alternatives.
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5. AmazonBasics PEVA-Shower Curtain

Amazon Basics PEVA-Shower Curtain
AmazonBasics are known for their affordable product in a number of sectors and their shower curtains are a great example. They are available in a choice of 11 different designs and two sizes with lengths of either 183 or 200 cm.

A unique option with these shower curtains is the fact that you can choose its weight. There is a choice of three weights that include light, medium and heavy.

Other features of the AmazonBasics PEVA Curtains include:

  • Choice of 11 different designs
  • Polyester top and PEVA hem construction
  • Water repellent and easily washed
  • Lengths of either 183 or 200 cm
  • Rust-resistant brass grommets

The AmazonBasics PEVA shower curtains are affordable, waterproof, easy to install and are built to last. Considering the low price tag, you really cannot go wrong with these shower curtains.
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6. ZSZT Extra Long Shower Curtain

ZSZT Extra Long Shower Curtain
For those that want a shower curtain that really stands out, the ZSZT brand have the answer. The curtain has a high definition 3D digital print pattern that feature an array of colours and stands out within any bathroom.

Other features of the ZSZT Extra Long Shower Curtains include:

  • Constructed of 100% polyester fabric
  • Waterproof and mildew resistant
  • 3D printed colourful tree design
  • Machine washable at low temperatures
  • Electroplating holes and C-type plastic hooks
  • Weighted hem that increases drape
  • Extra long 200 cm length

The ZSZT shower curtain is a unique option that looks great has been constructed without compromise. Although it may not be to everyone’s taste, it’s a high quality shower curtain that won’t disappoint.
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Shower curtains can be found in the majority of homes and are available in range of shapes and sizes. Whether you want something that stands out or a contemporary design, all of the recommendations above are perfect. To avoid water dripping onto the floor, we strongly recommend measuring the distance from the railing to the floor. Most shower curtains range anywhere from 180 to 250 cm and you will want to purchase a length suitable for your shower.

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