The Best Shower Enclosures 2021

Shower enclosures are relatively easy to install and are designed to create a showering area within a bathroom or en-suite. Within this article, we list the best options that are available as a quadrant design, sliding doors or complete cubicles.

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Best Shower Enclosures
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The best shower enclosure is the Elegant Sliding Door, which uses a 8 mm tempered glass and high quality rollers for smooth sliding of the door. If you require a quadrant shower enclosure, the corner option by Elegant is the best option.

Shower Enclosure Comparison

Shower EnclosureTypeSizes
Elegant Nano DoorSliding Door6
Elegant CompleteCubicle20
Elegant CornerQuadrant21
Durovin FramelessSliding Door11
Nuie ERQ129 EllaQuadrant7
VeeBath FenwickQuadrant2

Before purchasing any of the shower enclosures, it’s critical that you take prior measurements. In terms of the glass thickness, they range anywhere from 2 to 8 mm and the thicker glass often relates to the quality of the enclousre.

Below is a list of the best shower enclosures that are available as sliding doors, cubicles or a quadrant enclosure.

The Best Shower Enclosure

1. Elegant Sliding Shower Door Enclosure

Elegant Sliding Shower Door Enclosure
The Elegant brand produce a wide range of shower enclosure and this sliding door design is one of their most rated. It’s available in a wide range of sizes that range from 1200 x 1900 to 1700 x 1900 mm in size.

As with all glass providing with the Elegant shower enclosures, it’s self cleaning and won’t leave any marks upon the glass. This is due to the clever nano technology used upon the tempered glass.

Other features of the Elegant Sliding Door Enclosure include:

  • 8 mm tempered glass
  • Multiple sizes available
  • 20 mm wall adjustment on both sides
  • Reversible design
  • Waterproof guaranteed
  • Full length magnetic door strips
  • Clear vinyl door seals
  • High quality metal rollers
  • Doesn’t include shower tray

The Sliding door shower enclosure by Elegant is a high quality option that features 8 mm tempered glass and a great selection of sizes. Compared to similar designed enclosures, it offers great value for the money and won’t disappoint.
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2. Elegant Sliding Shower Enclosure

Elegant Sliding Shower Enclosure
Another shower enclosure by the Elegant brand is a complete cubicle that comes with a shower tray. As with the sliding door enclosure, this cubicle is also available in a range of sizes that range from 1200 x 700 mm to 1700 x 900 mm.

Unlike similar priced alternatives, the shower tray that’s included is just as well made as the enclosure. It’s made from a sturdy stone resin, which according to the brand is scratch, chip and discolouration resistant.

Other features of the Elegant Cubicle Enclosure include:

  • 8 mm tempered glass
  • Self cleaning glass coating
  • Multi-waterproof and endurance tested
  • Right or left door opening
  • Strong aluminium structure
  • Stainless steel screws

The Elegant shower cubicle enclosure is a complete setup that’s built to the highest of standards and perfect for any bathroom renovations. It isn’t the cheapest but the 8 mm tempered glass, reversible design, self cleaning technology and strong aluminium structure are worth paying the extra.
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3. Elegant Quadrant Shower Cubicle Enclosure

Elegant Quadrant Shower Cubicle Enclosure
Quadrant shower enclosures are an excellent way to make use of corner bathroom areas. Yet again, the Elegant brand have a great option that’s available in 21 different configurations to best suit your requirements.

In order to ensure that both of the doors roll smoothly, there are 16 metal wheels that the brand state are long lasting and resist corrosion.

Other features of the Elegant Quadrant Shower Enclosure include:

  • Wide aluminium rail frame
  • Optional shower trays and waste
  • Guaranteed waterproof design
  • Chrome finished stainless steel bar
  • Reversible design
  • 6 mm tempered glass
  • 15 mm wall adjustment

It’s the best quadrant shower enclosure that’s available in a huge selection of sizes to best suit your requirements. The brand also offer a matching shower tray to complete the enclosure and make the installation go smoothly.
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4. Durovin Bathrooms Frameless Shower Enclosure

Durovin Bathrooms Frameless Shower Enclosure
Durovin is another brand that offer a number of shower enclosures and this frameless option is their flagship model. It uses a similar 8 mm tempered glass to the Elegant brand that can be reversed fitted to the left or right hand side.

In terms of the sizes available, they begin from as small as 1000 x 1950 mm to as large as 1500 x 1950 mm.

Other features of the Durovin Frameless Shower Enclosure include:

  • 8 mm tempered glass
  • Nano coating that’s easy to clean
  • Supplied with stainless steel screws and chrome cover caps
  • 25 mm wall adjustment for easy installation
  • Side aluminium strip mouth
  • 11 different sizes available

The Durovin frameless shower enclosure is a premium option that ticks all the boxes and won’t disappoint. The brand also offer alternative version that include a bi-fold or pivot hinged door with clear or frosted glass.
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5. Nuie ERQ129 Ella Quadrant Enclosure

Nuie ERQ129 Ella Quadrant Enclosure
The Nuie ERQ129 Ella is one of the cheapest quadrant shower enclosures that’s actually worth buying. Unlike any of the alternatives, it comes with a lifetime manufacturers guarantee for complete peace of mind.

Other features of the Nuie ERQ129 Ella include:

  • 5 mm toughened safety glass
  • Choice of 7 different sizes
  • Reversible design for universal fitting
  • Sleek satin chrome finish
  • Modern D shaped handles
  • Lifetime manufacturers guarantee

Overall, the Nuie ERQ129 Ella is an excellent all-round option that’s built to a high standard and includes an impressive lifetime manufacturers guarantee. The brand also offer a range of alternative shower enclosures that include bi-folding doors, corner entry, pivot door and much more.
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6. VeeBath Fenwick Corner Shower Enclosure

VeeBath Fenwick Corner Shower Enclosure
Another affordable quadrant shower enclosure is the VeeBath Fenwick, which is available as a 900 x 900 or 1000 x 1000 mm configuration. It comes as a complete kit that include the door, fixing kit, installation manual and all the hardware required. The brand also include a 5 year guarantee but only if it’s fitted by a professional.

Other features of the VeeBath Fenwick Quadrant include:

  • 5 mm tempered glass
  • Full cubicle with twin sliding doors
  • High quality rollers and runners
  • Adjustments up to 40 mm
  • Chrome plated handles
  • 5 year guarantee

The VeeBath Fenwick is a well-made quadrant shower enclosure that can transform any bathroom. It’s relatively affordable and is backed by a 5 year guarantee for complete peace of mind.
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Investing into one of the many shower enclosures within this article can completely transform your bathroom or en-suite. By far the most popular type is the quadrant style but sliding doors are ideal for wet rooms or other spaces within your bathroom. To avoid disappointment, prior measurements are crucial and although most allow rooms for adjustments, there is only space for 10-20 mm of adjustment.

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