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Site radios are designed to keep you entertained on building sites and withstand tough working conditions such as dust, knocks and splashes of water. Within this article, we list some of the best that feature DAB, Bluetooth, USB, AUX and high quality speakers.

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best site radio
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If you require a quick answer, the best site radio is the Makita DMR115B, which is built to the highest of standards and includes all the functionality you would ever need from a site radio. However, if you require a more compact alternative, the DEWALT DCR020 is the best option to consider because it’s still able to deliver loud and high quality sound.

To rate the site radios within this article, we based our recommendations upon our experience and testing of multiple radios (as shown in the “How We Rated” section below). We also carried out hours of research and considered a number of factors. Some of the factors that we took into consideration included the build quality, sound quality, connectivity, USB charging compatibility, weight, ease of operation, value for money and warranty.

Jobsite Radio Comparison

Site RadioWeightConnectivity
Makita DMR115B6.5 KGFM, DAB, AUX, USB & Bluetooth
Makita DMR1104.6 KGFM, DAB & AUX
Einhell TE-CR 180.65 KGFM & AUX
Milwaukee M18JSR5.0 KGFM, DAB, AUX & USB
UEME DB3221.5 KGFM, DAB, AUX & Bluetooth

Below is a list of the best site radios that are able to withstand tough building site conditions and allow you to listen to all your favourite DAB radio stations.

The Best Site Radio

1. Makita DMR115B DAB+ Site Radio

Makita DMR115B Site Radio
The Makita DMR115B is a popular and highly rated site radio that’s packed full of functionality. It’s the brand’s “special edition” model that features black housing as well as the desirable Bluetooth connectivity and USB charging ports. In terms of its build quality, the brand states that the radio is both dust and shower proof with an IP65 rating.

Other features of the Makita DMR115B include:

  • Receives FM, DAB and DAB+ stations
  • Robust aluminium diecast guard
  • Two speakers and a subwoofer
  • Fast USB charging (2.4A)
  • Latest Bluetooth Class 2 functionality
  • Dual power source (AC or a Makita battery)
  • Bluetooth range of 10 metres
  • AUX input for external audio sources
  • Choice of 7 selectable sound modes
  • Weighs 6.5KG

To conclude, the Makita DMR115B is a premium jobsite radio but one that’s worth paying the extra for. It’s built to the highest of standards, provides excellent sound quality and includes all the connectivity you would ever need.
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2. DEWALT DCR020 Work Site Radio

DEWALT DCR020-GB XR Compact DAB Site Radio
DEWALT are another reputable brand that produce a range of jobsite radios and this DCR020 model is one of their most highly rated. Unlike many of the alternatives, the DEWALT site radio is much smaller in size. However, compared to similar size radios, this model is still able to deliver loud and high quality music through its speakers.

Other features of the DEWALT DCR020 include:

  • DAB, DAB+ and FM frequencies
  • Powered by DEWALT’s batteries or an AC adapter
  • USB charging (whilst using an AC power source)
  • Durable roll cage that protects the main body
  • 1.8 metre power cable
  • Clever on-board storage
  • Weighs 2.8KG

If you don’t want to carry around a bulky site radio but still require loud music whilst at work, you can’t go wrong with the DEWALT DCR020. It’s by far the best compact site radio that doesn’t sacrifice sound quality due to its size.
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3. Makita DMR110 Jobsite Radio

Makita DMR110 Li-ion DAB Site Radio
Another Makita site radio that’s also one of the most popular options on the market is the DMR110. It’s a model that we personally own and it offers everything you would ever need from a site radio.

As with other models offered by the brand, it can be powered by the brand’s batteries as well as an AC power adapter.

Other features of the Makita DMR110 include:

  • FM, DAB and DAB+ reception
  • AUX input
  • LCD backlit display
  • 10 pre-set radio channels
  • Soft grip handle
  • IP64 rated

Overall, the Makita DMR110 is an excellent all-round option and it’s popularity is a clear indication of it’s quality. Compared to the DMR115B model mentioned above, it does lack Bluetooth and USB charging. However, if this isn’t something you require, the DMR110 model is the better option to consider.
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4. Einhell TE-CR 18 Cordless Radio

Einhell 3408015 TE-CR
If you don’t require a DAB site radio, the Einhell TE-CR 18 is a great option to consider. It’s an AM and FM radio that’s powered by the brand’s Power-X batteries and features a single 90 cm speaker for loud and high quality music.

Compared to many of the alternatives, this particular model weighs just 0.65KG (without the battery), which makes it much easier to transport and take out with you.

Other features of the Einhell TE-CR 18 include:

  • FM and AUX music playback
  • Clear and easy to use interface
  • Saves up to 10 radio stations
  • Ergonomic carry handle
  • Produces high quality sound

To conclude, the Einhell TE-CR 18 is an affordable jobsite radio that’s built to withstand the tough building site environment. The only drawbacks with this particular model is the lack of DAB stations, Bluetooth and USB charging. However, the price tag of this model reflects the basic functionality, which makes it a great budget option to consider.
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5. Milwaukee M18JSR Site DAB Radio

Milwaukee 4933451252 M18JSRDAB 18v JOBSITE DAB RADIO
Milwaukee are another brand with a great reputation in the trade and they produce a range of site radios to suit all budgets. The M18JSR is their flagship model that features dual speakers to produce loud and clear sound.

A great bonus of this particular model is that it offers USB charging (2.1A) regardless of the power source.

Other features of the Milwaukee M18JSR include:

  • FM and DAB stations
  • Ergonomic carry handle
  • Mobile phone storage (weatherproof)
  • Intuitive power cable storage at the rear
  • AUX input
  • Weighs 5.0 KG

Although expensive, the Milwaukee M18JSR is a well-made site radio that offers great sounding music through its dual speakers. It also includes clever storage compartments for storing your phone, which is a great feature to have when working it dusty work environments.
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6. UEME DB322 Rugged Wireless Radio

UEME Rugged DAB Site Radio
One of the cheapest site radios that offers both DAB and Bluetooth connectivity is the UEME DB322. Although it isn’t produced by a reputable trade brand, it’s functionality makes it a great option to consider. In terms of its build quality, the brand state that it’s IPX4 rated and the integrated robust frame protects against any impact damage.

Other features of the UEME DB322 include:

  • 20 pre-set channels
  • DAB, FM, Bluetooth and AUX music playback
  • Dual 2.5W speakers
  • Easy to use with a LCD display
  • Powered by batteries or an AC outlet
  • Weighs 1.5 KG

To conclude, if you require a cheap site radio that offers both DAB and Bluetooth connectivity, you can’t go wrong with the UEME DB322. It may not be built to as high of a standard when compared to the premium alternatives but the budget price tag with all of its functionality certainly won’t disappoint.
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How We Rated

Whether we are working in the garden, taking down a wall or painting a room, we always have a site radio nearby to listen to music. Although you could use a standard radio, the working environment may be too tough due to the dust, water and impact damage that could possible occur.

Over the years, we’ve tried multiple site radios that include the budget options to the premium alternatives that are built by reputable trade brands. As shown in the main photo in this article (at the top), our Makita site radio has seen plenty of use and its covered in dirt. However, we recently purchased a newer Makita model (as shown in the photo) for use in “cleaner” environments. Prior to buying this model, we also tested other radios where we looked at their build quality, connectivity and sound quality.

best jobsite radio

As well as our experience and testing of a range of site radios, we also based our recommendations upon hours of research and a number of factors. Some of the factors that we took into consideration included the build quality, sound quality, connectivity, USB charging compatibility, weight, ease of operation, value for money and warranty.

Below is a video that we posted onto our Instagram page that shows us testing one of the recommendations within this article. As you can see, it certainly needs a clean but withstanding tough conditions is what they are designed to do.

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Whether you are a builder, carpenter, gardener or anyone else in the trade, investing into a site radio is highly recommended. They are built primarily to withstand tough conditions and most will last many years of heavy usage.

However, to avoid disappointment, we would strongly recommend purchasing a model from a well-known brand with a great reputation for their robust and high quality radios. We also recommend choosing a radio that offers DAB reception because FM signal can be an issue in some locations. If you need any further information regarding site radios, feel free to get in touch because we’ve owned and used multiple.

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