The Best Smart Plug UK 2022

Smart plugs are designed to plug into standard UK wall sockets and work like an adaptor that can be remotely controlled. You can switch plugged in appliances on and off remotely and even set schedules using a smartphone, Alexa or Google Home device.

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Best Smart Plug
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Installing a smart plug in your home is straightforward and it comes with so many benefits. From switching a bedside lamp on or off to setting a schedule for outdoor lighting, they can bring your home to life.

If you require a quick answer, the best smart plugs are the Hive Active Series, which come at a premium price but they are built to the highest of standards and are ideal for current Hive users. If you don’t want to connect to a hub, the TECKIN Plugs are a cheaper alternative that’s also compatible with the Alexa and Google Home Assistant.

In terms of rating the smart plugs within this article, we based our recommendations upon our experience of using a variety of plugs as well as multiple factors. The factors that we considered included their connectivity, requirement of a hub, smartphone functionality, build quality, warranty and value for money.

Smart Plugs Comparison

Smart PlugsRequire HubLight Indicator
Hive Active PlugYesYes
TECKIN WiFi SocketNoNo
Drayton WiserYesNo
TP-Link OutletNoNo
Devolo MeteringNoYes
Yale SR-PSYesNo

Whether you need smart plugs for your Alexa or switching off appliances, they’re a great addition to any home. Depending upon if you already have an existing smart system setup may sway your buying decision. This is because many plugs require a hub, which you may already have but if not, there are options that don’t require the hub to operate.

Below is a list of the best smart plugs for UK sockets that allow you to turn appliances on or off remotely.

The Best Smart Plug

1. Hive Active Smart Plug

Hive Active Plug
Hive are leading the way in smart home technology with their thermostat being one of the best smart thermostats on the market. Their smart plug is just as popular and can be plugged straight into a wall socket and controlled via the app.

Using the application, you are able to set up to 6 time slots a day as well as manually override the settings. It offers maximum flexibility and you can even turn off the plug from the button on the front of the device too.

Other features of the Hive Active Plug include:

  • Plugs into standard UK wall sockets
  • Schedule up to 6 time slots a day
  • Award winning application
  • Can switch the plug on or off manually
  • Available as a 1, 4 or 5 pack
  • Works with the Amazon Alexa

It’s important to note that when using any of the Hive products, you will need to have the “Hub” installed and it’s the same with their smart plugs. It’s easy to setup and simply plugs into the back of your router.

Although the Hive smart plugs come with an expensive price tag, they are totally worth paying the extra. They look and feel high quality and the smartphone application is very easy to use. If you already have the Hive system installed, they are the best smart plugs to integrate into the existing system.
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2. TECKIN WiFi Smart Plugs

By far the most popular smart plugs within this article are by the TECKIN brand. Unlike the Hive system, they are a fraction of the price and don’t require a hub for connecting to the internet or smartphone application.

These are the second generation of smart plugs produced by the brand and they’ve had an upgraded design. The previous generation used to interfere with some switches but the new base design fits perfectly into UK wall sockets.

Other features of the TECKIN Plugs include:

  • Remote control via the dedicated smartphone app
  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Home and IFTT
  • Doesn’t require a hub
  • Upgraded base design
  • Easily set schedules and timers

Overall, the TECKIN smart plugs offer the best value for the money and unlike similar priced models, they are packed full of functionality. It also has the desirable connectivity to both the Amazon Alexa and Google Home assistant too.
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3. Drayton Wiser Smart Plug System

Drayton Wiser Smart Plug
Drayton are another reputable brand in the UK and their Wiser smart home system is highly rated across the UK. Their smart plug is another plug that requires a hub but it also has the benefit of acting as a range extender to boost the signal for other devices.

According to the brand, their system is compatible for up to 10 plugs and you are able to control each remotely using their easy to use smartphone application.

Other features of the Drayton Wiser Plugs include:

  • Rated at 13A: 3KW
  • Set schedules for 7 days a week
  • Supports up to 10 plugs per system
  • Remote room-by-room control
  • Built-in range extender for other devices
  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Home Assistant and IFTTT

As with the Hive alternative, if you already have the Wiser smart system installed, these smarts plugs are the best option. They seamlessly integrate with your existing system and also help boost the signal of other devices.
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4. TP-Link Smart Plug WiFi Outlet

TP-Link Tapo Smart Plug Wi-Fi
TP-Link have a great reputation in the UK for their WiFi devices and these smart plugs are a great example. They require no hub and can be remotely controlled using the “Tapo” application on your smartphone or tablet.

A unique function of this smart plug is the “away mode”, which gives the appearance that someone is at the house.

Other features of the TP-Link WiFi Socket include:

  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home Assistant
  • Doesn’t require a hub
  • Easy scheduling via the app
  • Desirable away mode
  • Compact size for UK wall sockets

Overall, the TP-Link smart plug is a cheap option that’s actually worthwhile buying. Compared to similar priced plugs, they offer far more functionality and have the backing of the reputable brand.
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5. Devolo Home Smart Metering Plug

Devolo Home Control Smart Metering Plug
The Devolo is a unique smart plug that allows you to track the energy consumption of the appliance that its powering. It uses the standardised wireless Z-Wave technology, which means you can connect to multiple smart-home components with ease.

Other features of the Devolo Home Plug include:

  • Compatible with all household appliances
  • Remotely or manually controlled
  • Uses Z-Wave wireless technology
  • Dedicated and easy to use app
  • Supports the Alexa and Google Home Assistant
  • Requires a hub
  • Made in Germany

The Devolo is a unique smart plug that’s ideal for those that want to view their energy consumption in greater depth. It does come with a premium price but if you want to save money on energy, this plug is the perfect solution.
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6. Yale SR-PS Smart WiFi Plug

Yale SR-PS Smart Living Alarm Accessory Smart Plug
Yale are well-known for their home alarm systems and this smart plug is designed to integrate with the same hub. Once connected, you are able to use them both in conjunction and maximize the security of your home.

Other features of the Yale SR-PS include:

  • Uses a secure 868 MHz frequency
  • iOS and Android application
  • Clear LED status light
  • Unobtrusive design for UK sockets
  • Finished in white

Overall, the Yale SR-PS is a great addition to an existing Yale security system and it can be used for further control of your home. However, if you don’t already use the system, this plug may not be the best option as it requires a hub, which adds to the cost of an already expensive plug.
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How We Rated The Smart Plugs

After plenty of research and testing smart plugs produced by a number of brands, we have gained a lot of experience using these devices. I personally use them on a daily basis and below is a video that I took showing just how simple they are to use with any household appliance.

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As well as testing, we also rated the smart plugs based upon multiple factors. The factors that we considered included their connectivity, requirement of a hub, smartphone functionality, build quality, warranty and value for money.


Smart plugs are a great addition to any home and they allow you to control virtually any household appliance. If you already have a smart hub system installed, we highly recommend staying with the brand for simplicity. This is because you can avoid switching between multiple apps and many brands also offer additional functionality between devices.

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