The Best Tassimo Machine 2022

Compared to other branded options, the Tassimo machine is an affordable alternative that’s created by Bosch and is able to serve multiple hot drinks. Within this article, we list of some of the best models that are suitable for every budget.

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Best Tassimo Machine
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The best Tassimo machine is the Bosch My Way, which is their flagship model that’s capable of adjusting the intensity, size and strength. It also features advanced water filtration and a large water capacity for serving multiple hot drinks.

Tassimo Machine Comparison

Tassimo MachineColoursWater Capacity
My Way41,300 ml
Happy5700 ml
Vivy 23700 ml
Caddy11,200 ml
Suny3800 ml
Joy21,400 ml

Compared to the popular Nespresso machines, the Tassimo alternative is able to produce a wider range of hot drinks. The drinks include anything from an espresso to a spicy chai latte and they can be created using the brand’s compatible pods, which are often referred to as T Discs.

Below is a list of the best Tassimo machines that are easy to use and are able to create a range of hot drinks such as espressos, cappucinos, lattes and much more.

The Best Tassimo Machine

1. Bosch My Way Tassimo Coffee Machine

TASSIMO Bosch My Way 2
The My Way Tassimo machine is Bosch’s flagship model that allows you to add a personal touch to your coffee. The machine allows you to set the intensity, cup size and strength to make the drink exactly how you like it.

Compared to many of the alternative Tassimo machines, this particular model features advanced water filtration as well as a larger 1,300 ml reservoir capacity.

Other features of the Bosch My Way include:

  • Brita MAXTRA+ filtration technology
  • Intensity, size and strength settings
  • Automatic cleaning between drinks
  • Transparent 1.3 litre water reservoir
  • Available in black, cream, red or white
  • Adjustable and removable cup stand
  • Backed by a two year guarantee

Although expensive, the Tassimo My Way machine is the best option that ticks all the boxes and won’t disappoint. The added personalisation and Brita filter are a great addition that make a huge difference to the overall taste of the hot drinks that you create.
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2. Bosch Tassimo Happy Coffee Machine

TASSIMO Bosch Happy
For those that are on a tight budget and require a compact Tassimo machine, the Happy model is a great option. It’s easy to use and has a one button operation that you can use to create over 40 different drinks.

A great bonus of this particular Tassimo machine is that its available in five different styles, which include black, cream, purple/white, red/black and red/white.

Other features of the Tassimo Happy Machine include:

  • 700 ml capacity
  • Available in 5 different colour combinations
  • Adjustable cup stand
  • Single button operation
  • Automatic cleaning and descaling
  • Dishwasher safe components

Overall, the Tassimo Happy is by far the best budget machine that has a unique design and is suitable for producing up 40 types of drinks. it’s also one of the cheapest Tassimo machines on the market, which is great for those on a budget.
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3. Bosch Vivy 2 Tassimo Machine

TASSIMO Bosch Vivy 2
The Vivy 2 model is very  similar to the Happy model above but they do differ in terms of their design. The brand state that the look and feel differs because the Happy model is available in additional colours and has a playful design whereas the Vivy 2 has a modern design. However, choosing between the machines is a matter of personal preference.

Some of the features of the Bosch Tassimo Vivy 2 include:

  • 700 ml removable water tank
  • 5 LED user interface
  • Available in red, cream and black
  • Auto cleaning and descaling
  • Height adjustable and removable cup stand
  • Dishwasher safe components

The Tassimo Vivy 2 offers similar performance to the Happy alternative and is an excellent all-round option. The only drawback is that it’s available in less colour options but apart from that, it’s a great machine that won’t disappoint.
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4. Tassimo Caddy Multi-Beverage Machine

The Tassimo Caddy is one of the brand’s latest machines that’s able to store all of your T-Discs next to the machine. It’s an intuitive addition that prevents the Tassimo pods being left in cupboards or getting damaged elsewhere.

Another great feature of this Tassimo machine is the fact that it has a large 1.2 litre capacity. This makes it ideal for creating multiple hot drinks without needing to refill frequently.

Other features of the Tassimo Caddy include:

  • Holds 32 T-Discs (two holders included)
  • Large 1,200 ml water tank
  • Simple to operate via one button click
  • Adjustable cup stand
  • Stainless steel fascia
  • Automatic shut off

Although it isn’t the cheapest, the additional water tank capacity and the two holders make it one of the most practical Tassimo machines on the market. The new and improved stainless steel design also looks great in any home setting.
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5. Bosch Suny Tassimo Machine

Bosch TAS3204GB TASSIMO Suny
The Tassimo Suny is a mid-range machine that’s designed to provide instant hot drinks with a minimal heat up time. This is made possible by the inclusion of the brand’s “Smart Start” technology.

Another great bonus of the Suny model over the Vivy 2 and Happy models is that it has a larger water tank capacity. Although it’s only 100 ml extra, it can make all the difference when making multiple hot drinks.

Other features of the Tassimo Suny include:

  • Easy to use and fast operation
  • 800 ml water tank capacity
  • Adjustable and removable cup stand
  • Automatic cleaning and descaling programs
  • Available in black, white or red
  • One touch operation
  • Dishwasher safe components

Overall, the Tassimo Suny is a great option and worth spending the extra for the new and improved “Smart Start” technology. It also benefits from the larger water tank size, which is ideal for larger families or offices.
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6. Bosch Tassimo Joy Coffee Machine

Bosch Tassimo Joy TAS4502GB Coffee Machine
Another premium Tassimo machine is the Joy model, which features the largest water tank capacity at 1,400 ml. According to the brand, it require virtually no heat up time whatsoever and it makes use of an energy efficient heater for heating the water.

Other features of the Tassimo Joy Coffee Machine include:

  • 1.4 litre removable water tank
  • Available in black or white
  • Require no-pre heat time
  • Automatic switch off
  • Brita Maxtra water filtration
  • LED indicator display

When compared to the My Way model, it features the same water filtration and large tank capacity but lacks the personalised settings. However, the Tassimo Joy is much cheaper and a great alternative that won’t disappoint.
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Tassimo machines are the best alternative to the Nespresso and other branded options available in the UK. They offer a wider range of hot drinks that are developed by over 40 brands such as Cadbury, Oreo, Costa and many others.

All of our recommendations are developed by Bosch and suitable for every budget. To avoid disappointment, it’s crucial that you purchase the correct pod/T Discs to use within the machine. Opting for an alternative won’t work as they can’t be identified using the machines bar code recognition.

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