The Best Travel Cot 2022

A travel cot is the perfect solution for trips away because they are lightweight, portable and they become a familiar place for your baby to sleep. Within this article, we list some of the best available in the UK that are suitable for all budgets.

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Best Travel Cot
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Choosing between the various travel cots on the market can be a difficult task due to the wide range available. However, the best are lightweight and packed full of features to make your life easier and also allow your baby to relax.

If you require a quick answer, the best travel cot is the Hauck Sleep N Play Centre, which is a multi-functional option that’s suitable from birth. However, if you are on a tight budget and want a travel cot to use for the occasional trip away with your baby, the Red Kite Sleep Tight is the best alternative.

To rate the travel cots within this article, we based our recommendations upon our own experience of using multiple cots, plenty of research and a number of factors. Some of the factors that we took into consideration included the ease of assembly, portability, size, construction quality, additional features, warranty and value for money.

Baby Travel Cot Comparison

Travel CotAssembled DimensionsMax Weight
Hauck Sleep N Play Centre120 x 60 x 78 cm15 KG
Red Kite Sleep Tight103 x 73 x 76 cm15 KG
Graco Contour Bassinet100 x 73 x 90.5 cm15 KG
Baby Bjorn Travel112 x 64 x 82 cm15 KG
BabyDan Lightweight120 x 60 x 77 cm13.6 KG
Chicco Zip & GO96 x 67 x 73 cm12.5 KG

We’ve included the assembled dimensions in the table above because not all of the travel cots come with a suitable cot mattress. Therefore, you may need to check the dimensions and choose the correct size mattress for the cot.

Below is a list of the best travel cots that are easy to assemble and provide a familiar sleeping space for your baby.

The Best Travel Cot

1. Hauck Sleep N Play Centre Set

Hauck Travel Cot Set Sleep N Play Center
The Hauck Sleep N Play Centre is a premium option that’s packed full of intuitive features. It’s been designed so that you are fully equipped for all your travels with your baby and the construction includes a bassinet, changing top, equipment bag, folding mattress and transport bag.

Due to the clever bassinet design, you are able to use this travel cot from birth up to 9 KG and once they outgrow the bassinet, the baby can carry on using the cot up to 15 KG.

Other features of the Hauck Sleep N Play Centre include:

  • Available in black or a multi-coloured design
  • Bassinet for newborn babies
  • Suitable for up to 15 KG
  • Easily folds in a few steps for storage
  • Durable casters for easy transport
  • Zipped ends for easy in and out for the baby
  • Includes foldable mattress, changing top and carry bag

A unique and desirable feature of this travel cot is the fact that there is two levels. The benefit of this is that it makes it far easier to pick or lay the baby in the bed and it also avoids the dreaded back pain.

Although the Hauck Sleep N Play Centre is expensive, it’s the complete package and one of the best travel cots for every situation. Whether you are using it as a comfortable travel cot or a second bed, it won’t disappoint.
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2. Red Kite Sleep Tight Travel Cot

Red Kite Black Sleep Tight Travel Cot
By far the most popular travel cot for babies is the Red Kite Sleep Tight, which is available in black, purple, pink or navy blue. It’s a basic option that’s fully safety tested and easy to assemble, which is exactly what you need whilst travelling.

Unlike similar priced alternatives, this travel cot has thick padded top rails, which ensures the baby is protected and also makes it more comfortable when picking them up.

Other features of the Red Kite Sleep Tight Cot include:

  • Easy to collapse and fold away
  • Fabric covers and trims
  • Padded top rails
  • See-through mesh
  • Suitable from birth
  • Assembled dimensions of 102 x 72 x 75 CM (L x H x W)
  • Carry bag and instructions included
  • No bassinet insert or wheels

To conclude, the Red Kite Sleep Tight is the best travel cot for the money and it offers excellent value without losing out on quality. Although you need to purchase a separate cot mattress, it still works out as far better value when compared to many of the alternatives.
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3. Graco Contour Bassinet Travel Cot

Graco Contour Bassinet Travel Cot
The Graco Contour baby travel cot is another basic option but unlike the Red Kite alternative, it includes a bassinet. The brand state that you can use the bassinet up to 6.5 KG and the bed up to 15 KG. A unique feature of this travel cot is that it’s a simple push button to fold construction, which makes it small and compact enough for travelling.

Other features of the Graco Contour include;

  • Full sized bassinet that can be used up to 6.5 KG
  • Folds up to a compact size for storage
  • Mattress included
  • Push button folding mechanism
  • Fully padded top rails
  • Easily moves upon two wheels

Overall, the Graco Contour is a highly rated travel cot that’s built to a high standard and won’t disappoint. Depending upon your budget, the brand also produce a more expensive model known as the Electra. For the premium price, it includes additional features such as a changing table, toy bar, music, timer and even vibrations.
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4. Baby Bjorn Lightweight Travel Cot

BABYBJORN Travel Cot Light
Baby Bjorn are known for their superior quality and this baby travel cot meets that excellent reputation. It has a lightweight construction that weighs just 6 KG (including the bag) and it’s designed for newborns up to 3 years of age.

According to the brand, all of the fabric used in the construction is completely child friendly and it can be removed for machine washing.

Other features of the Baby Bjorn Lightweight Cot include:

  • 82 x 112 x 64 cm in size
  • High quality fitted mattress included
  • Weighs just 6 KG
  • Meets Oeko-Tex standards
  • Removable and machine washable cot fabrics
  • 100% polyester fabric construction
  • Mattress cover made from 100% Trevira fabric
  • Carrying bag included

As with any of the brand’s products, this travel cot is very expensive and may be out of budget for many parents. However, for the additional cost, you get superior build quality and a cot that’s ideal for travelling babies.

It’s worth noting that this cot has high side rails, which may make getting the baby in and out difficult for short people.
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5. BabyDan Extra Large Travel Cot

BabyDan Travel Cot Extra Large Cot
If you require a larger travel cot at an affordable price, this cot by the BabyDan brand is the best option. It’s 60 x 120 cm in size and features a large storage pocket for storing nappies and other baby products.

A unique feature of this travel cot is that it can actually be pulled along on the wheels whilst placed in the carry bag, which is great for travelling long distance on foot.

Other features of the BabyDan Cot include:

  • 60 x 120 cm in size
  • Modern black design
  • Suitable from birth up to 13.6 KG
  • Doubles up as a playpen
  • Weighs 12 KG
  • Suitable for standard mattresses
  • Easily pulled along with the wheels

To conclude, the BabyDan travel cot is an excellent all-round option that offers relatively good value for money. The extra length compared to similar priced cots makes it ideal for babies that like to move around or play inside of the cot.
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6. Chicco Zip & GO Baby Travel Cot

Chicco Zip Go Extendable Travel Cot
Chicco are a reputable brand in the UK that are well-known for their baby products and the Zip & Go is their flagship travel cot. It’s a premium option that can be used from birth up to two years of age and unlike any of the alternatives, it has two modes. The first mode is a standard fixed cot and the other is a rocking mode to help your baby relax.

Other features of the Chicco Zip & Go include:

  • Suitable from birth to 24 months
  • Fixed or rocking modes
  • Mesh on each side of the cot for viewing and ventilation
  • Takes less than 10 seconds to setup
  • One-click foldability
  • Includes a carry bag, mattress and instructions

Although expensive, the Chicco Zip & Go has a fairly unique design that makes it standout from the crowd. The rocking motion is a great addition that makes it a worthwhile investment that you certainly won’t regret.
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How We Rated The Cots

As we are parents that enjoy weekends away, we’ve certainly had our money’s worth from various travel cots we’ve used over the years. The portability and ease of setting it up in a matter of seconds are traits that are essential when we’ve used them. As shown in the image, our current travel cot features wheels, which makes moving it from room to room far easier.

In terms of rating the travel cots within this article, along with our experience of using multiple cots, we also based our recommendations upon hours of research and a number of factors. Some of the factors that we took into consideration included the ease of assembly, portability, size, construction quality, additional features, warranty and value for money.

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When travelling with your baby, the amount of products that you require can be daunting. However, the cot that they sleep in is one of the most important products to remember but taking a standard cot with you can be difficult. Therefore, using a dedicated travel cot is the best option because they simply pop into shape in a matter of seconds.

All of our recommendations above are suitable for a range of budgets and come in several different designs. To avoid disappointment, we advise that you buy from a reputable brand and compliment the cot with a comfortable mattress.

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