The Best Wireless Doorbell UK 2022

Investing into a wireless doorbell as a replacement takes a matter of minutes to install and most modern examples are packed full of features. From sleek designs to long range doorbells, there is a wide selection available.

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Best Wireless Doorbell
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A wireless doorbell is available in a wide range of different types that aim to meet certain expectations. These include doorbells for improved aesthetics, long range operation, video footage, extra loud chimes and much more.

As they are a feature of any house that all visitors will notice, it’s worth spending extra for one that’s built to high standards and has the performance to match.

The best wireless doorbell is the NOVETE 1300, which has an impressive operation range of 400 metres and a max chime output of 115 dB with 5 adjustable volume levels.

Wireless Doorbell Comparison

Wireless DoorbellRange (Metres)Chime Output
NOVETE 130040052 Tones / 115 dB
TECKNET Twin30032 Tones / 85 dB
Innoo Tech15051 Tones / 85 dB
Byron Sentry BY3011008 Tones / 94 dB
Ring Video 2N/A20 Tones / 80 dB
Koopower Self-Generating15052 Tones / 80 dB
1byone 1-by-one10036 Tones / 110 dB
AUSEIN Plug In30036 Tones / 85 dB

Over the last few years, the performance of wireless doorbells have improved by a great margin. They now offer further operation range and a wide range of ring tones, which can be output to an adjustable volume level.

Below is a list of the best wireless doorbells that can be installed in minutes and offer plenty of customization.

The Best Wireless Doorbell

1. NOVETE 1300 Long Range Doorbell

Wireless Doorbell NOVETE
The NOVETE 1300 is a high performing wireless door bell that has the longest range on the market at 400 metres. It’s also offer the loudest chime output at a loud 115 dB and the choice of 5 adjustable volume levels.

Although this wireless doorbell offers impressive performance statistics, it still only consumes a small amount of power. The brand state that the lithium battery gives a lifespan of up to 3 years for minimal maintenance.

Other features of the NOVETE 1300 include:

  • Extra long range at 400 metres
  • Doesn’t interfere with other equipment
  • Max chime output of 115 dB with 5 volume levels
  • Low power consumption to make the battery last up to 3 years
  • Includes all the mounting hardware
  • IP55 weatherproof rating
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Impressive lifetime warranty

The performance statistics of this wireless doorbell displays how good it really is. It’s easy to use, offers long range operation and is also the loudest on the market. Overall, the NOVETE 1300 ticks all the boxes and is backed by a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

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2. TECKNET Wireless Doorbell

TECKNET Wireless Doorbell
By far the most popular and highly rated wireless doorbell is by the TECKNET brand. It has a IP33 waterproof remote transmitter and two receivers that enable the system to have an operating range of over 300 metres.

For those that like their chime to sound fairly unique, this wireless doorbell system offers 32 different ring tones, which can be adjusted in volume from 25 to 85 dB.

Other features of the TECKNET Kit include:

  • Range of over 300 metres
  • IP33 weatherproof rating
  • Two receivers and one transmitter
  • 32 different ring tones
  • Max sound output of 85 dB
  • Supplied with screws and double sided tap
  • Lifetime technical support and 18 months warranty
  • Available in black or white
  • Blue light indicators

Depending upon your requirements, the brand offer the option of a screwed in or double sided tape installation.

The TECKNET wireless doorbell offers outstanding value for the money and comes with a 18 months warranty for peace of mind. The installation requires no technical skills and it can be all setup in a matter of minutes.
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3. Innoo Tech Weatherproof Wireless Doorbells

The Innoo Tech wireless doorbell kit is a more heavy duty option that is weatherproof rated as IP44. This will mean that its ideal for strong winds, below freezing temperatures and heavy rain. Included within the box are two receivers, one transmitter, screws and double sided foam tape.

In terms of the chime, the brand offer a choice of 51 ringtones which include standard and novelty chimes. The ringtone can then be adjusted in volume from 25 to 85 dB to best suit your requirements.

Other features of the Inno Tech Kit include:

  • Intelligent self-generating power transmitter
  • Two mounting options
  • 51 ringtones
  • 4 levels of volume adjustment
  • 150 metre operating range
  • LED signal light
  • Slim and sleek design
  • 18 month warranty

Innoo Tech claim that this wireless doorbell is able to provide up to 10 years of usage without any maintenance required. For complete peace of mind, its covered by a 18 month warranty and a 45 day hassle-free return.
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4. Byron Sentry BY301 Extra Loud Wireless Doorbell

Byron Sentry BY301
For those that struggle to hear or simply want a louder doorbell in their home, the Bryon Sentry BY301 is the best option. In terms of the max chime output, it’s rated at a loud 94 dB and it even has the option to produce a strobe alert.

It offers 8 different chimes that include a standard ding dong to a saxophone, which can be played up to the max volume.

Other features of the Bryon Sentry BY301 include:

  • Operating range of 100 metres
  • Max chime output of 94 dB
  • IP44 weather resistant
  • Choice of 8 different ring tones
  • Optional strobe alert
  • Box includes battery and fittings
  • 1 year warranty

If you require a loud wireless doorbell, the Bryon Sentry BY301 is by far the best option. It’s slightly more expensive than some of the alternatives but its built to the highest of standards and has the desirable extra loud chime.
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5. Ring Wireless Video Doorbell

Ring are known for producing the best video doorbells and if you require a wireless option with a camera, the Ring 2 kit is perfect. It features all the great benefits as the Pro model that the brand produce but is powered by a battery pack.

Depending where your existing doorbell is installed, the brand offer the choice of installation for the peephole or without.

Other features of the Ring 2 include:

  • 1080p HD picture quality
  • 160 degree field of view
  • Optional wired installation
  • Weather resistant
  • Easy to remove rechargeable batteries
  • Max chime output of 80 dB
  • Adjustable motion detection
  • 1 year warranty

As the Ring Video Doorbell 2 using a WiFi connection, the range will be determined by the strength of your internet.

If video footage from your wireless doorbell is a requirement, the Ring 2 is the answer. It’s packed full of intuitive features and has the backing of the reputable brand for peace of mind.
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6. KooPower Self Generating Powered Doorbell

Wireless Doorbell KooPower
The KooPower is a clever wireless doorbell that has a self-generating power design for both the push button and receivers. It’s suitable for any front door and requires zero batteries or wiring.

In terms of the chime, it has an operating range of 150 metres and the choice of 52 tones, which can be output at three volume levels ranging from 50 to 80 dB.

Other features of the KooPower Doorbell include:

  • 150 metre operating range
  • Requires no batteries or wiring
  • 52 different ring tones
  • Three volume levels that range from 50 to 80 dB
  • All mounting accessories included
  • Easy and straightforward installation

Overall, the KooPower doorbell is an excellent all-round option that is both wireless and doesn’t require any batteries. This makes it completely maintenance-free and easy to setup.

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    7. 1byone Wireless Doorbell Chime Kit

    1 BY ONE Easy Chime Wireless Doorbell
    The 1byone is another extra loud wireless doorbell kit that has 36 ring tones and a max volume of up to 110 dB. The brand claim that each of the 36 tones are of “CD quality” and the volume can be adjusted to best suit your needs.

    Included in the box is two receivers, one transmitter, batteries, wall plugs, screws and an instruction manual.

    Other features of the 1byone Chime Kit include:

    • 100 metre operation range
    • Sounds and flashes once activated
    • Meets the FCC. CE and RoHS standards
    • Choice of 36 ring tones
    • 3 adjustable volume levels
    • Backed with a 12 month warranty
    • IP44 waterproof rating
    • Able to withstand the extreme temperatures

    The 1byone wireless doorbell is built to a high standard and is ideal for elderly people that struggle to hear the doorbell. It’s a premium option without the price tag and its suitable for use all around the house.

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    8. AUSEIN Cheap Wireless Doorbell

    AUSEIN Wireless Doorbell
    If you simply want a replacement wireless doorbell that is cheap and has a modern design, the AUSEIN option is ideal. It has a weatherproof construction with a flashing light indicator to let the visitor know that they have clicked the button.

    Compared to other cheap wireless doorbells, the AUSEIN has an impressive range of up to 300 metres. This is more than enough for standard sized homes and the brand also states that it won’t interfere with other devices.

    Other features of the AUSEIN Doorbell include:

    • 300 metre range
    • Max chime output of 85 dB
    • Available in white or black
    • IP44 waterproof rating
    • Choice of 36 ring tones
    • 4 levels of volume adjustment
    • Comes as a complete kit

    Overall, it’s a cheap wireless doorbell that has a great operating range, sleek design and multiple ring tones options. Simply plug the receiver into any standard socket and place the doorbell at the front door and you are setup and ready.

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    Replacing your wireless doorbell with some of the latest models can make a huge difference. Most modern examples are able to output loud chimes with the choice of ring tones to best suit your requirements. Many premium options even include flashing lights, which indicate to the visitor that they clicked the doorbell.

    All of our recommendations cover a wide range of doorbells that include standard, long range, loud and even video types. If you struggle to hear your existing chime, we advise that you spend the extra for a louder model with a longer range. This will allow you to plug the chime into a socket where you spend the most of your time.

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