Whether you enjoy road cycling, powering through the hills on an electric bike or extreme mountain biking, there is a whole host of equipment that you need to get started or improve your performance on the bike.

Below you will be able to find all our articles regarding products, news and “how to” guides relating to the bike industry in the UK.

Best Front Bike Light

Ensuring that you can be clearly seen riding your bicycle in the dark is crucial for your safety and is also a legal requirement in the UK. We roundup the best that produce ultra bright light and operate in multiple lighting modes.

Best Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Rather than spending thousands on a new electric bike, you could convert your current bicycle at a fraction of the cost. An electric bike conversion kit is an affordable way to experience the power of electric and there are many kits to choose from.

Best Rear Bike Light

Whilst cycling at night, a rear bike light is an essential piece of kit that’s also a legal requirement in the UK. Within this article, we roundup the latest models that provide ultra bright light, a long battery life and multiple lighting modes.

Best Saddle Bag

Installing a saddle bag to your bike is a convenient way of storing items such as your smartphone, keys, wallet or other bicycle accessories. Most are compact in size but there are larger alternatives that provide up to 15 litres of storage space.

Best Bike Pannier Bags

Bike pannier bags are the best way of safely transporting your belongings and avoiding back pain from bulky backpacks. They are ideal for commuting and come with plenty of storage space, which can be split between multiple panniers or a single bag.

Best Bib Tights

Investing into quality bib tights will not only keep you warm during the winter season but also improve comfort. Unlike standard tights or shorts, they have no waistband, which makes them far more comfortable to wear.

Best Cycling Gloves

Quality cycling gloves are an essential piece of equipment for any cyclist and they’re available in a variety of styles. Whether you require a waterproof or warm design for winter or a breathable design for summer, we have a great selection below.

Best Bike Computer

Bike computers have become increasingly popular among cyclists and there is a great selection on the market. Whether you want a basic budget device or one that connects with sensors or third party apps, there is a great line-up available.

Best Bike Lock

Whether you own an expensive bike or live in a high risk area, a quality bike lock is an essential bit of kit. They are available as a D-lock, chain or combination design that all offer different levels of security to best suit your requirements.