Caravans, Motorhomes and Campervans

Although Britain doesn’t always provide the best of weather, us Brits still love to camp out in our caravans, motorhomes and campervans. Each year, more and more people are spending thousands on these investments and the market is not slowing down. However, once you have purchase the caravan, motorhome or campervan, you will then want to purchase extras.

This is where Darimo UK comes in and we have excellent experience within this sector. Below you are able to find all the articles, product reviews and “how to” guides regarding this sector.

Guide To Winter Caravanning

Winter caravanning can be just as enjoyable as in the summer but it’s important that you prepare for any potential problems that comes with the cold weather. Below are our top 10 tips to ensure that caravanning in the winter is not just comfortable but also enjoyable.

How To Deal And Prevent Damp In Caravans

The smell or sight of damp in caravans often means trouble and its something all caravan owners dread. To help you stop and prevent damp from spreading within your caravan, we have put together the below guide that all caravan owners can follow.

Best Caravan Steps

Caravan steps are an essential item for any touring caravans and are available in a wide range of designs to best suit your requirements. Below are our top picks that are built to a high standard and capable of withstanding weights up to 200 KG.

Best Caravan Sealant

Caravan sealant is an essential product for tackling leaks or cracks within your caravan. Compared to standard sealants, they are much stronger and ideal for roofs, skylights, windows and other interior or exterior components.

Best Caravan Hitch Lock

Keeping your caravan secure with a suitable hitch lock is crucial as it prevents opportunists driving off with it. Within this article are a wide range of locks that take seconds to fit and are suitable for most Alko hitches.

Best Caravan Towing Mirrors

It’s a legal requirement that if you tow a caravan or trailer that’s wider than your vehicle, you must use suitable caravan towing mirrors. Failing to do so can results in fines of up to £1,000 and 3 penalty points, which isn’t worth the risk.

Best Caravan Wheel Clamp

Using a caravan wheel clamp is one of the best methods of protecting your caravan and they’re available in a range of different types. They also act as a highly visible deterrent with bright designs that cover the wheel face.

Best Caravan Damp Meter

Damp inside of a caravan is unhealthy to live in and can be expensive to repair if it isn’t treated. Investing into a caravan damp meter allows you to track the moisture and attend to areas of dampness when required.

Best Caravan Kettle

Rather than paying over the odds for takeaway cups of coffee or tea, a low wattage kettle for caravan or motorhome use is a great investment. The low power consumption avoids tripping out your electrical supply and it’ll save you money in the long run.

Best Caravan Microwave

Purchasing a caravan microwave straight from the factory can be a very expensive optional extra. However, by retrofitting a low wattage alternative into your caravan, you have the freedom to choose the design and functions you require.

Best Caravan TV

Installing a 12V TV in your caravan is a great way to pass the time and the latest are packed full of functionality. Within this article, we list some of the best options that include smart features, a range of screen sizes and those that are suitable for all budgets.

Best Caravan Aerial

In order to watch TV within your caravan, you will need to correctly position a caravan aerial to the exterior. They are available in several different shapes and sizes to suit a range of caravans or motorhomes.

Best Caravan Levellers

Without the use of caravan levellers, you may find there is a slight slope, which may effect the operation of certain appliances. They are available as basic sloped ramps or ramps with multiple heights to best suit your requirements.

Best Caravan Cleaner

Choosing a dedicated caravan cleaner that is suitable for all surfaces will allow you to maintain the showroom shine. The best will effectively remove stubborn dirt, algae and black streaks with very little effort.

Best Caravan Awnings

Caravan awnings are an essential addition to your caravan that provides extra space whilst pitched up at a camp site. They are available in multiple designs that use steel poles or inflatable beams and can be used all season.

Best Leisure Battery

A leisure battery allows you to power up all of your 12V appliances inside of your caravan, boat or motorhome. Unlike a regular battery, the leisure alternative provides lower levels of power over a prolonged period and within this article, we list some of the best.

Best Silent Generator For Caravan

Investing into a silent generator for your caravan is the best option to power up electrical appliances without irritating nearby residents. Loud generators can be a big disturbance and ruins the caravan experience for others on the campsite.

Best Caravan Covers

Using a caravan cover reduces the amount of time spent cleaning off dirt and is the best option for protection. They are available in a range of designs that provide full coverage or simply protect the front, roof or hitch of the caravan and below are some of the best.