Grass Seed Vs Turf – Which Is Best?

If you have prepared the ground ready to create a brand new lawn, you have the choice of using either grass seed or turf. Below we discuss the pro’s and con’s of each method to help you make the correct decision to creating your perfect lawn.

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Grass Seed Vs Turf
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The preparation work that you do to the ground ready for grass seed or turf is the same and so is the end result. However, when you lay turf, you pay the premium price for an instant lawn and you also save the effort of maintaining the grass for weeks after. Alternatively grass seeds are much cheaper and many people love to see the seeds germinate into lush green grass after a few weeks of aftercare.

Whether you use grass seed or turf, creating a new lawn in your garden is a relatively easy and straightforward task. However, there are some other factors you should consider as we discuss in the below pro’s and con’s.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Laying Turf

  • You can lay turf yourself in a few hours
  • Creates an instant lawn upon prepared ground
  • Less watering required after it has been laid
  • Can be cut earlier on as the roots are established
  • Easier to achieve tidy lawn edges
  • Doesn’t wash away in heavy rain
  • Can successfully lay turf in the winter if required

Disadvantages of Laying Turf

  • Expensive for large areas
  • Limited choice of grass types
  • Handling turf can be physically demanding
  • Not always suitable for shaded or wet areas
  • Needs to be laid as soon as its bought or delivered

Advantages of Grass Seeds

  • Far more cost effective than laying turf
  • Easier to perform patch repairs or create small areas of lawn
  • Wide variety of seed types available
  • Can be used in shade and different soil types
  • Easier to store and it can be kept for many years
  • Application is as simple as spreading it by hand or with a spreader
  • No rush to plant the seeds

Disadvantages of Grass Seeds


Deciding between grass seed or turf is a matter of personal preference and whether you want to see instant results. In terms of the quality of the grass, even if you used the best grass seed on the market, the turf equivalent will still look the same (and vice versa). Often your budget becomes a major factor because purchasing a large amount of turf can certainly add up. However, if you were to purchase a large box of grass seed, it covers a much large area at a more affordable price.

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