How Many Golf Clubs Can You Carry?

Although it may be tempting to carry all of your golf clubs in your bag, there may be certain limitations depending upon the tournament. Within this article, we discuss how many golf clubs you can carry and the most popular clubs to keep in your bag.

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How Many Golf Clubs Can You Carry
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Whether you want to carry additional woods, irons or wedges, the choice is completely up to you. However, to determine which clubs you should carry, you’ll want to choose clubs that you are confident with as well as a wide variety. It’s worth pointing out that if you are playing in a tournament, there may be a limitation to the amount of clubs you can carry.

How Many Clubs Are Allowed In A Golf Bag?

If you are playing in a tournament, the rule of 14 golf clubs in a bag is the maximum number of clubs you are allowed to carry. However, you should always check the tournament guidelines beforehand because some courses may differ. In terms of the golf clubs you are allowed to carry in your bag, there isn’t any limitations to the variation you can use.

It’s worth pointing out that if you are playing on your own or with friends around the course, you can carry as many golf clubs as you wish. However, if you are carrying a lot of clubs, you’ll need to have a suitable golf bag to carry all of them and we would also recommend an electric golf trolley to make it easier to carry them around the course.

What Are The 14 Clubs In Golf?

  • Driver
  • Woods (3 and 5 Wood)
  • Wedges (Sand, Gap and Pitching)
  • Irons (4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 Iron)
  • Hybrid
  • Putter

We discuss the most popular clubs to carry in your bag and the reasons why you should carry them below.

Is Their A Penalty For Carrying Too Many Clubs?

The penalty for carrying too many clubs varies depending upon the tournament and course. However, a common penalty for carrying too many clubs in stroke play is an additional two strokes added to your score for the first two holes. In match play, the penalty is a single stroke for each hole you are carrying too many clubs (capped at 2 strokes).

If you find that you are carrying additional clubs on the first hole, any penalties won’t apply for the next hole. Therefore, it would only result in a 2 stroke penalty instead of a 4 stroke penalty in stroke play or just a single stroke in match play. For this reason, we always recommend declaring the extra club earlier rather than later for a better ending score card.

how many clubs in a golf bag

The Most Popular Clubs To Carry In Your Bag

Choosing 14 clubs can be difficult but we always recommend selecting a variety that you are strongest with. The first club that’s always recommended that you carry is a golf driver because it’s the best club to use to gain maximum distance upon par 4’s and par 5’s. The majority of golfers are very confident with their drivers and it’s seen as an essential club.

The fairway woods are the next set of clubs and they are available in several different forms which range from a 3 wood to a 9 wood. However, the most common fairway woods to carry include a 3 and 5 wood because they are the best alternative to a driver and for hitting the ball from the fairway upon long par 5’s. Alternatively, you may wish to carry a single fairway wood and opt for additional hybrid clubs that are designed to be easier to launch.

The irons offer the largest variety of clubs and they vary from a 2 iron to a 9 iron. In terms of which irons to carry, most golfers opt for a 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 iron but this does vary depending upon if you are carrying hybrid clubs. The reason for this is because many people struggle to hit the long irons (2, 3 and 4) whereas hybrids are much easier to use.

When it comes to your short game, your golf wedges are the best clubs to use and they are available as a lob, gap, sand and pitching wedge. The choice of wedge you use is a matter of personal preference but we always recommend carrying a sand wedge. Finding your ball in the bunker is quite common and its an essential club to use to chip onto the green from the sand. The other wedges vary because some golfers may use their 9 iron as a pitching wedge whereas others don’t. Many golfers also struggle using a lob wedge and will opt to chip with another wedge instead.

Finally, the putter is another essential golf club that’s needed to putt the ball into the hole on the green and without one, you may find yourself struggling with your short game.

Is There Any Limitations On Equipment

Although there is a limitation on the number of clubs you can carry, there isn’t any limitations with regards to the equipment. For example, you can carry as many golf balls as you want, bottles of water, food and anything else. However, if you are unsure, most tournaments will state their specific rules very clearly upon registration/sign up form.


As mentioned above, 14 clubs is the maximum number of golf clubs you can carry in your bag during most tournaments. Therefore, it’s crucial that the selection of clubs you are carrying are those that you are confident with. It’s also recommended that you maintain your clubs appropriately because if a club becomes damaged during a tournament, you aren’t allowed to replace it. Instead, you’ll need to continue playing with it or repair it during the round.

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