How To Use A Nespresso Machine

Nespresso machines are one of the easiest ways to create coffee-shop quality coffee’s right from the comfort of your own home. Below we walk you through all the steps required on how to use a Nespresso machine with ease.

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How To Use A Nespresso Machine
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There is a common misconception that Nespresso machines are hard to use but this simply isn’t the case. In fact, they are very easy to use and many of the basic machines only require a touch of a button to create the perfect coffee.

If you haven’t bought a machine yet, we wrote an in-depth article on the best rated Nespresso machines that are suitable for all budgets. Once you have got your hands on one, you can follow the steps below on how to use it.

How To Use A Nespresso Machine

1. Fill The Water Tank

To begin to use a Nespresso machine, you will need to fill the water tank, which may involve disconnecting it from the machine. Depending upon how many cups of coffee you intend to make, you should fill the tank up accordingly.

2. Insert The Capsule

By far the most important stage of using a Nespresso machine is the correct placement of the capsule. Assuming that you are using Nespresso compatible capsules, you will need to face the capsule so that the aluminium top is facing outwards. You can refer to the below image as a reference to the placement of the capsule. In order to open the machine up for inserting the capsule, there should be a lever or button that opens up the compartment on your machine.

how to use nespresso machine

3. Prepare The Machine

With the water tank filled and the capsule inserted correctly, you can go ahead and turn on the machine. This can be achieved using either of the buttons on the machine (as shown in the above image). To indicate that the machine is heating up, it will continue to flash for up to 30 seconds depending upon your machine. Once it has reached its optimum temperature, it will stop flashing and remain a solid colour.

4. Insert Your Mug

Depending upon the coffee you are making will determine the size of the coffee mug you will need to use. For example, if you push the “Lungo” cup size button, you don’t want to place an “Espresso” size mug in the tray. If the mug you wish to use is too big for the tray, you can simply flip the tray upwards for it to fit in the perfect position.

5. Start Creating The Coffee

Once your machine is setup and ready, you can click the button of the cup size that you want and watch the coffee being made. We posted a video on our Instagram page of us using our Nespresso machine below.

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6. Add Any Extras

If you are a true coffee lover, you may wish to add some extras such as tasty syrups or even use a milk frother to create a coffee-shop quality coffee.

Cleaning The Machine

After you have finished making your coffee or want to use it again the day after, it’s advised that you clean your Nespresso machine. This can be achieved by a quick or thorough wash, which can involve descaling it. If you want to quickly wash it, you can purge the system by brewing hot water a few times in the machine. It’s also recommended that you rinse the water tank reservoir with hot water too.


Using a Nespresso machine is really straightforward and hopefully our guide on how to use a Nespresso machine covers everything you need to know. If you have any questions or need further information on how to use it, feel free to get in touch with our team and we can advise where possible.

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