What Hand Do You Wear A Golf Glove On?

The main reason to wear a golf glove is to improve your grip with the club but what hand do you wear a golf glove on? Within this article, we discuss whether you need left or right handed gloves as well as the reasons why most golfers only wear a glove on one hand.

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What Hand Do You Wear A Golf Glove On
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Golf gloves are an essential piece of golfing equipment and the added grip they provide is very beneficial for drives or long irons shots where the swing is much faster. This is mainly due to the fact that bare hands can become slippery (due to the warmth or wet weather) and this can cause the club to move in your grip during the swing.

However, if you have just purchased the perfect golf glove, what hand do you wear it on and why is it only needed on one hand? These are common questions that most beginner golfers often ask and we discuss the reasons why below.

What Hand To Wear A Golf Glove?

Depending upon whether you are right or left handed will determine what hand you should wear a golf glove. To answer the question, the golf glove is worn on the “lead” hand (the weaker hand) where the hand is on top of the grip.

Therefore, if you are right handed, you’ll wear a golf glove on your left hand and if you are left handed, you’ll wear a golf glove on your right hand. The “other hand” (that’s not wearing the glove) doesn’t need a glove because most golfers feel that they have a better feel for the club. However, a golf glove isn’t a requirement and many golfers may even decide to wear gloves on both hands or none at all. It really is a matter of personal preference and what works best for you.

Removing The Glove For Certain Shots

For certain shots such as hitting the short irons, chipping or putting, you may find that many golfers will remove their glove. This is usually a trait of experienced golfers and many people state that they get a better feel for the club. However, they’ll still always use their glove for longer shots where a faster swing movement is required (i.e. driving, woods and long irons). For the majority of golfers, the golf glove remains worn for all of their shots during the round.

Course Weather Conditions

The weather conditions out on the course may determine the type of glove you require and whether or not you wear golf gloves on both hands. As mentioned previously, it’s a matter of personal preference but there are certain benefits of wearing summer, winter or wet weather gloves.

During the summer, a soft leather glove that provides comfort and a tacky grip of the club is highly recommended. Alternatively, in wet weather, you’ll want to opt for a dedicated glove that provides a better grip the wetter it gets. Although they are an added expense, they are certainly a worthwhile investment.

During the cold winter months, you may wish to use winter golf gloves and they are often sold as a pair. This means that you wear a glove on both hands where both provide additional grip as well as much needed warmth.

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Sizing, Comfort & Tightness

A glove that’s comfortable to wear and provides plenty of grip is easily achievable as long as you get the correct size and fit. The hand that you wear a golf glove on must fit snug across the palm and there should be no loose materials at the end of your fingers. However, you also don’t want the glove to be too tight and uncomfortable to wear for long periods.

It’s important to note that different glove brands provide a different fit and it’s always worthwhile testing out multiple. You’ll also want to choose specific sizes for men, woman and junior gloves because they all differ in size.


To conclude, if you are right handed, you should wear a golf glove on your left hand and vice versa. The main reason for this is so that your weaker hand is able to achieve a better grip with the club when compared to a bare hand. However, if you feel that you right hand could also benefit from improved grip, there is nothing stopping you wearing golf gloves on both hands.

If you feel that you require further information regarding golf gloves, feel free to get in touch. Our team at Darimo UK feature many golfers and we have plenty of experience as a team regarding a wide range of golfing equipment.

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