The Best Baby Sling 2022

A baby sling is the best alternative to a carrier and it’s designed to wrap around you and your baby. Many parents prefer to use them because they offer closer contact and within this article, we list some of the best available in the UK.

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Best Baby Sling
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Baby slings are ideal for newborns and they offer multiple ergonomic positions for your baby to get comfortable. They also evenly distribute the baby’s weight across your back, shoulders and hips in order to prevent any discomfort. These are just a few of the many reasons why they are becoming increasingly more popular with parents in the UK.

If you require a quick answer, the best baby sling is the Keababies Wrap, which is a one size fits all design that’s available in a choice of nine different colours. However, if you require a more affordable alternative, the Juicy Bumbles Wrap is the best option and it’s designed to promote maximum comfort for both the wearer and baby at all times.

To rate the baby slings within this article, we based our recommendations upon testing multiple slings (as shown in the “How We Rated” section below), plenty of research and a number of factors. Some of the factors that we considered included the weight range, colour options, quality of the construction, certifications, additional features and value.

Baby Sling Comparison

Baby SlingColour(s)Weight Range
Keababies WrapChoice of Nine ColoursNewborn to 35 LBS
Funki FlamingoGreyNewborn to 35 LBS
Baby K’TanBlack8 LBS to 35 LBS
Hana BAMBOODusty Navy or SlateNewborn to 35 LBS
Juicy Bumbles WrapBlack, Grey or StripesNewborn to 35 LBS
Ergobaby Sling WrapSage, Grey, Indigo, Blue, Dots or StripesNewborn to 25 LBS

Unlike a normal carrier, baby slings are constructed of long pieces of fabric that’s used to wrap across the wearers body. Many parents feel that they connect with their baby more using a sling and it’s for this reason why they are very popular.

Below is a list of the best baby slings that are lightweight, breathable and provide comfort for both the wearer and baby.

The Best Baby Sling

1. Keababies Stretchy Sling Wrap

Baby Wrap Carrier - All in 1 Stretchy Baby Sling
By far the most popular and highly rated baby sling available in the UK is by the Keababies brand. It’s a one size fits all design that’s tried and tested by mums of all sizes and it’s available in a choice of 9 different colours. In terms of using this sling, the brand state that it’s suitable for baby’s up to 35 LBS or from newborn to 36 months.

Other features of the Keababies Sling include:

  • Designed to reduce strain on your back and shoulders
  • Machine washable material
  • Choice of nine different colours
  • Supplied within a gift box (great for baby showers)
  • Breathable cotton spandex construction
  • Can also be used as a swaddle blanket and much more

To conclude, the Keababies Sling is one of the best options on the market that ticks all the boxes and is available in a great selection of colours. The popularity speaks for itself and this baby sling will certainly not disappoint.

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2. Funki Flamingo Comfort Sling

Baby Sling Wrap Premium Baby Carrier Newborn to Toddler
Another popular baby sling is by the Funki Flamingo brand and they promise unbeatable quality. The brand states that it’s made from premium materials and it’s capable of years of usage and repeated washing.

Unlike many of the alternatives, Funki Flamingo provide a lifetime guarantee with this baby sling. This means that regardless of how often you wear the sling, there is a 100% money back and infinity replacement guarantee.

Other features of the Funki Flamingo include:

  • For newborns up to 35 LBS
  • Made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex
  • Clip-free design with no excess fabric
  • Easy to put on and comfortable
  • Neutral grey colour
  • Plenty of elasticity for easy manoeuvrability
  • Completely machine washable
  • Guaranteed forever

Overall, the Funki Flamingo baby sling is a comfortable option that distributes the baby’s weight evenly to prevent back strain. It also comes with a 100% money back and infinity replacement guarantee for complete peace of mind.
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3. Baby K’Tan Baby Cotton Sling

Baby K tan Cotton Black Baby Carrier
The Baby K’Tan is a premium option and a 3-in-1 product that acts as a baby sling, wrap and carrier. It has been designed to provide maximum comfort for both the wearer and baby with multiple unique features that standout from the alternatives. It can also be used from birth up to 3 years of age or 35 LBS (whichever comes first).

Other features of the Baby K’Tan include:

  • Suitable for babies from 8 LBS to 35 LBS
  • Ergonomic positioning for the baby
  • Back support-band that evenly distributes the weight
  • Double shoulder support for the wearer of the sling
  • Machine washable and dryer safe
  • No buckles, ring, clasps or bulky padding
  • Includes a carrying bad and instruction manual

Although expensive, the Baby K’Tan Sling offers superior comfort for both the wearer and baby when used correctly. It also doesn’t include any buckles, rings, snaps, clasps, bulky padding, metal or plastic, which can become a nuisance.
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4. Hana Bamboo Baby Sling Carrier

Hana Baby Wrap
The Hana Bamboo is another popular baby sling wrap in the UK and it has a unique construction that’s made of 48% bamboo fiber, 48% cotton and 4% elastane. The uniqueness is of course the bamboo fiber, which has the benefit of being extremely soft, breathable, thermo-regulating and featuring a natural UV filter.

Other features of the Hana Bamboo Wrap include:

  • Construction is OEKO TEX certified
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Supports your baby’s back and legs fully
  • Distributes weight evenly across the wearers shoulders and back
  • Available in a dusty navy or slate colour
  • One size fits all design
  • Anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic

To conclude, the Hana Bamboo is an excellent all-round baby sling wrap that has an intuitive design and is available in two colours to best suit your requirements.
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5. Juicy Bumbles Baby Sling Wrap

Juicy Bumbles Baby Sling
If you require an affordable baby sling, the Juicy Bumbles is a great option to consider and it’s available in a black, grey or stripy design. According to the brand, the design focuses on providing maximum comfort for both the wearer and baby at all times. It’s also suitable for newborn babies up until they weigh 35 LBS.

When using this particular baby sling, you have the choice of holding your baby in three different positions. These positions include facing in or out and in a lying down position.

Other features of the Juicy Bumbles Sling include:

  • Suitable for babies up to 15 KG
  • Available in black, grey or stripes
  • Offers three positions for your baby
  • Fits snugly around the wearers body
  • 95% cotton and 5% stretchy spandex
  • Includes a drawstring cotton carry bag

Overall, the Juicy Bumbles baby sling wrap offers great value for the money and it’s built to a much higher standard when compared to similar priced alternatives. The multiple design options also allows you to wear different slings to compliment the rest of your outfit.

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6. Ergobaby Sling For Newborn to Toddlers

Ergobaby Aura Baby Wrap Carrier
The Ergobaby is another premium option that’s suitable from birth up to 25 LBS and it’s designed to support your baby in a frog-leg position. The brand state that it’s the best baby sling for beginners because it’s easy to tie with guiding edges and central markers. It also has an intuitive design that makes it suitable for all body shapes and sizes too.

In terms of the construction, it’s made from 100% viscose, which is a breathable material that can also be machine washed up to 30 °C when required.

Other features of the Ergobaby Sling include:

  • Suitable for babies up to 11.3 KG
  • Wraps the baby in a frog-leg position
  • Soft and gentle upon the baby’s skin
  • Even weight distribution on the back and hips
  • Built-in storage pocket and carrying handle
  • Multiple colour options available
  • One size fits all design
  • Machine washable up to 30°C

Although the Ergobaby sling wrap comes with a premium price tag, it does come with many unique and desirable features. Unlike cheaper alternatives, it’s also lightweight and breathable, which helps to keep you and your baby cool.

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How We Rated The Slings

Although a standard carrier has been around for much longer, baby slings are becoming just as popular. They allow you to keep your baby close at all times and have your hands free to go about your day. However, a great bonus of a sling is that they are far more comfortable to wear and they are often much cheaper too.

As shown in the photo, the sling provides plenty of support to your back and shoulders and I personally found it to be far more comfortable to wear than a carrier.

Whilst researching online, you may have come across hundreds of different slings but we’ve saved you the time and effort with our recommendations above.

best baby sling wrap

We based our recommendations upon testing multiple slings where we used them around the house and when out with our baby. We also rated the slings upon hours of research and a number of factors. Some of the factors that we took into consideration included the weight range, colour options, quality of the construction, certifications, additional features and value for money.

Below is a video that we posted onto our Instagram page that shows us holding our son whilst testing out one of the baby slings. As you can see, he’s very happy and the sling itself is very comfortable to wear.

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Many parents prefer to wear baby slings as opposed to standard carriers and it’s clear to see why with all the benefits that they provide. All of our recommendations above are suitable for all budgets and offer multiple designs that are ideal for even the fussiest of wearers. To avoid disappointment, we strongly recommend that you purchase a sling from a reputable brand and ensure it meets all of the appropriate safety regulations.

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