The Best Caravan Cleaner 2022

Choosing a dedicated caravan cleaner that is suitable for all surfaces will allow you to maintain the showroom shine. The best will effectively remove stubborn dirt, algae and black streaks with very little effort.

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Best Caravan Cleaner
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Cleaning caravans is not the best way to spend your spare time but with the correct caravan cleaner, it’s made much easier. They are available in solutions that mix with water or spray formulas that are suitable for spot cleaning.

The best caravan cleaner is the Fenwicks 0106 Formula, which is diluted with water for providing a complete wash. However, if you require a cleaning spray for spot cleaning, the best option is the Autoglym CMC001.

Unless you use a caravan cover on a regularly, the caravans bodywork can become dirty quickly. The worst area for dirt is the roof, which can stubborn to remove. However, dedicated caravan cleaners are designed for this exact situation.

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Caravan Cleaner Comparison

Caravan CleanerTypeCapacity
Fenwicks 0106Container1 Litre
Rhino Goo ConcentratedContainer5 Litres
Dustbuster Wash and WaxContainer5 Litres
Autoglym CMC001Trigger Spray Bottle1 Litre
Muc-Off CleanerTrigger Spray Bottle1 Litre
King of Sheen 3-in-1External Trigger4 Litres

Depending on the amount of cleaning required, you have the choice of products. Standard cleaners that mix with water are ideal for a complete clean. However, if you are simply spot cleaning, the spray bottles are the best option.

It may be tempting to use regular car wash shampoo but for the best results, you should use caravan dedicated cleaners. They are less abrasive and designed to strip dirt without fading graphics or decals.

Below is a list of the best caravan cleaners that will effortlessly remove tough dirt for a streak-free finish.

The Best Caravan Cleaner

1. Fenwicks 0106 Caravan Cleaner

Fenwicks 0106 Caravan Cleaner
The Fenwicks caravan cleaner is an advanced concentrated formula designed to remove stubborn streaks or algae. It is safe to use on all caravan surfaces and leaves the bodywork and window sparkling.

Although the bottle only has a 1 litre capacity, a little bit will go a long way when diluted appropriately.

Other features of the Fenwicks 0106 include:

  • Removes stubborn streak and algae with ease
  • Doesn’t fade graphics or decals
  • Established brand since 1995
  • Suitable for use with a pressure washer
  • Fast and effective

The Fenwicks 0106 caravan cleaner is one of the best but it does come with a premium price tag. The brand also offer additional cleaning products to protect and increase the shine of the bodywork.
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2. Rhino Goo Concentrated Caravan Cleaner

Rhino Goo Concentrated Caravan Cleaner
The Rhino Goo is a much larger 5 litre caravan cleaner, which is concentrated and makes up to 50 litres of cleaning solution. It is designed to remove algae and mould that build up and the brand state it can also be used as a conservatory cleaner.

Included within the advanced formula is a hydrophobic wax, which helps repel water and prevent pooling.

Other features of the Rhino Goo Cleaner include:

  • Removes black streaks
  • Water repellent finish
  • Cleans and adds shine in one application
  • Eco-friendly with a bio-degradable formula
  • Safe on aluminum, glass fibre, acrylic and rubber

Overall, it is the best caravan cleaner for the money that is also suitable for a motorhome and conservatories. The brand claim that you will easily be able to achieve up to 50 washes from one bottle of this cleaner.
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3. Dirtbusters Premium Caravan & Motorhome Wash

Dirtbusters Premium Caravan Motorhome Wash And Wax
The Dirtbusters caravan cleaner is a premium option that includes the desirable carnauba wax. The benefit of this is that it provide a protective finish that produces water beading upon the bodywork of the caravan.

Dirtbusters state that it is a highly concentrated formula at 200 to 1. This means that 5 litres should make up to 1,000 litres of cleaning solution.

Other features of the Dirtbuster Wash and Wax include:

  • Professional grade formula
  • Streak-free wax finish
  • Removes black streak markings
  • Bio-degradable with zero ammonia
  • Lifts mud, grease, algae and other dirt
  • Extra rinsing agent to quickly dry

Overall, the Dirtbuster Wash and Wax is a high quality motorhome and caravan cleaner that won’t disappoint. Although expensive, it does provide up to 1,000 litres of cleaning solution and will be long lasting when stored.
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4. Autoglym Caravan & Motorhome Cleaner

Autoglym CMC001 Caravan Motor Home Cleaner
Autoglym are one of the largest detailing brands in the UK and known for their car polishes they produce. Their caravan cleaner is one of the most popular within this article and is available in a 1 litre bottle for spot cleaning.

You can use this formula on virtually any surface, which includes the wheels, rubber and much more.

Other features of the Autoglym CMC001 include:

  • Easily removes winter algae
  • Eliminates stubborn streaks
  • High quality spray bottle
  • Simply spray, wipe off and rinse application
  • Suitable for both external and internal cleaning

The AutoGlym formula is one of the most versatile caravan cleaners available. For tackling stubborn streaks and dirt, it is the best at spot cleaning and safe to use on multiple surfaces.
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5. Muc-Off Caravan Cleaner

Muc Off Caravan And Motorhome Cleaner
Another popular and effective cleaner for caravans is by the Muc-Off brand. It uses a 1 litre easy to use trigger spray bottle that can be refilled using the larger containers available.

It uses advanced nano-technology, which penetrates deep into the dirt to gently break it down at a molecular level.

Other features of the Muc-Off Caravan & Motorhome Cleaner include:

  • Safe on all parts and surfaces
  • Bio-degradable with no harmful acids
  • Alkaline based formula
  • High quality reusable trigger spray bottle
  • Quick and easy application

Although expensive, it is a highly effective formula that is versatile and clean almost anything. From algae, moss, black streaks, diesel fumes and other dirt, this formula easily and safely lifts it from the bodywork.
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6. King of Sheen Waterless Caravan Cleaner

King of Sheen Professional Caravan Motorhome Waterless Wash and Wax
An affordable option that comes with a reusable spray trigger is the King of Sheen formula. It is a 3-in-1 formula that cleans, polishes and protects the bodywork from a single application.

It is a waterless formula that can be used anywhere and wipes clean with a microfiber cloth without the need of water.

Other features of the King of Sheen 3-in-1 include:

  • 4 litre bottle capacity
  • No harmful ingredients
  • UV protection and water repellent
  • No streaks or smears
  • Eco-friendly formula
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Overall, the King of Sheen formula is an excellent all-round caravan cleaner that won’t disappoint. It cleans, polishes and protects and is designed to provide a showroom finish each and every time.
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Caravan Cleaner Buying Guide

Due to the white finish of a caravans bodywork, they can look dirty very easily. In order to achieve the ultimate showroom finish, you will want the best caravan cleaner that is easy to apply as and when you need it.

To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below guide regarding caravan cleaners.

Caravan Cleaner

Full or Spot Cleaning

Caravan cleaners are available as solutions that mix with water or others that are waterless. If you intend to wash the entire caravan, the water based solution is the best option and you can achieve great results (as shown above).

The waterless options that are available in a trigger spray bottle are ideal for spot cleaning. For tackling small areas of dirt, there is nothing better than using a quality cleaner and wiping it dry with a microfiber cloth in a matter of seconds.

We recommend choosing both as you can do full washes every other month and spot clean whenever you notice dirt.

Suitable Surfaces

Certain caravan cleaners may be suited to only the bodywork of the caravan and must be used appropriately. Spot cleaners such as the Autoglym formula can be used on the paintwork, plastics, metals, rubber, acrylics, fibreglass and other surfaces.

Cleaning Tips

It is always recommended to rinse the caravan down before you start washing it. This will clear off any loose debris and soften any algae for easy cleaning. If you intend on using a pressure washer, it is important that it’s on the lowest setting. Unlike the a car bodywork, the caravans graphics or window seals could potentially breakdown from the pressure. The majority of people will stick to the garden hose for peace of mind when rinsing off the cleaner.

For those that have access to a snow foam lance, you can completely cover your caravan in soap within seconds. They are ideal for quick washes as they gently lift loose dirt and can be used prior to spot cleaning.

Whenever you are washing a caravan or motorhome, you should always start from the top down. The main reason is that dirt will drip and flow down the sides, which will need to be cleaned again if already clean. If you struggle to gain access to the roof, we highly recommend investing into a telescopic water fed brush.

Car Cleaners

It is possible to use certain car shampoos but not every solution will be suitable. Some may be too abrasive for the bodywork of the caravan, which may strip the graphic or damage the rubber seals around the windows and doors.


All of our recommendations are suited to a range of different cleaning applications and budgets. Using the right washing technique and an effective caravan cleaner will not only provide a streak-free finish but also reduce the time spent cleaning the caravan. Although regular car washing products may be cheaper, you should only use them if they specifically state that they can be used on caravans or motorhomes.

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