The Best Caravan Towing Mirrors 2022

It’s a legal requirement that if you tow a caravan or trailer that’s wider than your vehicle, you must use suitable caravan towing mirrors. Failing to do so can results in fines of up to £1,000 and 3 penalty points, which isn’t worth the risk.

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Best Caravan Towing Mirrors
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The best caravan towing mirrors are the Milenco Aero Series, which are a pair of convex mirrors with extra long arms for a wider field of view. If you are on a tight budget, the Maypole MP8329 are the best option.

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Caravan Towing Mirrors Comparison

Caravan Towing MirrorsTypeAttachment
Milenco Aero2 x ConvexFasteners
Streetwize Rock Steady1 x Flat & 1 x ConvexFasteners
Maypole M83292 x ConvexFasteners
Streetwize Stick-On1 X ConvexStick On
Ring RCT14301 x FlatAdjustable Straps
Falcon Universal2 x ConvexFasteners

Most brands offer their caravan towing mirrors with either flat, convex or a mixture of mirror types. Convex mirrors are designed to make objects appear smaller than they are, which makes more room for a wider view whereas flat mirrors won’t effect the size. Opting for a mixture is often the best option but many caravan owners have their own preference.

Below is a list of the best caravan towing mirrors that are a universal fit and are built with quality in mind.

The Best Caravan Towing Mirrors

1. Milenco Aero Wide Caravan Towing Mirrors

Milenco 2899 Universal Aero 4 towing mirrors
Milenco are a popular brand among caravan owners and they offer a wide range of towing mirrors. The Aero series are one of their most rated and are designed to fit the mirrors of the majority of vehicles on the road.

They are extra wide caravan towing mirrors and compared to the standard size, they offer an additional 10 cm in arm length, which is ideal for larger caravans.

Other features of the Milenco Aero Mirrors include:

  • Pair of convex mirrors
  • Chrome safety glass
  • Stainless steel screws in brass threads
  • 41 cm long arms
  • Easily adjust to suit your vehicle
  • Fits most cars post 1995 – 2018

Although more expensive than some of the alternatives, these caravan towing mirrors are built to the highest of standards. Features such as the stainless steel screws in brass threads and the versatile clamping system make them a worthwhile investment. If you don’t require the extra width, the standard Aero mirrors are slightly cheaper.
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2. Streetwize Rock Steady Towing Mirrors

Streetwize - Pack of 2 Rock Steady Motorhome Car Towing Mirrors
Streetwize are another brand that produce numerous towing mirrors that are a universal fit and suitable for most vehicles. This particular set comes with one flat mirror and one convex mirror which helps improved the field of vision.

In terms of mounting these caravan towing mirrors, they use a strong synthetic fasteners, which fit most cars and take seconds to fit or adjust.

Other features of the Streetwize Rock Steady include:

  • 1 x flat and 1 x convex mirror
  • E-approved design
  • Universal fit for most vehicles
  • Can be adjusted from inside your car
  • Supplied with separate storage bags

The Streetwize Rock Steady mirrors are ideal for towing a caravan and produce minimal vibrations on the road. They are a high quality universal set of mirrors that can be fitted in seconds and won’t disappoint.
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3. Maypole M8329 Convex Caravan Mirrors

Maypole MP8329 Pair of Convex Caravan Mirrors
For those on a tight budget but still require a high quality pair of caravan towing mirrors, the Maypole M8329 are the best option. They are the brands new and improved design which was altered with a more aerodynamic shape.

Compared to similar priced caravan towing mirrors, they are built to a far higher standard and are EU approved.

Other features of the Maypole M8329 include:

  • Pair of convex mirrors
  • Aerodynamic shape for less wind noise
  • Strong fixings and chrome bar for minimal vibrations
  • Quick and easy clamp fittings
  • Universal design
  • EU approved

The Maypole M8329 are excellent all-round caravan towing mirrors that are built to last and offer great value for the money. They are also produced by the reputable Maypole brand for complete peace of mind.
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4. Streetwize Stick-On Towing Mirror

Streetwize LWACC36 Stick-On Towing Mirror Convex Glass
Another pair of caravan towing mirrors by the Streetwize brand are their stick-on set, which are far higher quality than you would expect. They aren’t the cheapest but they are designed to outperform any other stick-on mirrors.

In terms of performance, the brand state that they have been tested for vibration resistance and speeds up to 120 MPH.

Other features of the Streetwize Stick-On Mirrors include:

  • Sold as a single convex mirror (also available as a flat glass)
  • Universal fit for most vehicles
  • Tested for durability and speed
  • Aerodynamic design that reduces drag
  • Takes seconds to install

For car mirrors that are not compatible with the fastening types of towing mirrors, these are a great alternative. They are far higher quality than many of the alternative stick-on mirrors and have been thoroughly tested for peace of mind.
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5. Ring RCT1430 Towing Mirror For Caravans

Ring RCT1430 Towing Mirror
The Ring RCT1430 Towing Mirrors are an adjustable set that are designed for large wing mirrors and are ideal for vans, motorhomes or other large vehicles. According to the brand, they are also E-approved and meet the legal requirements for towing wide loads on the UK road.

Other features of the Ring RCT1430 Mirrors include:

  • Suitable for vehicle mirrors up to 28.5 cm
  • Adjustable arms for a secure fit
  • Larger field of vision than the alternatives
  • E-approved and meet the legal requirements
  • 190 x 127 x 15 mm in size

Overall, they are high quality caravan towing mirrors that are ideal for larger vehicles. It’s important to note that the mirrors are sold separately, which make them relatively expensive for a complete set.
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6. Falcon Universal Caravan Towing Mirrors

Falcon FRA136727 Universal Mirrors
The Falcon Super Steady caravan towing mirrors are another premium option that comes as a set of two convex mirrors. According to the brand, the flexible clamping system means that they are a universal fit and install in seconds.

Other features of the Falcon Super Steady Mirrors include:

  • 2 x convex mirrors
  • Flexible clamping system
  • Universal design to fit most cars
  • Minimal vibrations on the road
  • 16 x 11.5 cm mirrors

The Falcon Super Steady mirrors are a great choice for towing a caravan and they’re also suitable for most cars. Although relatively expensive, they are high quality and designed to be long lasting.
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If you are towing a caravan or trailer that’s wider than your vehicle, you must fit suitable towing mirrors. Failing to do so may result in a fine of up to £1,000 and 3 penalty points, which is simply not worth the risk.

All of our recommendations are a fraction of the cost of the fine and suitable to fit most vehicles on the road. To avoid disappointment, we advise against buying the cheap options as they won’t be as long lasting and may be difficult to install correctly. You may also find that they produce drag at motorway speeds and cause irritating vibrations.

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