The Best Caravan TV 2022

Installing a 12V TV in your caravan is a great way to pass the time and the latest are packed full of functionality. Within this article, we list some of the best options that include smart features, a range of screen sizes and those that are suitable for all budgets.

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Best Caravan TV
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As television technology has improved, so have caravan TV’s and they now include a wide variety of features. These additions include full HD displays, smart functionality, Bluetooth connectivity, various inputs and so much more.

If you are looking for a quick answer, the best caravan TV is the Sniper LED, which has Freeview HD and HD satellite receivers built-in and it can be powered by 12V or mains power. However, if you require a 12V smart TV for your caravan, the Avtex 199DSFVP is the best alternative that’s recently been improved to include extra functionality.

To rate the caravan TV’s within this article, we based our recommendations upon our experience of using multiple 12V TV’s, plenty of research and a number of factors. Some of the factors that we took into consideration included the screen sizes available, power supply, smart functionality, energy rating, HDMI/USB inputs, warranty and value for money.

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Caravan TV Comparison

Caravan TVScreen Size(s)Power Supply
Sniper HD LED19 Inch12V & Mains
Cello C20230FT2S216, 20, 22 or 24 Inch12V
Avtex 199DSFVP19.5, 21.5 or 24 Inch12V or 240V
Sharp 1T-C24DH2KG2FM24 Inch12V, 24V or Mains
eStar HD 1080P22 Inch12V & 240V
Denver LED-103210.1 Inch12V & Mains

Unless you intend to use the TV for DVD, USB or SD card playback, you may also need to invest into a caravan aerial. This provides you with access to all your favourite Freeview and satellite channels depending upon the reception.

Whilst browsing the through the various TV’s available, it may be tempting to choose the largest TV size but we advise that you consider the space you have available. Most manufacturers recommend that you measure the viewing distance (sofa to the TV’s location) and divide it by 2 for a suitable sized caravan TV.

Below is a list of the best caravan TV’s that can use a 12 volt power supply and offer a range of functionality.

The Best Carvan TV

1. Sniper HD LED Caravan TV

Sniper HD LED Travel TV
The Sniper television is a caravan TV that’s highly versatile and can be powered by 12V, 24V or mains power using an adapter. It’s the perfect travel television that’s compact and features a low power consumption at just 18 watts. Although it’s a relatively cheap caravan TV, it still features Bluetooth connectivity for connecting sound bars and other devices.

Other features of the Sniper HD Travel TV include:

  • Grade A LED screen
  • USB PVR functionality
  • Freeview HD and Satellite HD receivers
  • HDMI and USB input
  • Energy rating A
  • 19 inch screen
  • Wall mountable

Overall, it’s an excellent all-round caravan TV that’s affordable and won’t disappoint. Unlike other cheap options, it includes the desirable Bluetooth connectivity, which allows for a quick and easy connection to external devices.
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2. Avtex DSFVP 12V Smart TV

Avtex 199DSFVP 12V
Avtex are a brand well-known for their premium TV’s and the DSFVP series is no different. It’s the most expensive TV within this article but it’s designed to be the ultimate 12V TV for caravans. It’s the brand’s flagship 12V smart TV that comes pre-loaded with all the most popular applications such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and so much more.

In terms of the sizes offered by the brand, the TV is available in screen sizes of 19.5, 21.5 or 24 inches. Each of the screen sizes also come with an attractive edge to edge frameless design.

Other features of the Avtex Smart DSFVP include:

  • Full HD with an ultra-wide LED screen
  • Dual voltage with a 12V or 240V supply
  • DVBT & DVBT2 digital terrestrial tuner
  • Slim and compact design
  • On-screen leisure battery meter
  • 3 year warranty

Although the Avtex 12V smart TV is an expensive option, it’s the best on the market and it really does tick all the boxes. For complete peace of mind, it even comes with a 3 year manufacturer warranty too.
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3. Sharp 1T-C24DH2KG2FM 12V Smart TV

Sharp 1T-C24DH2KG2FM
Sharp are a highly reputable brand in the UK that produce a wide variety of TV’s. Their 1T-C24DH2KG2FM model in particular is a 12V smart TV that’s wall mountable and includes an aerial for tuning into your favourite channels.

In terms of powering it up, it’s a dual voltage caravan TV that can run from a 12V/24V in-car charger or a standard 3 pin UK plug, which are both included in the box.

Other features of the Sharp Caravan 12V Smart TV include:

  • Smart TV with downloaded applications
  • Built-in DVD player
  • Freeview play and satellite tuner
  • 24 inch screen size
  • 2 HDMI and 2 USB ports
  • Energy efficiency rating A
  • Includes a 1 year manufacturer warranty

To conclude, if you require the “smart” functionality and have a reliable source of internet, the Sharp 1T-C24DH2KG2FM is a great option to consider. Compared with similar 12V smart TV’s, it offers great value for money and it’s also backed by a reputable brand.
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4. Cello C20230FT2S2 12V Caravan TV

Cello 12 Volt C16230FT2S2
By far the most popular 12V TV for caravans is by the Cello brand. It’s available as a 16, 20, 22 or 24 inch TV that features Freeview capabilities and a built-in DVD player. Depending upon the setup inside of your caravan, it also has the benefit of being able to be mounted to the wall with the optional brackets offered by the brand.

Other features of the Cello C20230FT2S2 12V include:

  • Built-in T2 Freeview and DVD player
  • HDMI and USB input
  • Energy Class A+
  • Remote control included
  • Multiple screen sizes
  • 12V adapter supplied

Overall, the Cello C20230FT2S2 is the perfect 12V TV for caravans or motorhomes with sizes ranging from 16 to 24 inch. The only main drawbacks are that the audio may not be to everyone’s high standards and it doesn’t include any smart features. However, considering its affordable price tag, you really can’t go wrong with this 12V TV.
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5. eStar 12 Volt Motorhome & Caravan TV

Motorhome Caravan Boat 12 Volt
The eStar 12V TV is another dual powered option that can use a 240V AC or 12V DC power supply and it has been designed specifically for caravans, motorhomes or boats. Although it doesn’t feature a DVD player, you are able to watch films or other media via the USB port, which supports a range of file types.

Other features of the eStar 12V Caravan TV include:

  • 22 inch HD 1080P display
  • Powered by 240V AC or 12V DC
  • Freeview, cable and Freeview receivers
  • HDMI, VGA and USB inputs
  • TV recording functionality
  • Energy efficiency class A
  • Choice of a UK or EU plug
  • Optional wall mount available

Overall, the eStar caravan TV is an excellent all-round option that combines value for money and performance. The 22 inch LED screen provides great picture quality and the TV also includes all the connectivity you would ever need to enjoy a wide range of TV.
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6. Denver LED-1031 Portable Caravan TV

Denver Rechargeable Small Portable TV
One of the smallest and cheapest options to installing a TV in your caravan is the Denver LED-1032. It’s a compact TV (10.1 inch) that’s powered by a built-in rechargeable battery but it also includes a 12V adapter for use anywhere.

For those that are touring abroad within their caravan or motorhome, this portable TV has the benefit of featuring an integrated DVB-T2 Freeview tuner so that it can be used throughout Europe.

Other features of the Denver LED-1032 include:

  • HDMI and USB port
  • Remote control included
  • Made in the UK
  • High quality 1024 x 600 display
  • Integrated stand or wall mountable
  • Includes a 1 year warranty

To conclude, if you require a cheap caravan TV that provides rich colours and clarity, the Denever LED-1032 is perfect. The compact design does mean it lacks a DVD player but this may not be a requirement for many people.
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How We Rated

Over the years, we’ve tried a wide range of TV’s in our caravan but our most recent upgrade was the Avtex 12V smart TV as shown in the photo. The addition of the WiFi functionality allows us to use all of our favourite applications on the TV and although it was expensive, we certainly don’t regret buying it.

As well as our experience using a variety of caravan TV’s, we also based our recommendations upon hours of research and a number of factors. Some of the factors that we took into consideration included the screen sizes available, power supply, smart functionality, energy rating, HDMI/USB inputs, warranty and value for money.

best tv for caravan

Caravan TV Buying Guide

Televisions have seen substantial improvements over the years due to technological advances. This has also reduced the cost of most TV’s, which is great for those looking to upgrade their current caravan TV. To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below guide regarding caravan TV’s.

Power Source

The majority of caravan TV’s will make use of a 12V power supply from their leisure battery. This is often the best option because you may not always have access to a mains supply.

Depending upon your budget, many premium options have the ability to switch between 12V, 24V or mains power. This allows you to be flexible and power up the TV to a supply that best suits your requirements.

Screen Size

Due to the viewing distance in a caravan being much smaller than a home living room, the screen sizes are also smaller. Most range between 10 to 24 inches but there are larger alternatives that come with a more expensive price tag.

In order to calculate the best suitable screen size, you should use the manufacturers guidelines. Most state that you should take the viewing distance length (sofa to the TV’s location) and divide it by 2.

CD or DVD Player

If you are staying in a campsite with limited reception or internet signal, this may limit the use of the TV. However, many caravan TV’s have a built-in CD or DVD player for this exact reason. This is a great feature to have and worth considering if you know the campsite’s signal may be an issue.

TV Inputs & Connectivity

Alternative methods of outputting media other than a DVD player include a USB or HDMI port. Most caravan TV’s have these ports and they allow you to play a range of different formats. This includes a range of files from a USB stick or attaching a HDMI cable to an external device such as a laptop.

Bluetooth connectivity is another desirable function that some of the TV’s feature and it can make a big difference. For example, you can connect the TV to an external sound bar as well as many other speakers.


Whether you want to relax watching TV or provide something for the kids to watch, investing into a caravan TV is the perfect solution. They are fairly versatile and they can remain portable or be fixed to the wall using mounting brackets.

All of our recommendations are suited to a range of budgets and can function via multiple power sources. To avoid disappointment, we advise that you choose a TV from a reputable brand that offer long warranties for peace of mind.

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