The Best Chalk Paint UK 2022

Chalk paint is the best type of paint for upcyling projects that involve painting furniture and other surfaces. As the name suggests, the inclusion of chalk within the formula makes it easier to use and achieve attractive results.

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Best Chalk Paint
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Chalk paint is a relatively new formula to the painting industry and best used for redecorating furniture. Most chalk paints don’t even require any sanding or priming and can simply be applied using a brush.

The best chalk paint is the Shabby Chic, which is available in 35 different colours and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Chalk Paint Comparison

Chalk PaintCoverage Per LitreColours
Shabby Chic12 m235
Rust-Oleum Chalky14 m216
Hemway Wall & Furniture15 m214
Johnstone’s Revive12 m24
Rustins Furniture13 m210
Ronseal Chalky16 m28

Most chalk paints don’t require any preparation of surface prior to painting. This is one of the main benefits of this type of paint and it makes it ideal for beginners that want to try out their first upcyling project.

Below is a list of the best chalk paints that are ideal for painting furniture or upcycling projects.

The Best Chalk Paint

1. Shabby Chic Chalk Based Paint

Shabby Chic Chalky White Chalk Based Furniture Paint
Another popular chalk paint for furniture is the Shabby Chic paint, which is available in a selection of 35 colours. It’s also suitable for both indoor or outdoor use and simply paints onto bare wood, plastic, metal, brick, stone or plaster.

If you desire to create a distressed look to your furniture, you are able to do so with this chalk paint. The brand recommend apply two coats in contrasting colours and following it up with sanding once the paint has dried.

Other features of the Shabby Chic Paint include:

  • Water based formula with no odours
  • Produces a matt finish
  • Can be painted directly on most surfaces
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Impressive selection of 35 colours
  • 12 square metres cover per 1 litre
  • Touch to dry in 1 hour

Although expensive, the Shabby Chic is by far the best chalk paint on the market that can be used indoors or outdoors. The brand also offers the largest selection of paint colours to best suit your painting requirements.
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2. Rust-Oleum Chalk Paint For Furniture

Rust-Oleum Chalky Paint
By far the most popular chalk paint for furniture is the Rust-Oleum formula, which is available in an array of colours. It’s a water based chalk paint that can be applied to most surfaces without requiring any sanding or priming.

Depending upon the size of the furniture you are painting, the brand offer this chalk paint in a 125 or 750 ml tin.

Other features of the Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish include:

  • Water based and odourless
  • Designed for interior furniture
  • Requires no priming or sanding
  • Flat matte finish
  • 14 square metres coverage
  • Choice of 16 different colours
  • 125 or 750 ml tins

The Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish offers the best value for money and is available in a variety of colours options. Overall, it’s a high quality paint that provides great coverage from just a single coat.
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3. Hemway Wall & Furniture Chalk Paint

Hemway Chalk Paint
The Hemway chalk paint provides a matte colour finish and is designed to be used on walls, furniture, woodwork and other accessories. It’s a non-solvent formula that is available in 14 different colours.

In terms of the application, you are able to use a brush or a roller and use a criss-cross motion for the best results.

Other features of the Hemway Paint include:

  • 15 square metres coverage per 1 litre
  • Requires two hours to dry
  • Doesn’t require priming or sanding
  • Suitable for a wide range of surfaces and furniture
  • Choice of 14 colours
  • Easy to apply with a brush or roller

For complete peace of mind, the brand provide a 100% guarantee with their paint. It’s a premium chalk paint that uses raw water-based materials that provide exceptional coverage without any odours.
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4. Johnstone’s Revive Chalky Furniture Paint

Johnstone's 386500 Revive Chalky Furniture Paint
The Johnstone’s Revive chalk paint is a highly rated option that is available in four different colours. The brand state that it’s a fast drying formula, which is touch to dry in just 30 minutes and produces a relatively low odour.

In terms of the colour options, the brand offer cushion white, antique sage, dusty morning (light brown) and vintage duck egg paint colours.

Other features of the Johnstone’s Revive Paint include:

  • Touch to dry in 30 minutes
  • Low odour
  • Four colour options
  • Durable and scratch resistant finish
  • Designed for furniture painting
  • 12 square metres coverage per 1 litre
  • 750 ml tin

The Johnsonton’s Revive is an excellent all-round chalk paint that provides a great finish and is easy to apply. It does lack colour options but if they offer the colour you require, the paint won’t disappoint.
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5. Rustins Furniture Chalk Paint

Rustins CHAPW500 500 ml Chalky Finish Paint
One of the cheapest chalk paints within this article is by the Rustins brand. It’s available in a 250 or 500 ml tin and is suitable for interior work and furniture painting.

Included within the chalk paint formula is wax, which enables this paint to achieve a velvety flat matt finish once dried.

Other features of the Rustins Chalky Paint include:

  • Requires very little preparation
  • 250 or 500 ml tins
  • Takes 30 minutes to dry
  • Coverage of 13 square metres per 1 litre
  • 10 colour options

Overall, the Rustins Chalky Paint is affordable, provides great coverage and available in smaller tins. The ability to dry in as little as 30 minutes and be ready for a second coat in just 2 hours is another great bonus.
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6. Ronseal Chalky Furniture Paint

Ronseal Chalky Furniture Paint
The Ronseal brand are highly reputable in the UK and produce a wide variety of paints. Their chalky furniture paint is a great choice that is available in 8 different colours and provides a protective finish to the furniture.

In terms of the application of this chalk paint, it doesn’t require any wax or laquer and is touch dry in 30 minutes.

Other features of the Ronseal Chalky Paint include:

  • Provides a flat matt chalky finish
  • 750 ml tin and 16 m2 coverage per litre
  • Requires two coats for the best results
  • Brushed application
  • Doesn’t require over coating

The Ronseal Chalky Paint provide excellent coverage and is relatively affordable when you consider it comes in a 750 ml tin. Although there are only 8 colour options, they are all popular colours that are ideal for upcycling projects.
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Chalk paint is one of the latest formulas to hit the painting industry and is very popular with DIY’ers. The chalk based formula minimizes drips and doesn’t require any sanding or primer before application. This makes painting furniture far easier and quicker than using a standard paint.

All of our recommendations within this article are suitable for a range of budgets and include a selection of colours. To avoid disappointment, we advise that you choose from a reputable brand.

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