Home electronics cover a wide range of products and include anything from a wall socket to a dehumidifier. So that you can get the best products for your requirements, you will want to carry out plenty of research. This includes ensuring the brand is reputable, it performs to a high standard and it’s backed by a manufacturers warranty.

Below you will be able to find a variety of articles relating to electronics that can be used around the home.

How Does A Smart Plug Work?

Smart plugs are a great way to transform your home into a “smart home” and they work by controlling the power supply to the plugged in device. If you want to learn how a smart plug works, we explain everything you need to know below.

Best Essential Oil Diffuser UK

An essential oil diffuser is used to ionize oils into the air, which humidifies and improves the air quality within the room with a whisper quiet mist. Within this article, we list some of the best that are available in a range of shapes and sizes.

Best USB Wall Socket

Installing a USB wall socket allows you to charge compatible electronic devices straight from the socket and also achieve faster charging speeds. They are direct replacements for standard UK faceplates and below is a list of some of the best on the market.

Best Air Purifier UK

For those that suffer from allergies or asthma, an air purifier can transform your life and help ease the symptoms. They work by using highly efficient filters that can capture all the harmful airborne particles, which can be as small as 0.3 microns.

Best Wireless Doorbell UK

Investing into a wireless doorbell as a replacement takes a matter of minutes to install and most modern examples are packed full of features. From sleek designs to long range doorbells, there is a wide selection available.

Best Video Doorbell UK

Installing a video doorbell to your front door is one of the best ways to safeguard your property and view what’s going on remotely. They can provide a live video feed, motion detection alerts, footage recordings, two way communication and so much more.

Best Surge Protector

A surge protector is designed to protect sensitive electronic devices such as PC’s, TV’s or refrigerators from surges in voltage. Within this article, we list some of the best that are available in the form of a surge protected extension lead, tower or standalone plug.

Best Dehumidifier

Whether you want to tackle areas of excess humidity in your home or speed up the dying of clothes, the best option is to use a dehumidifier. Most modern examples can extract over 20 litres of moisture whilst operating almost silently.

Best Portable Air Conditioner UK

Investing into a portable air conditioner may require a large initial investment but they allow you to cool off and remain comfortable in the summer. The recommendations within this article are designed for rapid cooling and silent operation.

Best Smart Plug UK

Smart plugs are designed to plug into standard UK wall sockets and work like an adaptor that can be remotely controlled. You can switch plugged in appliances on and off remotely and even set schedules using a smartphone, Alexa or Google Home device.