The Best Caravan Hitch Lock 2022

Keeping your caravan secure with a suitable hitch lock is crucial as it prevents opportunists driving off with it. Within this article are a wide range of locks that take seconds to fit and are suitable for most Alko hitches.

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Best Caravan Hitch Lock
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The best caravan hitch lock is the Purpleline Saracen, which has a heavy duty construction and is backed by a five year warranty. If you have a limited budget, the Tevlaphee Lock is the best alternative and acts as a highly visible deterrent.

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Caravan Hitch Lock Comparison

Caravan Hitch LockApprovalColour
Purpleline SaracenSSG & InsuranceOrange
Stronghold SH5412SSGYellow/Black
Tevlaphee Trailer LockNoneYellow
Maypole MP956 AlkoInsuranceYellow
Milenco 2004SSG & InsuranceYellow/Black
Bulldog Security GA95NoneRed

The importance of a highly visible colour to the hitch lock is to deter thieves from even attempting to steal your caravan. Most caravan thieves are opportunists and will choose the least secure caravan. Even the cheapest of caravan hitch locks will prevent the majority of thefts from occurring.

Below is a list of the best caravan hitch locks that protect against theft, act as a deterrent and take seconds to install.

The Best Caravan Hitch Lock

1. Purpleline Saracen FHL400 Hitch Lock

Trident Purpleline Saracen FHL400 Hitch Lock
Purpleline are well-known for their high quality caravan locks and the Saracen series is their security defense for hitches. It’s a heavy duty construction that fits most Alko coupling heads and prevents access to the main coupling hitch.

In terms of installing the lock, it fits over the top half of the hitch and the locking barrel passes through the shield. It takes just a few seconds to install or remove and comes with a storage bag for when it’s not in use.

Other features of the Purpleline Saracen include:

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Sold Secure Gold and insurance approved
  • Highly visible orange coating
  • Suitable for most Alko coupling heads
  • Backed by a five year warranty
  • Made in the UK

The Purpleline Saracen is a highly visible and sturdy caravan hitch lock that won’t disappoint. It’s also made in the UK and backed by an impressive five year warranty for complete peace of mind. The brand also recommend using their caravan wheel clamp for the ultimate protection against thieves looking for a quick getaway with your caravan.
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2. Stronghold SH5412 Caravan Hitch Lock

The Stronghold SH5412 is a premium caravan hitch lock that’s suitable for a wide range of Alko hitches. According to the brand, it can fitted in under 10 seconds and provides unbeatable protection for your caravan.

Also supplied with this caravan hitch lock are 3 pairs of keys, an identity tag and a corrosion resistant storage bag.

Other features of the Stronghold SH5412 include:

  • Sold Secure Gold approved
  • Lightweight at just 3 KG
  • Fits in under 10 seconds
  • Anti-saw steel casing covers the locks
  • Unique and patented locking system
  • Pick-free lock with thousands of key combinations
  • Supplied with three keys

Although expensive, the Stronghold SH5412 is a user friendly caravan hitch lock that provides excellent security. It’s also approved by Sold Secure Gold for complete peace of mind and installs to the hitch in under 10 seconds.
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3. Tevlaphee Trailer Ball Hitch Lock

Tevlaphee Trailer Ball Lock Hitch Coupler Towing Lock
For those on a tight budget and require a cheap caravan hitch lock, the Tevlaphee is an excellent option. It’s a U-shaped lock that fits over the coupler and is a universal fit for most couplers.

Although it’s one of the cheapest, the hitch lock is constructed of aluminium alloy, which resists drill outs, picking and prying. It’s also coated in a bright yellow coating, which acts as a highly visible deterrent.

Other features of the Tevlaphee Trailer Ball Lock include:

  • Universal U-shape coupler lock
  • Choice of 11 locking positions
  • Supplied with 2 sets of keys
  • Constructed of heavy duty steel
  • Highly visible yellow coating
  • Refund or replacement guarantee

The Tevlaphee is an affordable caravan trailer hitch lock that ticks all the boxes and offers great value for the money. Although it isn’t going to be as secure as some of the premium options, it certainly prevents opportunists and acts as a highly visible deterrent.
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4. Maypole MP956 Alko Hitch Lock

Maypole MP956 Hitchlock for Alko Hitches
The Maypole MP956 is another highly rated caravan hitch lock that’s ideal for Alko hitches and has a lightweight design that weighs just 1.7 KG. Unlike many of the alternatives, this lock can be used hitched or unhitched.

Other features of the Maypole MP956 include:

  • Fits in under 10 seconds
  • Highly visible yellow coating
  • Weighs just 1.7 KG
  • Supplied with fitting instructions
  • Strong and robust design

Overall, the MP956 lock by Maypole is an excellent all-round option that ticks all the boxes and won’t disappoint. It’s also highly visible with the bright yellow coating, which will deter any thieves eyeing up your caravan.
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5. Milenco 2004 Heavy Duty Safety Coupling

Milenco 2004 Heavy Duty Safety Coupling
The Milenco 2004 is a heavy duty version of their standard caravan hitch lock and is well worth paying the extra for. The brand state that its been engineered and designed to be the strongest hitch lock on the market. This is thanks to the 4 mm steel construction, which is insurance and Sold Secure Gold approved.

Other features of the Milenco 2004 Hitch Lock include:

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Heavy duty 4 mm steel construction
  • Supplied with security ball, carry case and 3 keys
  • Insurance approved
  • Fits hitched or unhitched

Although expensive, the Milenco caravan hitch lock is a super heavy duty option and a worthwhile investment. It’s suitable for most Alko hitches and comes with three sets of stainless steel keys.
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6. Bulldog GA95 Caravan Trailer Lock

Bulldog Security GA95 Caravan Trailer Hitchlock
The Bulldog GA95 is a British made caravan hitch lock that’s simple to fit and fits most Alko trailer hitches. It’s suitable for use with non-hitched trailers and is coated in a highly visible red finish to deter any criminals.

Other features of the Bulldog GA95 include:

  • Simple to fit to un-hitched trailers
  • Supplied with a dummy ball and two keys
  • Highly visible red coating
  • Suitable for Alko hitches
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Made in the UK

Overall, the Bulldog GA95 is an easy to fit and highly durable caravan hitch lock that won’t disappoint. It’s fairly basic in terms of its features but it does the job of protecting your caravan to a very high standard.
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Considering that caravans and their contents can cost several of thousands of pounds, it’s worthwhile investing into a quality hitch lock. They are available in several forms and act as a highly visible deterrent to thieves.

All of our recommendations are suited to a range of budgets and fit most Alko hitches, which are the most commonly used. We highly advise spending slightly extra for a premium lock as it may be what stops your caravan from being stolen.

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